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Take a look at our detailsed event photo pricing


Take a look at our detailsed event photo pricing

As an event organizer, you’re responsible for everything from evites to table decorations. You need an event photographer to capture your achievement in real time. While you’re busy solving your client’s pain points, you don’t have time to also do the step-and-repeat welcome photos, not to mention posting real-time images during the event.

You’re rolling out a successful event and it’s not a job for an iPhone. You need a photo professional who’s engaged. A professional event photographer is actively covering the people and activities that matter, while you keep production moving and put out fires when they happen.

Event photographer with a wide-ranging skillset

There are important moments in every event that need visual footage and they aren’t always the same. Because we have experience as event photographers in every imaginable style, you can be sure we have the ability to provide you with the appropriate footage for the nature and size of your event.

Examples of various functions and the responsibilities of an event photographer are:

Trade Shows

– You need headshots of presenters and action shots of keynote speakers, as well as exhibitors, visitors, and vendor booths. There may be multiple stages and numerous rooms for various activities or lectures, depending on the size of the show and other demands.


– For educational seminars, you may need both portrait photography for advanced materials plus workshop coverage. There may be activities such as receptions, parties, and awards presentations that also require the skills of a good event photographer.

Special Events

– Name it and we’ve done it: anniversaries, birthdays, retirement celebrations, and company launch parties. We typically cover arrivals at a media wall and go inside for event photography of toasts, presentations, and entertainment.


– The hope for a bright future begins with a long day (or weekend) and we’re there to capture your memories for posterity. You can book us for rehearsals, pre-ceremony shots of family members, and our team continues with the ceremony, cake, garter, dance, and exit – until the party’s over.

COLDEA Productions has experience with smaller corporate coverage such as team-building events and high-profile conventions and formal affairs. For instance, we covered the event photography and videography at the National Day of Romania gala and awards celebration held at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel in Los Angeles. We documented presentations by elected officials and diplomatic leaders as well as the presence of celebrities.

Hosted by the Consulate General of Romania in Los Angeles, they presented awards to cosmetics industry icon Anastasia Beverly Hills, global software company UiPath, cybersecurity leader BitDefender and natural spring water company AQUA Carpatica.

Coverage of entertainment and corporate events are part of our bailiwick – we have a team to handle multiple moving parts. That includes speeches from leaders, expert demonstrations, award shows, and breakout sessions.

How does the COLDEA Productions teamwork?

Whether you’re seeking documentation for a meeting of the board or you want to redesign your website and marketing materials, a professional event photographer can help you meet those goals. All of these settings are in our skillset.

The team at COLDEA Productions begins by consulting with you to effectively develop a plan according to your needs, personally addressing your challenges while working to highlight your company’s best features. The process involves creating a shot list for your special event and developing a plan of action to be sure the most important aspects are recorded. We have the skills and experience to handle the pressure of your function’s needs, recognizing the importance of an excellent outcome.

For some events we are the initial point of contact for your guests and you can be sure we always conduct ourselves appropriately. From a positive attitude at the logo wall to prompt, professional adherence to the climate you’ve created, we make your guests feel comfortable at all times. You can be confident that our actions are understated, so we don’t draw unnecessary attention, but we’re sure to provide you with images of the principal players at the most memorable moments.

Good planning eliminates wooden, arranged holiday parties photography and less-than-flattering shots of principals. We capture emotions and reactions, responding to natural changes in lighting and focus.

If you have event sponsors, they typically want coverage – especially if there are awards presentations or other functions they can tout later. We provide you with an expert visual representation to connect you to partners and clientele.

At least a part of your motive is undoubtedly to promote your brand. Events are excellent ways to do that because you have a lot more eyes on your corporate function than you do at other times of the year. Depending on your venue – if it’s a convention center, stage, or stadium – we can cover multiple moments simultaneously. Your C-suite meet-and-greet is documented for PowerPoint presentations and newsletters, while you also get booth photography and keynote speaker photos.

Much of the outcome, where your images are concerned, is determined by your event agenda, plus your venue has an impact on the event photography you receive as well. You can become a leader in nearly any industry, from fashion design to technology or even the medical field. There are definite advantages to garnering images that get you noticed by your own executives, your customers – even your competitors.

When your company’s team members change, event photography becomes a dependable resource that you can display in annual reports, newsletters or yearbooks. From festivals to dinner parties, we provide you with more than an artistic reflection of the experience of your attendees. Our corporate photography is a reference point for future events. We document details and enable you to review your past events to decide which features you’d like to replicate and which aspects you’ll change when planning your next endeavor.

Because you can’t be everywhere

If your event is in a 500,000 – square-foot convention center, you need an extremely reliable team working for you. And if it’s a small-but-mighty venue, the same is true. When you’ve spent months, or even years, planning a birthday party, nonprofit gala, or another event, it can’t go wrong. It’s too important, whether you spearhead corporate events such as trade shows or host private events.

When the demands on you are huge, you find out just what your limits are. You could be a member of the Professional Photographers Association – it doesn’t matter. You can’t be on four stages at once. And at registration. And dining with city leaders. It’s not about the need for event photography tipsYou need someone you can trust to hand over the responsibility for an important factor in producing a successful event. Hiring a skilled team of photographers such as COLDEA Productions is the best way to ensure the memories are preserved for future use. Your event photographer is a key player and we know it. We take our lead from you, but apply years of experience to working the room, the performance, the concert … or the 7-day convention – whatever you’re planning.

We represent you at all times, handling the responsibility with a positive attitude and professional aptitude. You’re protecting your brand and making sure all parties involved are having the time of their lives. We’re here so one of your staff members isn’t saddled with the responsibility of capturing the events as they unfold.

It’s relatively unrealistic to assume you gain the most accurate, high-quality coverage from an amateur. Your event photographer needs more than just camera bodies. We have professional lenses, speedlites, memory cards, chargers, lighting, backdrop equipment, etc., and we know how to maintain the right exposure and respond to changes as they occur. We have the infrastructure – from photo experts to editors and administrative staff – to provide you with large photo files in the quality of images your event deserves.

Time is money and you need to be free to make decisions, dress for the occasion, and make sure details are accounted for. You can safely hand over the reins to the COLDEA Productions team, as we have the equipment, know-how, and editing capability to work the event and provide you with an impressive photo package.

Giving your event a longer shelf-life

The best event photographers know that the quality of their work has a bearing on the outcome of your post-event marketing success. Not only do we create images during your event to communicate and build relationships with your customers in real-time, but the power of your programming also has a longer life.

When you have gone to the time and expense to pull off a successful corporate event, you can’t rely on the lasting effect of iPhone selfies to promote your company’s image. That’s their reality, while your company needs useful photos reflecting the reality you choose.

Professional images communicate your company’s culture and the energy of your event to individuals who did not attend. Photo sharing through Google+ and such social media platforms as Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook is a fast, effective marketing tool and an easy way to reach out to new clients.

Social media options during the event

Posting images online enables you to enlarge your audience exponentially. Instead of bragging about the numbers that attend, your stats reflect your success when you add your social media results on numerous digital platforms.

According to Livestream.com, 43% of the most-watched live events are audiences tuning into conferences, speakers, concerts, and festivals. “Video quality is the most important factor for 67% of viewers when watching a Livestream broadcast,” the website says.

That’s why you need a professional videographer with the talent and experience to make real-time decisions regarding angles and opportunities. Groups and teambuilding photography can be used contemporaneously to boost morale and create personalized instructional tools. Staff members at a company retreat become more engaged when they see their own images become part of a PowerPoint presentation.

Post-event photo products

Your chat sessions and live updates are important, but what you do the following 364 days may determine your attendance next year. When attendees fly home, they’ll still be connected to you via the internet, and you’ll be ready with high-quality event photography.

We deliver your photo products edited, enhanced, and prepared for your marketing use and to generate interest among potential clients. We know more than the shutter speed, aperture, and ISO settings. Because we’re a creative services provider, we can handle your marketing, including developing a strategy that benefits your products and services. We promote your brand on the digital platforms that your target customer uses.

Social and mobile – for commercial, personal, international, or local functions, photography is a pivotal part of your success. When you hire an event photographer, you hand off the responsibility for the quality, but with the agreement that the images meet your specific needs.

For internal events, hanging photos in the office or posting them on your website can remind employees of key moments in building teamwork. And holiday parties photography can serve the same purpose – building excitement for next year’s event and creating a greater sense of ownership.

Images outlast everyone in the company, so you want to give them a good share of your attention and never underestimate their value. More than experts with ISO, a COLDEA Productions event photographer brings years of experience, a positive attitude, and the professionalism you require.

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