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Technology Video Marketing

Your company is on the cutting-edge of new innovations in technology, yet you’re having a difficult time communicating directly to potential customers with a high-quality technology video production. You need a production that supports your brand with great script writing and visually promotes your company’s best qualities.

Thankfully, we’ve perfected the “How To” video production program to assist you in communicating the value of your offerings to your entire customer base. These videos are powerful marketing tools that highlight your expertise while showcasing your knowledge with new technology innovations. We help you remove the barrier to getting your message across.

Customers and clients in the audio production and technology industry expect professional-quality video with high production capabilities. When they roll out new products, they need a commercial production with explanations of existing technologies, as well as other promotional and sales applications. It’s not enough to post your bachelor’s degree education, consumers know what has power in the marketplace. The use of video is an engaging tool that allows tech companies to showcase the benefits and features of their products in ways that directly appeal to their targeted audiences.

The information that technology companies often need to pass along to their customers is, well, technical, and can consist of long, complicated explanations of products or systems. That is why it is even more important to make sure the content uses motion graphics and other video production technology that holds the attention of the target audience. You can provide the information in a flashier, more glamorous way to contrast the dry nature of the content.

Keeping it Simple

Except for those individuals who have completed certificate programs or earned a bachelor’s degree in a related field, most customers do not understand the technical jargon and intricacies of the products they use. A key to producing effective video content in the technology industry is to strike the proper balance between giving the consumer or client the information they need in terms a targeted audience can easily understand. A how-to video on a complex process or product that is aimed at a technologically advanced audience can skip the basics and get right to the nuts and bolts. But ads for products and public service announcements that are targeted at a broader and less educated audience should be produced for a wider appeal and understanding.

Whoever the target audience is, scriptwriting is an important component of successful corporate videos. They need to be entertaining, clean, and professional to help ensure engagement and retention. The competition is fierce, so the motion graphics in your videos also need to provide something the others do not, to grab people’s attention.

Showing a Human Side

Video presentations for businesses in the technology industry allow customers and clients to see a more human side of a tech business, which is often perceived as stuffy. Seeing products being used and processes being performed in a dynamic, engaging manner allows them to see the operation firsthand in real-time. Even public service announcements can promote your brand.

We are visual people. Seeing someone else perform a task or activity on a video is much easier to absorb. Somewhere in the flash and special effects is the very basic need for the information that is being provided, that should not get lost in the attention-grabbing efforts. It should connect with the public so they don’t feel they need a bachelor’s degree to comprehend it.

Why Video Marketing?

Video marketing is quickly becoming the most effective way to reach consumers and get eyes on your business, particularly important to the technology industry that relies on the latest advances in the field. More people are receiving information through videos than ever before. 

Utilizing the power of YouTube and other digital media outlets such as Facebook and Twitter can help to increase the visibility and impact of your brand and lead to increased traffic and sales. With so many video options presented to consumers every day, it is essential to provide high quality, engaging, and attention-grabbing video content.

Search engines regard video as high-quality content and properly optimized video can be a valued element of an effective SEO campaign. The trick is to make sure that all videos are fully optimized as any other content would be with the same guidelines for titles, metadata, and keywords.

Benefits of Video Marketing for Technology Industry

The technology industry lends itself to a specialized need for high-quality videos as part of an overall online marketing plan. You don’t have to have an A.S. degree from a video production technology program to recognize the benefits of using video marketing.

Reasons for the success of this type of marketing include:

Everyone Watches Videos

Even the most technologically challenged consumer in today’s digital age watches videos more than any other online activity. Consumers of technology are more discerning and harder to impress than your average customer. Videos related to the technology industry need to have a professional quality about them using the latest in production and post-production features and applications.

Videos Get Search Engine Rankings

Right behind the top search engine at Google is YouTube, the massive video warehouse that stores more than 5 billion videos and rising. Three hundred videos are loaded onto YouTube every minute of every day. A bachelor’s degree or not, now everyone’s an expert. Google users tend to search for specific information, while YouTube is used to find everything from entertainment and music content to educational and how-to videos of all kinds.

With everyone posting and watching videos all day long, Google and other search engines have also placed a higher value on video content in recent years. Properly constructed for Search Engine Optimization (SEO), videos in the technology industry can affect the overall rankings of company websites, leading to an increase in traffic and sales.

Enhance Social Media Presence

Perhaps the biggest change in the digital media experience in recent years has been the integration of videos into platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn. You cannot scroll through any of these sites without seeing video after video on your feed.

The sharing option on social media platforms allows for the potential of multiplying visibility in an organic process. However, as much as social media users love to comment and share content, they will not do it just because of your product or service. Social media videos need to be engaging, entertaining, funny, and attention-grabbing. For businesses in the tech world, this also means catering to your target audience when it comes to variables like depth of understanding and technical aptitude.

Attract Mobile Users

Wherever you go these days people are buried in their mobile devices. Commuters who once read the newspaper and visited with their seatmates are now glued to their smartphones and tablets the entire ride. People waiting in line at the bank or even walking down the street (hopefully not while driving) are constantly scrolling and looking for the next new item in their email or social media feed.

About a third of tablet owners will watch upwards of an hour’s worth of videos every day, and the numbers are climbing for smartphone users, too. Mobile users’ attention spans and availability are even shorter than traditional computer consumers. Videos aimed at the growing mobile user market have to grab their attention and get their message across quickly and with more humor.

Videos can be re-used and repurposed

Videos and other online content go in and out the user’s stream of consciousness so fast that repetition is a key component to getting noticed. As long as the products, processes, and information stay the same, effective videos have a long shelf life – even through libraries supplying them for educational use in bachelor’s degree programs. Your marketing campaign can also roll them out at regular intervals through promotions and social media postings.

Changes can also be made to freshen up the video content and segments can be used for shorter videos, screengrabs, and gifs.

Present Products In The Best Light

Videos are a great way to illustrate the workings of processes of all kinds of technological products. It is so much easier for the user to follow a visual representation of the way it works rather than reading a description or explanation. Simple, understandable, and entertaining videos are a must for technological products and services. If they do not get them from you, they will get them from someone else who creates the same content about your product.

Boost Email Marketing Click-through Rates

Video is also an extremely effective tool for email marketing. Even the mere inclusion of the word “video” in the subject line of an email campaign will increase the open and click-through rate by several valuable percentage points.

Why Choose Coldea Productions?

Video production is a necessary tool for a variety of applications throughout the technology industry. Clients, customers, and employees expect the kind of high-end production values the professionals at COLDEA produce.

Among the highest-rated video production companies in Southern California, COLDEA has an impressive team of experienced video experts who can produce impactful, engaging videos for promotional, commercial, and in-house content, as well as a wide range of specialty services that take advantage of the latest advances in special effects and 3-D technology.

COLDEA boasts of an expansive portfolio showcasing a large and varied arsenal of professional services and skillsets to fit all kinds of video production needs.

Video Services

COLDEA Productions also offers professional photography services for video productions and independent projects.

Contact Us for Technology Industry Video Production

There is an increasingly high demand for top-quality videos to be used in a variety of applications throughout the technology industry. From commercials and how-to videos to in-house training and large product launch campaign videos, the video production professionals at COLDEA produce great-looking, dynamic, and effective videos for a multitude of uses. Contact one of our knowledgeable representatives today for complete information about technology video production or a project quote for our wide-ranging services.

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