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Among the advantages you get when you hire a Las Vegas Stratosphere convention photographer is the ability to gain the attention of potential clients. A skilled Coldea Productions convention photographer will not only make sure your images are professional quality; we can also help you get mileage out of them by creating a promotional campaign to take your brand to the next level.

When people in your industry turn to you for inspiration and education, the pressure is on to deliver a rich mix of expert presenters, demonstrations, and opportunities for networking. You have a head start when you choose “The Strat,” a resort with the size and range of amenities to rival other venues on The Strip.

Complete Trade Show Coverage Photography

The Coldea Productions team is prepared to take over the responsibility for providing Stratosphere convention photography that fits your marketing plan.

Whether your attendees get meals at Top of the World on the 106th floor of the Stratosphere Tower or you’re holding activities on the ground level, you want a record that reflects the synergy of your event. You need a visual representation that serves to inform and engage your clients and future clientele.

You can be confident that our team has the skill and flexibility to handle a function of this magnitude. We cover Las Vegas gala photography from greeting your guests at the logo wall to receptions, parties, and awards photography during the event. Even if you’re hosting something for your own employees, we have you covered with corporate group photography when you need it.

For events at the SkyPod, which are more than 840 feet above the valley, we apply our extensive technical background. We are experts in aerial photography using drone technology and high-resolution cameras.

Marketing with Event Photography

When the chairs are empty and the live streaming ends, that’s when we get to work … once again. The creative services team at Coldea Productions has years of experience with editing, animation, and design to provide you with a customized promotional package. We can even redesign your website to update your branding.

Event hosting is a great way to showcase your business to everyone in the industry. You want to be sure that your best features take center stage – both during your event and after the fact. Your venue is more than just a tall building. You’re bringing together top talent while expanding your company’s prospects. A Las Vegas Stratosphere convention photographer from Coldea Productions can capture your event’s main moments and make them work for you all year.

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