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Using Product Videos to Promote Your Product

To bring your company to the next level you need a professional product video production that eclipses the branding success of your competitors. Video marketing is a huge piece of appealing to your target audience in a dramatic way. The video production services at COLDEA Productions garner large-scale attention through customized, high-quality marketing packages.

Why do I need to make a video to market my product?

Just knowing that American consumers do their “window shopping” online, including YouTube, is reason enough to create an engaging, attention-getting product video production for your ecommerce brand. Your customers are making snap decisions before purchasing and you want your product featured in a way that stands out to generate more conversions. Or even jumps out – in front of your competitors.

There are certainly different ways to access the marketplace, but it is widely known that a good product video is far more persuasive than simple text or still photography and should be a key component of your marketing strategy

Online optimization experts at WireBuzz explain that a decision is made, in large part, through an emotional response to what a person senses and video is one of the best formats to convey emotion. We know how to create a lasting impression, using the most compelling aspects of your product combined with the appeal of superior technology.

In fact, we’ve got the technology covered. You don’t have to learn a thing about “frame rates” or “motion effects.” We’ve got cutting edge equipment and our experts are highly technical. The good news is, if your product needs that aerial shot, we’ve got drones. If your product line connects with viewers better through slow, dramatic storytelling, we do it.

How do large companies get their products in front of their shoppers? With video. Not only is the human brain attracted to moving objects, once you’ve gotten the attention of the consumer, but it’s also just one more step to “add to my cart.”

You get the internet edge with the moving images of a great video. Google favors product videos. If you want to rank high on Google (and you definitely want to rank high on Google), then post product videos. How many times have you heard the collective “Awww, how cute” when your Facebook friend posted a video? They are popular, which means they get shared, which means your product ends up on everyone’s screen.

The fact is, the more videos you have available, the higher the likelihood you will make that sale.

If your marketing campaign gets optimized with a video, your product gets in front of more people – plain and simple. Woking with a professional and experienced product video production company will stack the odds in your favor even more.

A great video for digital advertising and promotion is a must for gaining ground in the business world today. A whopping 86% of buyers say they want videos to help them make decisions on products, according to B2B marketing experts at HubSpot. Whether your customers are everyday consumers or marketplace heavy hitters, an explainer video both grabs their attention and informs them of the reasons that your product eclipses the competition.

So, if consumers want to get a better sense of your product through product videos, how can we get you there? Through explainer videos, potential customers gain more confidence that what they see is what they’re going to get. We are a visual society, and people find it more expedient to watch-and-learn than to read, especially if the product has numerous uses or is simply more appreciated when viewed than in the box. Also, when a product has complex parts or requires extra brainpower to comprehend, it is best when explained to customers through a marketing video.

And what sounds like a sidebar – the way you explain it – is actually the main factor in creating video content that engages viewers and compels them in a direction that increases sales. With our marketing research, your production package is designed to do just that: increase your bottom line.

Depending on the nature of your business and the scope of your product, we can offer a range of choices as we collaborate with you to determine the best direction for your project.

Do you want to grow your customer base? Then you may want to film client testimonials. Or are you unveiling a new product line for the corporation heads? Then you want a product demo video that’ll kill it at the conference. The good news is you have a lot of options for attaining your marketing goals.

A good product video has a number of possible features, including:

The tone of your product video is equally important. Is your customer base a young, hip crowd? Then you may want an edgier storyline. If you’d rather appeal to serious businessmen and women, a more professional package is in order.

Once we get intimately acquainted with your product, our team can concentrate on nailing it, content-wise. You determine the goal for your high-quality videos and we offer the script, the images, and technical treatment to bring attention to your main attraction. 

Our full-stack product video production services give your product the upper hand over its competitors. With expertise in the video production process and leveraging social media platforms. The most effective product videos promote your product line and services with a creative approach, through different angles, customized scripts, and targeting customers.

Which video production company can create a package that gets results?

Results are the most important aspect of your project, so you want video production services from seasoned professionals who specialize in the field of product video production. Our team of experts is well-connected in the Los Angeles film industry, with experience in virtually every form of filmmaking – from pre-production, motion graphics, 3D animation, ecommerce video, case studies, video ads, and video marketing – the final product of your video project will be top-quality.

COLDEA Productions boasts a range of workplace talent, including high-quality cinematographers, producers, directors, editors, and writers. Yes, we are video experts, but we’re skilled storyboard artists and handle post-production as well, including graphic design and animation. We collaborate with you to stay on point, offering a customized, tailor-made package that garners targeted results.

You want a video production company that gets you the notice your brand requires without pre-packaged, drive-thru style video content in the finished product. We offer you a creative approach and the chance to tell your story your way. And with our unique ability as film industry professionals, we can reach your target audience by highlighting the best features of your product line, so you gain attention in the marketplace that your company needs.

As a business owner – especially if you have a line of products – chances are you’re hosting live meetings more than ever before. Even companies with no desire to do video marketing need to ramp up their remote connectivity these days.

The team at COLDEA Productions has experience creating video packages that include the entire process from storyboard through editing, but we also do live streaming.

If your IT department currently handles your Zoom calls or other video conferencing needs, you can improve your opportunities for greater staff communication as well as expanding your reach to gain new clients.

In-house Video Live Streaming

Bringing in our creative services team is an effective way to take your technical practice up a notch. When you gather your C-suite executives for a GoToMeeting call, you need excellent quality of service. There’s never a good time for technical problems – but least of all when you have department heads on board.

Has your quality control data mentioned poor morale among employees? Or have you gotten less-than-perfect reviews from staff members about new product training or harassment classes?

These can all be tweaked by bringing in technical experts when you communicate with the troops. There are many advantages to choosing a live streaming service over pre-packaged video training programs. They’re much more fluid and flexible – you can make changes in your focus as the group conferencing continues. The feedback you get from trainees ensures they are actually learning the material you require.

Microsoft cites research showing that face-to-face meetings between colleagues create more trust and a greater sense of connection. A survey of thousands of workers revealed that more than 90% of people viewed video conferencing as a method for improving teamwork and relationships among employees.

Live Video Production for Marketing

Hosting a virtual collaboration is effective for inner-office purposes, but it’s also a great tool to market your products. If you’ve been using a pre-packaged product demo video, you may find that live streaming a demo is a creative approach to reach more potential customers. Even the best marketing video doesn’t have the features a real-time broadcast does. During a live demo, you can cater to requests and questions from the viewers. They may need different angles or need further details about the proper use of your product.

It’s a great tool for sales. More companies are profiting from Facebook and Instagram Live broadcasts and some social media platforms are geared toward a target audience. A live event streaming company like COLDEA Productions can set up your live feed and handle technical direction throughout the broadcast.

If you like the idea of employing live streaming video production services, but you aren’t sure how to maximize its effectiveness, we’re here to help you. As a comprehensive team of creative artists, we can advise you from setting the stage by finding the marketplace for the event. You know your client base and we know technology. Together we can bridge the gap between your current revenue streams and where you want your profits to be.

To gain maximum potential for the success you expect from corporate video and live-streaming, you need professionals in the industry to handle it. COLDEA Productions offers you the chance to concentrate on developing your products while we make sure your brand sees more potential clients and gets a wider share of the market. Your product video production has the potential to be a game-changer this year.

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