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Animation is an incredibly effective community tool that grabs your audience’s attention, keeps them watching information that they will retain at a greater rate than other video formats. Coldea Productions is a highly respected video animation company with an impressive team of creative animators creating entertaining and engaging animated content as part of a comprehensive digital marketing plan.

In a digital society where everyone is connected to the internet and social media through handheld devices that they check every few minutes, today’s consumer has a shorter attention span than ever before. Getting online users to stop long enough to view your digital marketing content is the biggest challenge for businesses needing to advertise products and services in an increasingly crowded online marketplace.

People’s eyes are naturally drawn to the colors, motion, and textures of animation, offering the perfect opportunity to present your message in a dynamic and memorable way. Whether you use animated text, 2D animation elements, or full animated production with state-of-the-art 3D effects, animation specialists at Coldea Productions will bring your business ideas and concepts to life in an animated video presentation that will present your company in the best light and provide the greatest chance of reaching your digital marketing goals.

Video Animation Company Providing a Wide Range of Creative Options

An impressive team of creative video animators can take your ideas and concepts and transform them into realistic looking animated presentations. We use state-of-the-art technology and keep up to date on the very latest advances in equipment and processes to create professional-looking animated videos for use in a wide range of applications and industries.

The following are the kinds and types of animated videos our specialized artists can create to promote and market your business.

2D Animation

Using Coldea Productions professional 2D animation for instructional, informational, and product demonstration videos allow you to present involved and complicated concepts and issues in a simplified, engaging way. Show complex elements of your business, and the products and services you provide in a clear, concise format that can be replayed for maximum impact.

Experienced, creative animators design a storyboard to tell the story and use the latest technological advances and equipment to make maximum use of visual freedom that comes with the art of animation. Using your ideas, concepts, and business objectives, Coldea Productions animators will create exciting new worlds to deliver your business messaging in an entertaining and impactful art form.

3D Animation

Talented 3D animators at Coldea Productions add a dimension of depth to create incredibly realistic images, characters, and items. The same process used in video games, major motion pictures, television commercials, and a wide range of other applications is extremely effective as a valuable component of your digital marketing campaign.

Advances in the science of 3D video animation creation and preservation technology allow Coldea Productions animators to create unmatched depth, detail, and lifelike motion to characters and things. The following is a sample of the applications 3D video animation is used for in today’s visual, digital world:

  • Construction and real estate walkthroughs
  • Television cartoons and film
  • Business explainer videos
  • Medical procedures
  • Product demonstrations
    Video games

Kinetic Typography

Kinetic typography involves the adding of movement and animation to text to evoke emotion, engagement, and retention of the information being presented. In a world where users are glancing at their computers, phones, and other mobile devices even they are not supposed to be led to a lot of video content being watched without the sound on. Highlighting important informational text using dynamic motion capabilities in kinetic typography will draw attention to your content and allow users to absorb your message even with the sound off.


Scrolling of the lyrics to a song on a video is a good example of kinetic typography. The technique is used by a wide range of industries to create eye-catching text content. Benefits of kinetic typography include:

  • Attracts viewer with aesthetically pleasing images
  • Higher information retention rates
  • Highlight priorities and put information and message into context
  • Can be viewed without the sound up

Animated Infographics

Infographics are a popular method of conveying information in a uniform, easy-to-absorb platform that is now widely used in online and print applications. Animating these informational video presentations adds an attention-getting element that takes viewers along throughout the progression of information, highlighting important sections. Animated infographics created by the talented animators at Coldea Productions add emphasis by bringing charts, graphs, and other illustrations to life, and allows to strike the proper tone while presenting abstract ideas with uniform, understandable visuals.

Animated Characters

Tony the Tiger. Jolly Green Giant. Aflac Duck. Geico Gecko. Chances are good that you don’t need an explainer video to tell you who these characters and brands are! Upon reading their names, you were likely able to immediately identify these characters with the brands and companies they represent. That is the power of creating animated characters to relay your information and market your business. Talented, creative animators at Coldea Productions partner with you create memorable, entertaining characters to associate with your brand.

Using animated characters in your digital marketing videos provide a wide range of valuable benefits including:

  • Increased freedom for storytelling
  • Invokes emotion, empathy
  • Increase brand awareness
  • Audience targeting
  • Opportunities to go viral and exponentially extend your reach

Whiteboard Animation

Whiteboard animation is the process of watching text being written or drawn on the screen. It is a surprisingly comforting video feature that enables the viewer to absorb and retain the messaging and information you are providing. It allows the viewer to follow along in a more linear fashion in a clear, engaging way.

  • Benefits and features of using whiteboard animation include:
  • Better retention and improved understanding of the information being presented
  • Entertaining, engaging, and almost hypnotic form of video communication
  • Effective training and sales tool

Dynamic, Engaging Video Production Company

Creating motion graphics is a dynamic art form that has transformed from kids’ television cartoons and television commercials to a multi-billion dollar industry that is used for a wide range of professional applications in all kinds of businesses and industries. Coldea Productions is a full-service video animation company and video production house specializing in the creation of all kinds of original, dynamic video animation.

We bring the storyboard of your business to life! Our team at Coldea is here to help you tell your brand story in an engaging and actionable way. For complete information on the animation, explainer video, promotional video, and other video marketing offered from our team at Coldea Productions, contact a representative today! Let us know how we can exceed your expectations when it comes to utilizing animated video.

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