Convention Photographer

Convention Photographer

Convention Photographer

The vast number of resources that go into your corporate event require a professional convention photographer for the record. When you’ve spent a year preparing for an experience that’s over in a matter of hours, you want every opportunity to maximize its shelf-life.

For heavy hitters on both sides of a trade show – corporate event host and commercial participant – convention photography can be a tremendous benefit. There’s a purpose for high-quality images from the booth planning stage to when you turn off the lights off at the end of the show.

What a Convention Photographer Can Do for Exhibitors


There are photos you need before the show. If you’re a manufacturer, you need a corporate photographer to provide high-resolution images of your products. A professional can get angles that both impress your booth visitors and explain the best features of your merchandise. Coldea Productions is a creative services company, which means we not only provide product photos, we also perform graphic design to turn those images into the promotional pieces you need.



The best convention photographer has enough digital training to create the graphics for your displays, banners, signs, and towers in your booth. You can also use the design for additional giveaways and freemium handouts for trade show traffic. At Coldea Productions, we consult with you and become familiar with your client base to help you choose the most effective marketing tools.


Digital Promotions

Experienced convention photographers understand your purpose for being there. You rent space to get in front of your target customers, whether you have a business-to-business or business-to-consumer company. Not every attendee is a potential client, as all parties in an industry come together to learn from experts and see the latest trends in the business. A professional trade show photographer should create booth materials as well as follow-up digital promotions for you because you want to reach out after the event is over.



You have to touch your existing clients on a regular basis, which you may already do through Constant Contact or MailChimp. Sharing the energy from a recent convention by attaching photos is a great way to stir conversation with associates who didn’t attend the show. It gives you a reason to reach out to them and a way to galvanize your brand.

Convention Photographer

What a Convention Photographer Can Do for Event Organizers

Staff Members

Professional event photographers are a necessity when you plan a convention, conference or trade show of any kind. So, while you’ve got them on the clock, you can schedule updated headshots of staff members as well as other corporate photography you need for your website. During the show, you can also instruct your convention photographer to obtain candid shots of your staff interacting with booth visitors. You want shots of company executives, as well, who may be leading breakout sessions or introducing seminar presenters.


No Comic-Con or cosplay convention is complete without a step-and-repeat logo wall, and nothing drives home your brand like incredible swag bag contents. But one of the best aspects of serving your trade show’s attendees with convention photography is the reward your company receives in return. Social media posts from convention crowds during and afterwards give your event a life of its own. Photo sharing is the gift that keeps on giving.


As an event company executive, you want everyone manning a booth to be glad they came. That’s partly up to them, but it also depends on you. There are many things exhibitors expect, including:

  • Reasonable deadlines
  • Carpet padding
  • Sturdy structure
  • Room for multiple staff members
  • Easy loading areas
  • Clear guidelines
  • Access to personnel for assistance
  • Furnishings

The use of a professional convention photographer is another reward for your exhibitors, which also works as a lure for next year’s event. Whatever your event photography doesn’t do for you now will be more obvious in your future marketing success.