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Corporate Videos

Whether you’re building a new brand or reinforcing the image you already have, the best corporate videos are a relied-upon means to promote what’s new at your company. Used widely by companies big and small, video marketing is a powerful tool to cut through the noisy overstimulation your target audience finds on the internet.

What is corporate video production?

There’s an innate curiosity about moving objects. Studies repeatedly suggest that your eyes are drawn to video footage, and a corporate video production company can give you a new start where your marketing strategy is concerned. Advertisers use video production to gain traction with consumers and you can gain the same promotional benefits for your business.

When you solicit the help of a video production company, you gain collaborators with expertise who can help guide you from a place of stagnancy or insufficient profits and get started on a package where you can showcase your best features. There are many types of videos that can best represent the nature of your business. Some of the most prevalent styles to accomplish that are:

  • Live-action
  • Animation
  • Brand videos
  • Demo
  • Interactive
  • Product videos
  • Explainers

What makes a good corporate video?

While beauty is in the eye of the beholder, a “good” corporate video is a little less subjective. Variable outcomes can be measured when analyzing responses using digital tools. In other words, when you create the type of video that includes a call-to-action (CTA) and get it into the marketplace, you can check its click-through rate and track engagement, which is the way to measure effectiveness.

Viral videos are examples of winning the game when it comes to the process of gaining attention with your web material. A seasoned corporate video production company should be able to assist you in getting closer to that goal.

The winning combination is a high-quality corporate video applied to the social media platforms where your customers reside. A professionally shot and edited brand video can gain traction on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, and Pinterest, which are embracing video content.

The following are proven examples of the methodology you can use to get higher engagement from your audience.

Include What’s Trending

When you post videos of real-time events and updated testimonials, you pique the interest of viewers, which sparks their engagement. Think of times you were shopping online and checked testimonial videos of a product, but the only customer comments were from years before. You lose confidence in their validity when that occurs. Update your video testimonials so consumers have confidence that what you include is reliable.

When you post videos of your live events – from conventions to teambuilding meetings – people can join the conversation. Attaching issues with a lot of buzz is a great opportunity to bring notoriety to your business as well as add excitement to your brand. Corporate video examples of content with contemporary undertones are holidays, meetings, parties, social media shares, and news posts.

Create Emotion

You don’t have to run a nonprofit to draw loyalty from the community – consumers respond to brands that have meaning for them. And some of the same techniques can be used in your video marketing to form a connection with your customers. If your company carries a product that cleans the air or you sell baby products for new parents, you can create a product video that has sympathetic content. A promotional video can do more than inform – it can stir the viewer with images of family, faith, or a dramatic event of recent memory such as a hurricane.

Instruct the Viewers

Within a company, there are many reasons to create a corporate training video. Even before someone is hired, you can portray your company culture through a recruitment video. And you can layout an incentive program for your staff members in a video format as well.

More than 70% of people connect through social media (according to the Pew Research Center) and they share material that resonates with them, including products that affect their lives. By giving them access to a product demonstration video, you encourage them to promote your company across social media channels.

Raise the Curtain

great way to connect your future customers to your brand is to reveal what goes on behind the scenes. It gives you the opportunity to share your values and mission as well as boost their confidence in the quality and service you offer. When they choose your “about us” tab you can raise the click-through rate with an embedded web video including scenes from your company’s day-to-day operations. Consumers like to see your workplace, especially when they are considering purchases related to safety such as energy companies or baby care brands.

All four techniques dovetail with each other. A behind-the-scenes video can garner an emotional reaction by using themes such as employee dedication, products that fight fatal illnesses, or compassionate customer service.

How do you make a corporate video more interesting?

When scrolling online or shopping for a specific item we are perhaps most familiar with video advertising where they talk up a company’s products or services as they promote their brand. These conventional styles have proven to be successful.

But if your industry demands something more unique – for instance, if you own an art studio or a travel service, you can pack a more powerful punch by injecting less conventional patterns into the project. While you probably sail ahead of the competition by just putting together an effective video package, you can make history with content that has a tremendous rate of engagement.

You need people to respond and react to your brand. That means you need the kind of content that prompts viewers to do that. With videos that pop up on your website pages, including the landing page, you give potential clients a good reason to click and open.

In addition to the hand-picked messaging you place on your own site, you need videos to get you on social media, in front of your future customers. You may already have a presence on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, but if you want to get more views – add professionally shot and edited videos. You raise the stakes by increasing your chance of adding to your client base and you double down on your brand.

There’s a link between better engagement by online shoppers and higher sales numbers, so there’s a direct advantage to including content that invites the viewer to get involved. What it does at the same time is to identify your company as an expert resource. If you want to become an industry leader, here’s your chance.

Facebook is particularly prone to initiate response through video posting. But, believe it or not, many of your competitors still aren’t utilizing this hugely inflaming style of reaching out. According to the online investing community Seeking Alpha, just a few years ago, there were just 3,000,000 companies uploading videos on Facebook.

How do you make an impact? One popular methodology involves emotional resonance. What video do that other mediums can’t do is to connect your board room with your customer? Video content is king, which means the use of language and the insight offered – or sometimes the simplicity of your message – are all part of your strategy to connect with your target audience. For instance, if you have a new product made from organic materials, you might use such phrases as “natural origins” and “promotes sustainability.”

Every year there’s a new record for a post’s number of online views and lists of highly successful marketing efforts involving video. Each year is a great opportunity for you to join the ranks.

Who needs a corporate video?

Every business owner can benefit from a visual commercial tool, as long as it’s created using a high-resolution, professional technique. Your company has information that needs to be disseminated – your sales team needs strategy; HR needs materials; marketing needs direction. What a video can do for your business alone, behind closed doors, is advantageous to you in many ways:


Your job description is vast and your schedule continues to swell. You are only one person and you have to oversee personnel issues, profits, operations, and put out fires in general. You can’t also be a corporate photographer and videographer. Everything from events to marketing plans needs professional visual images that you can only get from the pros.


When you’re running an industry-wide conference or doing recruitment interviews, you need something removed from your plate or you’ll be buried under the weight of responsibility. You have a personal life to lead too. With a video record, the company’s growth and development will be documented, and you won’t have to do it.

New ideas

Working with a corporate video company adds an idea stream to the experts already on board. Even in the planning stages of your production, you can see the power of professional collaboration. And when new ideas come in from the troops, delegate them to your video marketing team.

Morale boosting

Your company’s holiday party may have been the moment your top salesperson decided to stay. Or last year’s trade show, which broke records in attendance, making you an industry leader. These are the kinds of moments that bear repeating. The best way to get enough mileage out of the goodwill is to be sure an event videographer is there to cover it.

Advertisers and marketing experts understand the power of video – the key is accessing it and unleashing it to benefit your company. Video content that engages internet consumers is the route to get there.

Where can I obtain the best corporate video?

You’re already home. At COLDEA Productions we are prepared to improve your performance – with your customers and with your own staff.

We know that your company is special and a cut above your competition. But you need your future customers to know it and believe it. We know how to do that at COLDEA Productions. As a flexible team of creative services professionals, we sit down with you to seek out specific ways to get you to your goals. Every client is different, which is why we deliver a custom package to help you make an impact.

Your company’s unique needs are the focus of our work. Our job is to make you succeed, and how we do that depends on the trajectory of your goals. Each person and each company we serve gets more than just our full attention. The COLDEA Productions team employs its expertise and creativity to collaborate with you, finding the best way forward to boost the aspects of your company you care about. You need a storyteller for your project, whether it’s for marketing purposes or remains in the office.

From there we take the reins and handle the pre-production work, always keeping your budget in mind. The steps for your project will include a combination of such tasks as the following:

  • Consulting
  • Storyboarding
  • Scriptwriting
  • Location scouting
  • Set building
  • Camera/lighting setup

Generating original content from your company’s operations, staff activities, events, and/or employee-customer testimonies, we deliver a creative corporate video for your use, which may include:

  • Training
  • Onboarding
  • Marketing
  • Internal communication
  • Brand messaging
  • Human resources

We’ve worked in the international arena and are capable of handling the challenges of virtually any project. We are prepared to raise your profile to take you from small business to industry leader.

The COLDEA Productions team is flexible and talented, able to serve both small brands and large companies to embolden your website – landing page, tabbed pages, social media posts, etc. If you have a new product to roll out or need a creative corporate video for the merchandise already on the market, our unique and innovative final product includes high-resolution visuals with such post-production features as voiceover technology, motion graphics, and animation.

Whether you’re a corporation or a nonprofit needing interactive video content, music videos, or an explainer video for your new product line, we have the range to handle the scope of your project, which our portfolio reveals.

With your cinema-quality visual package, you have materials to post in online spaces, bringing your message to more potential customers and improving your relationship with associates and other industry leaders. The best corporate videos reflect your values and perform in the marketplace.

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