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web videos

Web Videos

The most successful companies in the world are ingenious when it comes to navigating the internet, getting their brands in front of all the right people. It’s the world wide web, and it’s where you want your company to be: all over the world.

How would a web video help my business?

You know you have to have a strong media presence. That’s not news. The hottest companies follow the trends of social media, tracking which apps are popular and among which demographics, in order to widen their approach to reach more consumers.

This can be you, and maybe it already is. You could be matching your brand to your target audience, strategically choosing where and when to post. But, what kind of media package are you putting out there? Online video marketing is not just a powerful tool, it’s essential for virtually every form of the industry today.

Why a web video instead of a television commercial video? There are some advantages to commercials, which we can also help you with at Coldea Productions. But, the purpose served by a web video is that you post it for free and on almost, all social media platforms – YouTube, Vine, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, to name just a few.

You can use it over and over again. That’s not just handy, it’s economical. And the more often people see it, the more people will recognize it. It’s a method of video marketing to make your branding permanent.

A moving image is the first thing that catches a person’s eye, and your video will go with people, wherever they are. Mobile video consumption has never been higher. A study from the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) says that about 35% of people are watching more video on their smartphones than they were a year ago, and 36% of smartphone users are watching long-form videos on their mobile devices.

web videos

What is a good web video production?

There are a lot of different styles of web videos, and they serve a variety of purposes. Depending on your product or service, and your target audience, you need your online video advertising to perform in a certain way. Companies have found success with content in the form of infomercials, a talk show style, an event presentation, FAQ interview, an employee demonstration, and client testimonials, for instance.

If it’s increased sales you’re after, you have to first gain the attention of the intended audience and you need a package that drives more traffic to your website and, ultimately, to your door. Your bottom line depends on it.

When making decisions about your business — there are expectations you have about what it can do, but you want the piece to have certain pre-determined characteristics. Does it comply with your branding?

Web video for business always has its work cut out for it. But, one good video, if it goes viral, can bring your brand to the world. When you’ve gone viral – your business is famous overnight.

Some key elements in a good web video are:

1. Broad appeal: you want to expand your audience
2. Call to Action: give consumers a chance to reach out to you
3. Heartfelt: connect with your client base
4. Relatable: down-to-earth content

Do you want a product to share that is consistent with the features that have proven success? If you want a digital video production that works, with qualities like those listed here, you need a web video production company that knows how to do it.

web videos

Who can create an online video that increases my business?

At Coldea Productions we’ve mastered the practice of planning, filming and editing packages that propel you in the marketplace. Our researchers keep their fingers on the pulse of modern American business. We know what the audience is looking for and how to deliver. Our goal is to create a package that brings your business to the internet superhighway. You need a quality web video to make big gains in social media and beat the competition.

In addition to the mechanics — we have the right equipment and technical expertise — we also can purposefully design a script, visual experience, and length to expand your audience when the video is sent to different social media accounts. We are a full-service video marketing company, with consultants, scriptwriters, cinematographers, and editors, capable of creating a product that helps you meet your potential for growth. You don’t have to choose between advanced video codec or flash video format; we know the technical trade. Other than collaborating with our team, you can maintain the workload you already have in your business and trust us to do the work. You definitely want to be sure you’re getting a sophisticated and polished video package because an audience can tell when something’s a quality product. Unless you have advanced equipment, it’ll be obvious.

We make you a web video that shows up well on all devices too, which means the majority of your audience will be able to access the video wherever they are. According to research by the Pew Research Center a year ago, a whopping 64% of American adults have smartphones. That’s a lot of data-using, video-viewing potential clients for you and your company.

We can help you find your audience and create the best web video to target your customers.