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Having the capabilities and access to reach business associates, clients, and staff through a live, digital format is more important than ever. The global pandemic has forced companies of all kinds to refocus their communication methods and practices to conduct business in the most production and efficient ways. The good news is that the technology and processes for the live broadcast event and on-demand webcasting services at Coldea Productions has already been well-established using years of experience in video production to facilitate the kind of webcast that serves your business needs and applications.

What Is Webcasting?

The term webcast is the combination of the web and broadcast. Webcasting is broadcasting a live broadcast event or taped video or audio content through the internet. Webcasts are a crucial tool used throughout the business world to communicate information and message to groups of all sizes. Virtual live events and meetings make it easier to reach small or large numbers of attendees in different geographical locations, eliminating the need for in-person meetings that pose logistical problems and go against current social distancing guidelines.

Benefits of Professional Live Webcasting Services at Coldea Production Company

Even before the unprecedented times of social distancing and stay-at-home orders, live webcasting had been used to extend the reach and impact of business communication needs for a variety of important events. From internal training courses to product rollouts, webcasting is a highly effective format to present important communication for your business’s operation.

Significant benefits of the professional webcasting services available at Coldea Productions include:

Larger Audiences

Webcasting allows you to expand your reach to anyone in the United States and around the world able to access an internet connection. All viewers will receive the same information in the same way, providing consistency of communication over a wider reach.

Cost-Effective Communication

Compared to live, in-person conferences, and other business-related live events, webcasting is far more cost-efficient across the board. Webcasting eliminates travel expenses, lodging, venue rental, meals, and many more costs associated with in-person meetings and gatherings.

Added Revenue

Webcasting technology allows you to reach more customers at one time, driving consumers to your website and increasing sales and revenue. Training sessions and ongoing employee education using webcasts will help to improve productivity and goal-setting effectiveness.

Connect Directly with Specific Audiences

Live-streaming and recorded content delivered through webcasting services from the established production company at Coldea Productions will connect directly with your target online audience that is most likely to do business with you. Interact with viewers in real-time through Q&A and address issues as they are presented to you. The technology for webcasting services in the modern era allows you to track viewer numbers, engagements, and other performance metrics.

Reduced Environmental Impact

As inhabitants of this planet, individuals and businesses should regularly be looking for ways to reduce our carbon footprints. Utilizing webcasting instead of in-person gatherings and meetings will not only demonstrate your environmental awareness to the business community, but it is also simply the right thing to do to help save the planet.

Convenient Communication Tool for You, Your Audiences

Live webcasts can be recorded and archived for review on any type of device from anywhere with an internet connection at your audiences’ convenience.

Types of Webcasting Services for Your Business

Every industry is different, and each business has a unique set of needs and goals for marketing and internal corporate communications. The wide range of webcasting services available from the highly respected video production company at Coldea Productions presents a variety of opportunities to reach out to consumers, existing customers, team members, contractors, or investors.

Our team of video production and webcasting professionals will help you determine the right formats that will maximize the power of live stream and on-demand webcast productions. We have the experience, knowledge, and skills to help you create the perfect webcasting experience.

Marketing, Customer Generation

Live or on-demand webcasting content is an incredibly effective marketing tool that can increase your brand awareness among current and potential customers. Connect with large groups of consumers with web streaming material that can be viewed anytime from anywhere. Webcasting analytics also allows you to monitor interaction and interest from attendees and participants to help refine your outreach and content.

Investor Communications

Webcasting meetings and virtual events with your investors provide a secure environment to discuss your business operations’ most critical aspects without the expense and logistics of in-person conferences and other company business.

Internal Training, Ongoing Education

Webcasting allows you to go into the greatest detail when training new employees and ongoing education and updates for your existing staff. These sessions can be viewed live or archived for continued use, saving you time and money. Whether it is communicating your business’ employee rules and guidelines or educating them about your product line or services, video or audio webcasts are effective internal communication tools to make sure your team members are all on the same page.

Corporate Communications

Modern webcasting technology presents ideal opportunities for you to connect with the people within your organization. Provide essential information to employees in an engaging format that allows Q&A sessions about the content in real-time.

Employee Onboarding

Welcome new employees and groups of staff members with live broadcast or taped webcast that outlines your business operations’ goals, objectives, and missions. This is a chance for you to present your company in the best light while highlighting the benefits and features of your products, services, and dedication to your customers.

Education Applications

With so many schools on all levels of the education spectrum, turning to eLearning and remote classes, webcasting applications are more essential than ever before in the academic world.

Digital Conferences, Trade Shows

As the United States adjusts to the coronavirus pandemic and waits for the time when we can all feel comfortable gathering in larger groups, professional webcasting services from Coldea Productions offers the ideal alternative. Through live streaming virtual events or on-demand video presentations, you can still hold successful conferences and trade shows that will help promote your industry and grow your business.


Webinars are video seminars that serve as digital workshops, lectures, or other business-related presentations using the latest in webinar technology and software. Live or on-demand sessions enable you to share your industry knowledge and company updates that are accessible to those who will benefit from them throughout the world.

Tips for Hosting a Webcast

Hosting a webcast is not quite as easy as it looks. Beyond the technical and live stream elements, the structure and presentation of the content and message are what will engage viewers and keep them interested enough to keep watching and paying attention. The most effective single camera or multi-cam webcast productions will get and keep your audiences engaged. The following are some helpful tips to get the most of your webcasting opportunities.

Know Your Online Audience

You know your employees and customer base better than anyone. Make sure the content and presentation elements of your virtual event are geared towards them. Address them regularly throughout the taped or live event. Make it feel as though they are watching your presentation in person.

Get Them Talking

The greatest benefit of live webcast services is the ability to interact with large audiences at the moment of your virtual event. Take advantage of your social media accounts, use Facebook Live, employ hashtags, and the comments section to promote engagement and discussions that add to the presented information.

The Power of the Poll

Live audience polls are excellent at getting responses from audience members that may not engage any other way. Polls are simple, easy to participate, and can provide you with meaningful information that can help guide your production.

Guideline for Webcast Slides

The use of slides can help further your message and provide specific information on the topic at hand. Tips for producing and display slides during your webcast include:

  • Slides must be clear, concise, and easily read
  • Keep text to a minimum and avoid reading the slide content word for word, unless it is a direct quote from another source
  • Refrain from using more than four bullet points per slide to make it easier for the audience to read and follow
  • Take advantage of a laser pointer to highlight the most essential points in your presentation.

Why Choose Us?

It is more important than ever to use a professional production company that can communicate with the public and your staff about crucial marketing and operational elements that drive your business’s success. Our team of talented video production professionals at Coldea Productions is part of a full-service production company that has been on the front line of the amazing rise of webcasting technology and popularity. Whether you are doing a live broadcast or taping engaging content to be viewed on-demand, our webcasting services serve as powerful tools to reach specific business goals and objectives.

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At Coldea Productions, we are a full-service video production and live streaming company that can help guide you through the complicated world of webcasting that serves as crucial communication components for your business. For complete information on our webcasting services, contact the qualified production company at Coldea Productions and have all of your questions and concerns addressed to get started on your webcasting project today.

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