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Live Video Streaming Online

It has never been more important to find ways to connect with others without having to meet in person.

Whether for business or personal applications, video streaming online has become an essential tool to communicate with people remotely. Technological advances in live stream video production have made incredible strides in terms of accessing live content from the convenience of your mobile phone or other devices with an Internet connection. Video streaming online allows for a nearly unlimited number of people to connect and communicate live.

And with a recorded version of a meeting, retreat or using trade show videography, you can reach an infinite number of employees or customers, as well as create promotional products that aren’t limited by time. The Coldea Productions team brings you experience and expertise in every phase of production. We help you craft the most effective strategy for video marketing and provide the technical skills to carry it out.

What is Live Streaming for Businesses?

Streaming service is the transmission of a live video-audio signal over the Internet for the purpose of one-on-one conversations, small personal or business groups, or an elaborate professional-caliber multi-camera production. The process has been refined to make it useful to anyone with a live Internet connection and a platform for video streaming online such as an app.

We can set up this capability for you – to promote your business so consumers can access your content for a wide range of personal or professional applications. From educators to entertainers, live video streaming online has become an essential method to communicate instantly while keeping our social distancing needs in play. We can show you how web video streaming is utilized for teaching a live online course, performing live concerts, or presenting live television productions.

What’s the Purpose of Live Streaming for Businesses?

In the same way that major networks have turned to live news over pre-recorded or infrequent broadcast productions, the commercial benefits to providing streamed content are innumerable. Even iconic television giants from Animal Planet to Disney Channel offer live channels for their viewers. Businesses can take advantage of streaming live content for a number of uses, from company and staff meetings to sales calls and product demonstrations, as well as a wide range of advertising and promotional purposes.

Live Events

You can give your viewers and customers live, inside looks at conferences, product unveilings, store openings, and other important events related to your company. Our corporate videography takes the viewer down aisles and inside booths so the consumer can experience your event remotely. And for large, outdoor functions, we use aerial videography to display the scope of the festivities and galvanize the commercial connection between you and your client base. To expand your reach during a live event and increase the attendance you attract, we can Facebook live stream the crowds or set up a YouTube simulcast with video content of all the action. When your associates share your posts, you get in front of potential clients which can improve your profit and galvanize your brand. Another advantage of video streaming online is it enables you to respond in real-time to viewer comments.

Client, Personnel Interviews

With the work of a Coldea Productions corporate videographer, you can document reviews with your employees and gain useful customer feedback. We know how to stage a production geared for full access to local channels and major networks, and we understand such factors as the importance of good lighting and sound mixing. In the age of Smart TV and DVR capability, most companies need someone with production know-how to reach their audience most effectively.

By first consulting with you, we establish the most effective strategy to meet your marketing objectives. For instance, you may want to create a talk show-style set and interview the company president, the employee of the month, a long-time client or customer, even a vendor or contractor who has worked with you for years. These live interviews put a personal face to your business and engage your employees and clients. It’s a more dynamic way to offer up answers to questions and solutions to problems than the typical FAQ page on your website.

Short interviews can resemble corporate commercials, but they are not necessarily designed as a promotional tool. They can make viewers feel they are getting an exclusive look at your brand and it’s an easy way to provide fresh content that personalizes your company.

Product, Manufacturing Demonstration

Your clients typically only see the final version of your product or the services you provide. Depending on the nature of your industry, video streaming online can be an effective way to show what you do and how it is created. Through online video webcasts for businesses, you can take your audience through the process of manufacturing and development that makes them feel more connected and invested in your business. Chances are your clients benefit from viewing the inner workings of your company, especially in the case of business-to-business operations. We can help you provide that by producing a live broadcast behind-the-scenes tour of your operation.

If you’re a manufacturer, you need product videos for end-user instruction or as a demonstration tool for marketing purposes. A “how-to” video posted on a platform such as YouTube TV or on a multi-channel service like At&T TV can reach a massive audience.

Employee, Customer Training     

Video streaming online is a great way to train new hires. We’ve seen national and international corporations benefit from live video streaming by reducing unnecessary employee travel.

If your dealership is representing a new line or rolling out a new marketing strategy, we can set up a training video live stream to get your sales team up to speed. While we can provide an edited video presentation as well, one of the biggest advantages to video streaming online is your staff members can ask questions and you can give the necessary feedback in real-time. A video live stream makes sure everyone’s on the same page before moving on.

Live educational videos are also useful to reach out to your customers. If you sell a product and provide an explanation video, you get a double advantage – it goes in the plus column as instructive for the end-user and it’s an additional point of contact with your customer.

Why Hire a Live Streaming Production Company?

We specialize in video production and streaming services that result in a clearer picture, superior sound technology, and ongoing assistance with any troubleshooting needs. Not everyone has the technical experience and savvy to understand the way a stream works.

At Coldea Productions, our customer service team backs you up to handle any problems or issues that may come up and to provide ways to best utilize this powerful, modern communication tool.  Whether it’s a company video newsletter and updates or event coverage, you expand your reach through video streaming your live event online. Getting a professional corporate videographer involved from the planning stages to the final application gives you a singular voice and continuity to your products.

Our creative services team has the expertise and experience to help you craft web video streaming that adheres to your brand and targets the right audience.

Multi-Camera Live Streaming

For those people and companies that want to take their communication to another level, a multi-camera live webcast provides professional qualities that will make any production look like it was coming out of a major television studio house.

Members of the public demand service that meets a level of quality they’ve grown accustomed to. The original content you create and share needs to look professional, whether you’re reaching customers on local channels or delivering a message designed for a mobile device.

Our systems allow for fly-in graphics and video inserts, and with high-tech equipment and the proper pre-production planning, we can produce a multi-camera live video for your office that’s as professional as any network TV show.

There’s a lot to be gained by add-ons to your base package. You reach a greater audience with a more powerful message when you expand your video to a multiple-camera setup and simultaneous streams.

Which Live Streaming Platform is Best?

No one knows your customer like you do, which is why your web videographer needs to consult with you before launching new content on any platform. The streaming services you choose from depends on your company’s brand and the industry involved.

Like the communications technology competition between AT&T and Verizon, every information and entertainment entity is competing for the attention of your fellow consumers. Nearly every American has a history of live TV preferences from Comedy Central to Food Network. Even local stations have shown progress, but thanks to a free trial from nearly every live TV service, they’ve turned to Hulu, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, and more.

From social media platforms to companies specifically used to host video webcast events, we offer you a wide range of options and online video platforms. Our work is always customized, meeting your specific needs for the project. We not only handle the technical aspects of production, but our team can also manage your social media presence to meet your marketing goals.


Easy setup and navigation have made Zoom live video meetings a popular choice for people looking to communicate with small groups for personal, academic, or business reasons. Mobile and desktop apps allow for quick access with a clear picture and audio. There are various memberships that affect your video stream capability with Zoom, including the length of time and number of participants.


Though the social media conglomerate owns both platforms, it doesn’t mean that an Instagram video stream serves the same purpose as a post on Facebook. Consult with your corporate videographer because there’s no point in video streaming online if it doesn’t reach your customers. Facebook has made great strides in its video streaming applications that users take advantage of for personal conversations, communication with public figures, and business applications. A Facebook live stream allows you to reach an already established audience and customer base that can be notified that you will be going live and let them know what the video stream production will entail.

YouTube TV

Once a basic warehouse of millions of videos, YouTube TV video streaming service is now widely used for giant podcasts and one-to-one personal or business communication. It’s more than just a website. The second-largest search engine in the world, YouTube offers an impressive array of analytical and interactive services and features.

Twitch Live Stream

More than 3 million streamers use Twitch, a specialized on-demand video platform. Like the others, its video streaming capabilities are fast and reach a particular fan base – in this case, mostly males between the age of 18 and 34. Influencer marketing statistics say it’s a favorite for brands that want to target gamers.

We Specialize in Video Production, Live Streaming Online

Consumers today demand content that’s high-resolution and immediate. Getting your brand in front of the right audience on the web browsers they use is a high priority. Creating content for live channels connects you to clients, associates, and trainees more expediently and effectively than ever before.

Coldea Productions is a full-service video production house specializing in all manner of video presentations, from online video streaming to commercials and social media marketing campaigns. 

We help you find top channels to stream live on your preferred online video platform. An impressive team of industry professionals, we create high-quality video projects of all kinds and take it from pre-production to completion of your marketing plan. And that goes for an industry targeting sports fans or a corporation reaching out to healthcare experts.

Whether your project is an in-house training piece or involves video streaming online, we have the technical skill and experience necessary to meet your goals. Contact Coldea Productions today for a free estimate on your video production needs.

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