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Video Production for Law Firms

Your clients turn to you when they are in need of guidance and legal counsel in your area of expertise, but do you have a company to turn to when you’re in need of law firm video marketing?

COLDEA Productions excels at online video creation for lawyers and attorneys, particularly legal video marketing that simplifies your service descriptions for your target audience. Whether you specialize in criminal, entertainment, intellectual law, or anything in between, we’ll visually tell your story and strengthen your value proposition.

As part of your video marketing strategy, creating news releases that highlight your organization’s latest developments is a great way to keep you front-of-mind with customers and prospects. You can also send ongoing video press releases.

Video press releases get more views than written articles. Videos are also easier and cheaper to distribute. When you have anything even remotely newsworthy to share, leave it to us to turn it into a video that draws more people to your search engine results page.

Law firms are increasingly seeing the benefits of video production for a variety of uses and applications throughout the legal industry. Video is quickly becoming the most widely used method of receiving and archiving information, according to case studies. In today’s digital and Internet age, law firms are using video for marketing, relationship-building, as well as videos used in the legal process, such as client testimonial videos, evidence gathering, and animated incident recreation renderings.

The competition among lawyers and law firms is fierce and crowded. The use of video as part of a comprehensive digital marketing campaign is the best way to develop a broader and more inclusive outreach to prospective clients. Depending on your kind of practice, law firm video marketing campaigns must strike a delicate balance between grabbing and keeping the attention of your target audience and maintaining a professional and serious tone while relaying all of the important information.

Why Legal Video Marketing?

Videos have become the most effective method of communication in almost every industry and business. Consumers watch hours of video content daily and use testimonial videos to make some of the most important decisions in their lives. Legal advice and direction is no exception.

Video marketing campaigns can reach a broader selection of potential clients that are searching for the legal services you provide. Segmented content focusing on certain practice areas or specialties can be targeted to the most likely audience demographics. This allows people to know whether your firm services their specific needs.

With so many video options presented to consumers every day, it is essential to produce high quality, engaging, video content that will take in the target audience quickly and present your firm with an air of authority and competence.

High performing content is a valued element of an effective SEO campaign and search engines reflect your progress. It is crucial to do keyword research and make sure posted videos are fully optimized. The team at COLDEA Productions knows the most successful guidelines and rules for content titles, meta descriptions, and keyword placement.

Law Firm Video Production Uses, Applications

Videos can be used to effectively increase your law firm’s online presence and website ranking on search engines. But law firms also present additional unique opportunities to help throughout the litigation process and the operation of the firm. Among the kinds of professional specialty videos law firms use include:

  • Attorney profiles
  • Case evidence videos and archives
  • Client testimonials
  • Event re-creation videos
  • FAQ videos
  • Educational videos
  • In-house video training
  • Insurance Videos
  • Introductory website video

Benefits of Law Firm Video Marketing

The use of video marketing for your law practice can result in significant increases in leads and cases. Expanding your online presence and educating new clients are valuable and effective ways to take advantage of technological advancements in the digital age.

Create, Expand Online Presence

Potential clients are online right now looking for the legal services you provide including the practice areas in which your law firm specializes. The main purpose of a digital marketing campaign is to present your brand in creating and expanding a presence through online marketing. With the increasing popularity and usage of online videos, a video component is necessary for any comprehensive marketing plan.

Broaden Outreach

More and more online users are turning almost exclusively to video content to gather information about all kinds of products and services, including legal assistance and counsel. A clean, professional video presentation or video series that efficiently provides a clear message in an engaging, impactful way will reach far more people than any other method available. 

Improve Search Engine Rankings

YouTube is the world’s second-largest search engine behind Google. Upwards of 300 videos are uploaded to the massive YouTube video warehousing site every minute, each hoping to reap the attention of others through search results. Properly constructed for Search Engine Optimization (SEO), law firm videos can affect the overall rankings of the firm’s website, leading to an increase in traffic and lead generation.

Enhance Social Media Presence

The biggest change in social media in recent years has been the integration of videos into platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn. The sharing option on these social media platforms allows for the potential of multiplying visibility in an organic way. In order for a video to be attractive enough for people to share it, they need to have high production quality and share valuable information in an entertaining and attention-grabbing manner.


Attract Mobile Users

Mobile use continues to climb, taking over computer usage as people walk around buried in their smartphones or tablets. Video content is dominating the mobile marketing sector and premium production qualities are required to compete for each website visitor in this competitive field. Videos aimed at mobile users need to be able to grab their attention and get their message across quicker.

Tell Your Story

People like to know who is handling legal issues for them. Video presentations and productions allow law firms to share their journey and tell prospective clients where they came from and what they stand for in the legal world. It is your chance to tell your story in the manner you want it to be told.

Control First Impressions

You control the message. First impressions really are everything, and even more so in today’s climate of scrolling and short attention spans. If a law firm video can grab a prospective client’s attention in the first few seconds of a dynamic, impactful video, there is a much greater chance of success to land them as an actual client.

Qualify and Segment Potential Clients

A video presentation or advertisement lets your targeted audience know exactly what you do and what areas you specialize in, which will save both you and them time. Multiple videos spread out over various outlets targeting specific audiences will enable you and your law firm the ability to break down potential clients for specific services.

Answer Client Questions

The law is a complicated and ever-changing machine that takes years of education and constant upkeep. Many clients are dealing with the law and lawyers for the first time or have very limited experiences with the legal world. Videos can help answer the most-often-asked questions and can be used as reference materials to be used for years to come.

Communicate Authority on Practice Area(s)

You are the expert. Let your prospective and current clients know that through smart, impactful videos.

Show a Human Side

Law firms deal with serious cases that affect the lives of real people in some of the most unpleasant times in their lives. Videos offer the opportunity for attorneys to present themselves in a more direct way, showcasing their human side as a way to connect and make prospective clients feel at ease.

Educate Your Clients

Having to hire a lawyer is a new experience for most law firm clients. Video content can help to explain the services provided and how the process works so clients know what to expect and can better prepare for the case. Educational videos can also outline the client’s rights and responsibilities relating to their kind of legal matter.

Keeping it Simple

It cannot be assumed that clients inquiring about a law firm’s services will understand even the basics of how the law works. One of the most challenging aspects of law firm marketing is getting attorneys to break down the process into the simplest terms for the rest of us who did not go to law school.

Effective for email marketing campaigns

The key to email marketing efforts is to grab the attention of the recipient as quickly as possible, and nothing is as effective as dynamic, impactful video. Even putting the word “VIDEO” in the subject line of an email marketing campaign will increase the open and click-through rates. And with keyword research, you can raise your company’s exposure in a more targeted way.

Why Choose Coldea Productions?

The experienced professionals in video production at COLDEA Productions use the latest in technology, equipment, and processes to create effective, dynamic video presentations that will highlight and showcase your law firm.

We are among the highest-rated video production companies in Southern California, producing impactful, engaging videos for promotional, commercial, and in-house content. COLDEA Productions also offers a variety of specialty services using the latest advances in special effects and 3-D technology.

COLDEA Productions has an impressive portfolio showcasing a large and varied arsenal of professional services and skill sets to fit all kinds of video production needs, including testimonial videos and live streaming.

Video Services

COLDEA Productions also offers professional photography services for video productions and independent projects.

Coldea Productions Specializes in Video Production for Law Firms

From client testimonials to commercial advertisements and social media marketing campaigns, video production professionals at COLDEA Productions can help law firms in a wide range of uses and applications. We are a full-service video production house that creates high-quality video projects of all kinds and handles law firm video marketing. Contact COLDEA Productions today for a free estimate on your law firm’s video production needs.

Law Firm Video Marketing

Your clients turn to you when they are in need of guidance and legal counsel in your area of expertise, but do you have a company to turn to when you’re in need of video marketing expertise?

COLDEA Productions excels at producing marketing for lawyers and attorneys, particularly legal videos that simplify your service descriptions for your target audience. Whether you specialize in criminal, entertainment, intellectual law, or anything in between, we’ll visually tell your story and strengthen your value proposition.

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