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Four years before the global coronavirus pandemic took hold, live streaming technology made some significant breakthroughs that allowed businesses of all kinds to reach large groups of online audiences throughout the United States at one time. Coldea Productions uses years of experience in video production and live streaming to provide live webcasting services for a wide range of marketing and internal communication applications for businesses of varying sizes in various industries.

We are uniquely positioned in an ever-changing media environment to offer professional live webcasting services to market your products and services to a target audience, and internal web streaming live events to keep your employees and investors informed and motivated. Our talented team of video production and live event specialists can deliver your branding message live to a global audience through a professionally produced live webcast.

What Are Live Webcasting Services?

The live webcasting services available at Coldea Productions allow you to broadcast webinars, town halls, and a variety of other online events available to attendees on desktop computers, laptops, and mobile devices in the United States and throughout the world. Webcasting will connect you directly and interact with online audiences in real-time throughout the United States and worldwide.

The rapid rise in the popularity and technology of live webcasting services over the last few years has put Coldea Production in the ideal position to help you adjust to these unique and unprecedented times. We take advantage of years of experience in live video production and produce, broadcast, and distribute professional-quality online events in the form of live webcasts that can be viewed by anyone with an internet connection in the United States and across the globe.

Types of Live Webcasting Services

With the help of the industry professionals at Coldea Productions and modern live webcast technology, you can reach out to and connect with online audiences anywhere in the United States and beyond. We will work with you to help determine the best types of format and content that will suit your needs and goals and reach the most extensive online audience.

Whether you are a large corporation needing to meet with your investors and stakeholders or a small business looking to host a town hall or product roll out as a live online event, we have the talent, experience, and equipment to produce professional-quality webcasts that will inform, entertain, and engage large groups of attendees.

Product Introduction, Demonstration

Video has become the most powerful and popular medium to show off your products and services to highlight its benefits and features. Live webcasting allows you to take it to the next level by enabling attendees from New York to San Jose and everywhere in between to be active participants. Your presenter can answer questions and address any concerns or issues in real-time, live from whatever you are using as your live video studio.

Corporate Communications

Before live webcasting capabilities made their way into the mainstream, the only way to meet with your investment team and stakeholders was to rent out a large facility and have all parties spend the time and money to travel to you. You can now host virtual events that will serve the same purposes and be just as productive without the added expense.

Employee Training

Do you have a new set of processes or systems you need to introduce to teams in multiple locations around the United States? Have you hired groups of new employees or departments? Are you unveiling new product lines or service options? The most effective way to get this information to your employees all at once in an interactive format is through live webcasting. You can even make these events available in easy downloads that can be referenced or repurposed as needed.   

Education Applications

The world of academics has never had to be as flexible as it is in today’s unprecedented times. Education institutions from grade schools to post-graduate universities need to be fully prepared to do coursework and learn from virtual events. In-person classes are the best way to teach children and have them progress through the educational system. When that cannot occur due to social distancing guidelines, using live webcasting services is the next best thing, allowing teachers to interact with their students in real-time.

Why Use Live Webcasting Services at Coldea Productions

Even before the global pandemic sent people inside and away from others in the United States and throughout the world, live webcasting services were excellent vehicles to reach and engage with large groups of people for a variety of purposes.

Reasons to use the live webcasting services from the professionals at Coldea Productions include:

Saves Money, Time

Physically gathering a group of consumers, investors, or staff is a costly, time-consuming endeavor. Expenses for in-person seminars, conferences, and employee meetings include travel, lodging, meals, and venue rentals. These costs can quickly chip away at your budget and force both the host and attendees to expend time used in productive ways.

Wider Reach in the United States and Beyond

When used for marketing and sales, live webcasting events can reach a large number of targeted consumers that are most likely to be interested in your products and services. Posting the webcast URL on your social media accounts and website can expand your reach across the United States and throughout the world. Attendees can view and interact with your webcast from any computer or mobile device with high speed or wireless internet connections.

Engagement, Interaction with Your Audience

Perhaps the most significant benefit to marketing efforts and internal communications that take advantage of live webcasting services from Coldea Productions is the ability to interact and engage with attendees in real-time. Being able to respond to direct comments, questions, or concerns sets you up as an industry leader and valuable resource for your customers and employees alike.

Tips for Webcast Hosting

Hosting a live webcast is a lot of work to make it look like it was not a lot of work. From the technical side to the compilation of the content to be delivered, pre-production planning will help to keep your webcast attendees focused and engaging. The following simple guidelines will maximize the power of your online broadcast.


It is essential to have clear goals and objectives as you plan and execute your live webcast. Identifying your audience, content parameters, and distribution channels will help drive your webcast and reach your goals.

Pre-Production Planning

Coldea Productions professionals will guide you through the necessary steps leading up to your live webcast. We will make sure all of the technical and streaming aspects have been tested and are ready to go. Your job is to make sure all material is prepared correctly, any guests have been lined up, and your audience has been thoroughly targeted and promoted. The more work you do beforehand to prepare your webcast, the smoother it will go, and the greater the chances of success.


A live webcast or webinar will not do much good or help you to reach your goals if no one is watching. Utilize digital properties like your website, blog, and social media Promote it on your blog

  • Add a registration widget to your blog
  • Place a CTA on your homepage
  • Promote your event on Linkedin, Facebook, and other applicable social media platforms
  • Create a twitter list to notify members and followers
  • Implement an email campaign
  • Post on a slack channel
  • Add URL to industry-related forums
  • Create and post relevant hashtags
  • Add a temporary link to webcast on your email signature

One of the great benefits of modern technology is the ability to record and archive your live webcasts for viewing later. The following are some ways to maximize the impact of your webcast after the live event.

  • Replay the webcast on your website and other digital channels
  • Include an exclusive discount or promotion
  • Promote the next webcast or series
  • Repost polls or questions on social media to generate fresh interest
  • Repurpose your content for other audiences and applications

Why Choose Us?

Live streaming webcasts are now a popular element of a comprehensive digital marketing plan and internal communications for your business. At Coldea Productions, we have years of experience producing compelling content for live and on-demand webcast productions that can be used to increase your online presence and keep your employees informed. A full-service video production and webcasting company, our team of industry professionals offers a wide range of live webcasting services to help you achieve your goals and objectives.

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For complete information on our live webcasting services, contact Coldea Productions today. Have all of your questions and concerns addressed, receive a free estimate for our services, and start preparing your next live virtual event today.

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