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Coldea Productions is a highly respected full service corporate video company specializing in businesses that rely on video that promote your products and services and provide valuable information to your staff. Videos have taken over the business world and are now the best way to communicate to prospective clients, current customers, and employees.

An impressive team of video production professionals with a filmmaking background is uniquely positioned to create dynamic, compelling video content used to increase your online presence and brand awareness, and designed to drive potential customers to your website to generate more sales and a greater share of the market.

Professional Corporate Video Company

The professional promotional video services offered by the industry leaders at Coldea Productions will help to get your business noticed in today’s crowded online marketplace. Talented production specialists work with knowledgeable digital marketing professionals to create dynamic, engaging, informative, and entertaining videos that will grab the attention of targeted potential customers most likely to be interested in your business.

Promotional and product videos reflect the quality of your products and services, and exceptional customer service your business offers to valued customers. While anyone with a cell phone can shoot video and post it publicly on webpages or social media, only professionals at Coldea Productions can create the kind of impactful digital marketing content that will be effective at driving current and new customers to your website and compel them to act.

Corporate Video Company Offering Wide Range of Production Options

Corporate video production is not one size fits all. Your business requires a customized video marketing plan featuring high-quality video content tailored to your specific needs. Coldea Productions will get to know you and your business, partnering with you to determine the best types of corporate videos you need for promotional and internal uses.

Company Profile

A company profile video is used to introduce your business to potential stakeholders and clients to explain who you are, what you do, and the benefits and features of doing business together. This is the flagship video that, in the final product, can be used as a home page or about our content on your website that clearly and concisely establishes your business as a valued industry leader and resource.

Product Demonstration Videos

Viewers are far more likely to make a purchase after viewing a professionally produced product demonstration video than they are reading product descriptions or looking at a photo gallery. Video is an excellent medium for explaining complex concepts and machinery, with the option of viewing the content multiple times. Coldea Productions has a team of creative and technically skilled animators and motion graphic artists who create easily understood demonstration videos for the most involved and complicated products to make them more easily digestible.

Industrial Videos

Videos are valuable tools for demonstrating the most complicated and detailed information regarding industry-specific products and procedures.  These videos can dive deep into complex material used and understood by specific industries for training, product demonstration, and other educational topics.

Internal Communication

From new employee training to information regarding company policies and procedures, a video is a valuable tool to efficiently deliver internal communications. Internal business videos can help to keep your staff on the same page when it comes to operating systems and corporate guidelines.

Recruitment Videos

Show off your company, your offices, and the way you do business to prospective applicants to put your operation in the best light. Explain available positions and detail how they fit into the business. Videos allow you to expand your search and easily use media platforms geared towards professionals such as LinkedIn to get the best candidates to apply.

Training Videos

Live-action training videos allow you to deliver internal procedures and programs that are vital to your employees’ success. Layout your company policies, safety guidelines, and compliance expectations in an easy to absorb video created by the professionals at Coldea Productions.

Customer Testimonials

Let your satisfied customers do the heavy lifting by sharing their stories of success in highly effective customer testimonial videos, which can sit on your website and posted on social media to add credibility to your business operations. They can also be used in emails and other sales pitches.

Corporate Events

Coldea Productions uses a filmmaking background and video production experience to document your business milestones, large events, and corporate gatherings. These high production videos can be used for recruiting, sales, and for historical archival purposes as a record of your company’s journey.

Social Responsibility Videos

Now more than ever, society relies on businesses to give back to the communities that helped them reach their successes. Social responsibility videos highlight the work your business does in the community, including charities and foundations, employee volunteer efforts, and other ways you work with to better your community.

Advantages of Corporate Video Services to Promote Your Brand

Your brand is the most valuable commodity you have when it comes to the promotion and marketing of your company. Take advantage of the following advantages offered by having the industry professionals at Coldea Productions create compelling marketing and internal videos for your company.

Drive Traffic to Your Website

Your website is where all the magic happens. Once users click to your site the chances of them doing business with you increases dramatically. At Coldea Productions, we understand what it takes to get noticed in today’s crowded digital marketing landscape. We produce fully optimized video content that will rank higher on search engine results pages (SERPs), exposing your site to more people and generating more traffic to your site.

Shareability Factor

Social media users spend hours every day watching and sharing content while scrolling through their feeds looking for more. Creating entertaining and interesting video content that is shared by your target audience and other users on Facebook, Twitter, and other media outlets will expand your reach exponentially in a short amount of time.

Increase Brand Awareness, Loyalty

Coldea Productions creates corporate videos that engage targeted audiences to increase your online presence, build brand awareness, and create fierce loyalty to your brand and your business that can last for years.

Corporate Video Company for Your Digital Marketing Needs

Coldea Productions is a corporate video production company that uses a filmmaking background to create highly effective promotional and internal videos for your digital marketing and business communication needs.

We are ideally positioned to help increase your online presence and generate the kind of targeted traffic to your website that leads to more sales and a larger share of the market. Contact the professional production team at Coldea Productions to get started today.

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