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Viewers of online videos are far more able to absorb and retain the information over traditional formats like text and photos, making it the most effective way to showcase your business through product demonstration videos from the industry professionals at Coldea Productions. Product demo videos are used to show off your products and highlight the benefits and functions.

These specialty video productions can reach large groups of potential customers at various stages of the purchasing process and sales funnel. Showing your products in a demo video and seeing them in action allows target audiences on your website, social media accounts, and other digital properties to see how your business addresses their problems or needs.

What Are Product Demonstration Videos?

Videos that feature product demos are practical showcases of how your product works and how your target audience can get maximum use from it. A product demo can include video content explaining how to use your software products, showing how to set up your product, or breaking down complex topics or processes to make it easier to understand and absorb.

The best product demo videos are short, to the point, and focus on specific problems or needs of your target audience. These videos are powerful marketing tools that can be used in a wide range of delivery platforms to reach as many potential customers as possible.

Benefits of Product Demo Videos

Product demonstration videos are an essential part of a comprehensive digital marketing strategy aimed at attracting large volumes of consumers. Product video content is generally evergreen and a great example of the type of video that can be used to relay the same

information about your product details to an unlimited number of potential buyers.

Everyone Loves Watching Video Content

You cannot go far without seeing someone buried in a smartphone or tablet watching all types of videos online. Once considered a fringe marketing accessory, video marketers are now required to include video elements to all aspects of your marketing efforts. Product demo videos require little mental effort and deliver important information about your products.


Product demonstration videos can be used in a variety of ways to attract the largest number of viewers. From social media to your product page on your website and email marketing campaigns, a demo video is flexible and repeatable to massive numbers of viewers over a variety of platforms and outlets.


Even the most basic product demo or explainer video has a certain level of visual appeal for the viewer. There is something organically appealing about watching a product gets put through the motions while demonstrating its functions and benefits. Including dynamic visuals and engaging graphics will make your demonstration videos even more impactful and entertaining.

Explains Complex Processes

Video is an ideal format for explainer videos of complex processes of your products. They do a great job of breaking down complicated instructions for the installation, use, and maintenance of your most involved products. These demo videos can be stopped and watched multiple times when needed.

Affordable Marketing Tool

One product demo video can be distributed and seen by unlimited numbers of viewers with little or no added expense. Digital marketers at Coldea Productions will produce the type of video using a team of experienced video production specialists that fit well in your budget and will be exposed to massive numbers of interested consumers and existing customers.

Make Personal Connection

Video content has a way of reaching viewers like no other medium can, creating an automatic personal connection. Showing how your product works and how it can benefit them is a great way to form an even stronger bond and connection with your business and brand.

Types of Product Demonstration Videos

Depending on factors like the kinds of products you sell and your budget, there are a number of different video formats and methods to produce and distribute product demonstration videos for maximum reach and effect. Whether you record and edit your content or present it as a live streaming presentation, videos can be archived, repeated, and used for a variety of purposes and marketing applications.

Product Overview

A brief overview of your products’ benefits, uses, and functions. These short videos are an effective way to introduce your product to the masses and leave them wanting to hear more.

Recorded Product Demo

A more detailed video format that allows you to provide step-by-step instructions for your product. This allows you to use narrator voiceovers and other production elements to go into more detail about the solutions the product can provide viewers.

Live Demo Presentation

Adding a live stream element to your demo presentation provides exciting energy that can also be recorded and used as any other product video. It is crucial to make sure you and your product are fully ready and prepared to perform at your best. You can also apply post-production elements after the live event to create a dynamic recorded product demonstration video.

Video Styles for Product Demos

The rapid rise in video and online technology in combination with the widespread availability of mobile devices and high-speed internet connections present a wide range of video style options to produce and present product demonstration videos. Coldea Productions will partner with you throughout the entire process and help you to choose which formats and styles would be most effective and impactful for your product demo videos.

  • Desktop Screen Recording
  • Screen Capture with Selfie Webcam
  • Live Teleconference
  • Animated Product Demo Video
    • 2D Animation
    • 3D Animation
    • Motion Graphics
    • Whiteboard Animation
  • Live-Action Video

Product Demo Video Distribution Channels

Coldea Productions produces demo videos that are flexible enough to be used across a wide range of channels and platforms. Our team can help you make the right decisions that will maximize the impact of the best product demo videos that will stand out among the competition.


Embedding video content on the homepage of your website will result in significant improvements for your conversion and bounce rate, meaning people will stay on your site longer and are more likely to make a purchase. Product demonstration videos are also highly effective when included on landing pages or blog entries with related content.


Videos can also improve open and click-through rates for your email marketing campaigns. In fact, just including the word VIDEO in the subject line will get more people to take a look inside.

Sales Materials

Share product demo videos with prospective clients and customers to show them how your products work and their overriding benefits and features.

Digital Ad Campaigns

Professional video marketers at Coldea Productions can create a comprehensive digital marketing campaign featuring high-quality product demonstration videos. Social media ads paid online advertisements, and search engine optimization efforts will get your product video in front of the largest groups possible of targeted consumers.

Tips for Producing Product Demonstration Videos

The modern digital age presents a crowded and competitive landscape for video marketers to make an impact. It is important to produce the best product demo videos that will stand out among the rest. Follow these tips to help increase the quality and impact of your product demonstration videos.

Minimize Distracting Motion

Focus on the content and the product. There is no need for wild, distracting motions or graphics that can disorient your viewers.

Avoid Using Industry Terminology and Jargon

Not everyone will understand your industry as well as you do. Avoid using industry jargon and unexplained acronyms that will confuse and turn off your viewers.

Add Captions or Subtitles

Today’s online user is mobile and often viewed with the sound down or off. Video content should be as understandable without the sound as it is with it on. A simple fix for product demo videos that can include a lot of verbal communication is to include captions or subtitles of all spoken words.

Consistent Branding, Production Across All Videos

If you plan on creating multiple videos or a series of product demos, make sure the production and branding elements are consistent throughout all entries to viewers can easily identify and connect with your business and your brand.

Effective Strategies for Product Demo Videos

In order to maximize the effectiveness and impact of your product demo videos, you will need to set strategies, goals, and objectives for the content. Understanding the basics and uses of the various stages of the sales funnel will help drive your product demo videos to appeal to consumers that are at various stages of the purchasing process.

For example:

Top of the Sales Funnel

Consumers at the top of the sales funnel are in the exploratory stage, looking at all of their potential options. Product demo videos targeted to these viewers should be short videos that provide an overview of your products’ benefits.

Middle of the Sales Funnel

Dive a little deeper into the functions and potential of the product, explaining how your product works and how it can provide solutions to the viewer’s problems and needs.

Bottom of the Sales Funnel

Consumers who reach this stage are ready to make a purchasing decision. Videos for those at the bottom of the sales funnel are designed to push consumers over the edge into making a purchase with you. Pull no punches showcasing your products’ features and uses.

Best Practices for Product Demonstration Videos

Demo videos are effective at providing solutions for audience pain points and specific needs or problems. Online users frequently take to the internet to look for detailed information regarding your types of products. Best practices of producing live-action or animated product demo videos include:

Keep Demo Video Under 2 Minutes in Length

Viewer attention spans have never been shorter. Keep your demo videos to two minutes maximum. That is more than enough time to deliver your message and provide all the information you need to.

Keep is Simply Simple (KISS)

Stick to the most basic information viewers will need to get an overview of the benefits of your products. Leave them wanting more and provide calls to action and other techniques to help them find it. Make graphics and transitions smooth and traditional so they will not distract from the message and product details.

Pre-Production Planning, Research

The more you research consumer trends and needs and set aside time to prepare and plan your storyboard, voiceover, and other technical production elements. You can start with a list of questions customers in your industry most-often ask, then set out to answer them and provide solutions. Write and stick to your video script, ideally presented by a professional voiceover artist for your narrator.

Attention-Getting Hook

If you can get your viewers’ attention from the start, they are far more likely to watch the rest of the video.

Practice, Practice, Practice

There is no substitute for practice. For recorded videos, do multiple takes to make sure you capture the best footage to use. The more you practice, the better and more natural your video content will look.

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Coldea Productions is a highly respected video production house specializing in marketing and promotional videos to generate qualified leads that will help grow your business and allow you to grab a larger share of the market. Our talented team of industry specialists creates engaging, dynamic live-action and animated product demo videos distributed throughout a wide range of digital marketing platforms. We have the talent and experience to showcase your business and your brand through product demonstration videos that will stand out in today’s digital spaces.

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