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Video Commercials – California Locations

Commercials have been successfully reaching wide audiences for generations. It’s one of the easiest forms of advertising for viewers to metabolize because it’s totally passive. It requires no work on their part. Ask any ads manager – in certain industries, the ideal channel for connecting your brand message to your customer base is over the airwaves. Heavy hitters still spend more than $5 million for a 30-second spot during the Super Bowl, after all. There’s obviously a value to getting in front of fans. Digital agency Linchpin says that 40 cents of every ad dollar go to TV commercials. If you’re a small business, you can target the local market if you choose. And if you’re a large corporation it may benefit you to buy national advertising space, which is responsible for the most revenue in TV advertising budgets. READ MORE

Real Estate Video – California Locations

Whether your real estate properties are luxury homes or industrial warehouse properties, you want a strong online presence, and nothing gets more noticed than moving images. Your promotional video has to do just that – promote your product. That happens best when homeowners can perceive your listing as their next nest. Are you in commercial real estate? You need tenants, and prospective tenants need you. Connect with your target customer with a package that enables them to virtually envision their business operation in your commercial space. The best real estate videos help them emotionally connect to the property you present to them. READ MORE

California Photography and Videography

From snow-capped mountains to ocean views, a California photographer and videographer couldn’t ask for a better backdrop. West Coast business leaders know that hiring a professional photographer/videographer is a key component of a successful marketing program.

Corporate photography in California comes in many forms and meets a range of needs. You may be an event planner with a convention slated for next year. Or you’re the CEO and you need new marketing materials.

Coldea Productions has a creative services team that can do it all. Of course, we capture compelling, high-definition images, which give you the best shot at ensuring your corporate event makes a lasting impression. Getting attention is an important piece of a successful marketing strategy, and the best photography in California gives you the added power to expand your brand in the marketplace.

Our team at Coldea Productions takes your project from pre-production to brand promotion. We sit down with you to create strategies and design storyboards for your project, helping you meet your marketing goals. It’s a customized plan to fit your industry. We bring years of experience, technical know-how and research to help you raise your exposure and eclipse the competition.

Photography in California

Because of the state’s vast range of cultures, California event photographers need to have a breadth of experience. They also have to be extremely flexible to match the spontaneous spirit of its residents – particularly those in Southern California.

Photographers at Coldea Productions are accustomed to juggling multiple events in stadiums, arenas, hotels, and convention centers.


There are 19 professional sports teams in California and thousands of community sports leagues for adults. According to the LA84 Foundation, an organization formed by the L.A. Olympic Organizing Committee, there are more than 1.2 million kids involved in sports. The hotter the competition, the greater the need to document the action.

A California sports photographer captures the drama for those involved, but also provides a means to publicize your club or athletic organization. When press releases go out to media sources accompanied by professional sports photography, they are more likely to get the attention of editors.

Nonprofit foundations hosting golf tournaments and other fundraising events are better able to engage with sponsors and players when they hire a corporate and charity golf outings photographer. Not only that – they can participate themselves. Hosting a tournament at Pebble Beach or a surfing competition in Laguna requires extensive effort. A professional California photographer puts the responsibility for images in the right hands. 


Los Angeles has a robust fashion design industry. Over the last 50 years, the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising (FIDM) has offered degree programs in a variety of majors, including fashion, entertainment, beauty, interior design and graphic design. The college is a fixture in L.A.’s garment district and has a worldwide reputation.

Because of our experience in trade show photography covering all types of industries, we are equipped to handle the moving parts of events that include fashion shows, cocktail parties, speakers, booths, art shows, etc. As visual artists ourselves, we understand the nuances of creative projects.


The existence of the entertainment industry makes Southern California a hub for glamorous, attention-getting events. A photographer in Los Angeles is likely to have multiple bookings a weekend, especially during awards season.

Some moments cannot be replicated, so you need a professional who’s poised for exacting camera work. Mostly because of its position in the world of entertainment, a California photographer needs the skills to cover formal occasions and Hollywood style events. The experience of team members at Coldea Productions includes both political and star-studded event photography.


There are many California photography companies that primarily shoot school pictures and corporate headshots. We have years of experience with step-and-shoot work such as staff pictures and logo walls, but our team is equipped for large-scale event photography in California

The value of a complete trade show coverage photographer can’t be overstated. As an event planner, you can’t be bogged down with details such as finding the right angle for booth photos. You need an experienced California conference photographer with a range that covers:

  • Exhibitors/booths
  • Breakout sessions
  • Networking events
  • Keynote speakers
  • Corporate executives
  • Candid shots

Because of our work for trade show organizers and industry leaders, the event photography team at Coldea Productions is equipped for large meeting rooms, theatres, and banquet halls. We can accommodate the unique function you’re organizing – regardless of size or theme. If you schedule simultaneous speakers with multiple tracks – no problem. Our equipment and film industry training enable us to complete a project in virtually any set of circumstances.

Branding/Website Design

Your logo and images speak volumes about your company. And if you’ve been in business for a long time, staying updated says something about you as well. It’s a signal to potential clients that your products are cutting edge and your services are current.

If your industry requires you to reach out to the next generation, it’s even more important to invest in better branding. Like real estate without updated features or a 10-year-old car, you don’t get attention without evolving and progressing. The same goes for your company image.

At Coldea Productions, you have easy access to us throughout the length of the project and we work closely with you so that your company culture is reflected in the final product. Since we have served professionals in many industries, we have experience adopting the vision of each unique client to improve their visual marketing content and take their brand to the next level.

Videography in California

It’s conventional wisdom that moving images capture attention better than other posts, which is why your social media marketing needs to include videos. Considering YouTube nearly tops the list of “most searched websites” on the internet, there’s no reason why business owners shouldn’t take advantage of it.

Your clients are scrolling before buying and you want to get in front of them. But to maintain your brand, your videos need to be indicative of a healthy, professional company – not a 2-minute iPhone recording.

The benefit is a better image, which communicates you’re someone they can trust for quality and service. Among the features a professional videographer knows how to achieve are:

  • Sound
  • Graphics
  • Editing
  • Lighting
  • Framing

We are a multimedia agency. The visual content creators at Coldea Productions strategize with you in advance and take you from planning the project to the goal: your company reengages with customers and expands its client base. It means you don’t have to invest in digital cinema equipment, video editing software, and other expensive devices.

As California video experts, our full-service media team knows how to maximize your brand. We not only get the footage you need using high-tech hardware, but we also create a final project using designer software. You can be proud of the image you put into the marketplace. In fact, our dedicated team of marketing and visual content creators can consult with you to get you the boost you need.

California videographers have a tremendous advantage, with access to the latest technology plus amazing natural views. If you’re looking for corporate photography at an oceanfront venue or in an industry such as architecture or agriculture, you can appreciate the benefits.

We use drone photography to maximize the effect of those views. Aerial cinematography in California can turn a run-of-the-mill video into a YouTube sensation because of its scope and drama. You’re not limited to views from the ground game. Because of the height and distance, you can gain videos of action you can’t see.

For instance, at your company meetings and outings, the photographer and videographer can get overhead images of attendees on the golf course or networking on a hotel patio. If you need a USC videographer or a Golden Gate Park photographer, you are more likely to stand out with aerial photos and videos. 

Our services include commercials, web videos, and product and instructional videos. We provide in-house projects, from training videos to team-building coverage, as well as those for marketing such as testimonials.

At Coldea Productions, we customize your visual content and prepare a package that meets your needs. Our expertise includes years of experience behind the camera and digital techniques including animation and web design. With pre-production consulting, production, and post-production services, we can help you establish new branding or launch a new direction for your company.

We provide visual content specializing in video, animation, and commercial photography for multiple uses, both for your staff and for promotional and advertising purposes. Our media services include innovative ideas in addition to technical know-how to maximize the power of your brand and boost the success of your marketing strategy.

You get a lot more than our time. Ad agencies or entrepreneurs, we get to know your brand and customize our services according to your specific needs. A California videographer/photographer brings worldwide attention to a SoCal or Bay Area event. And better images can boost your bottom line.


Our dedicated team of marketing and visual content creators came together to establish a multimedia agency providing customized photography and video production service.    

We are a creative services provider specializing in video content, commercial photography and animation for corporations and medium-sized commercial operations. At Coldea Productions, we consult with you to establish successful branding and launch a custom creative journey based on your unique needs.

Before production begins, we seek to answer all of your questions and continue to remain available to your concerns as they arise. We believe a solid plan and detailed strategy is necessary for each project’s success.

Our customer feedback continually confirms our level of accessibility during projects and friendly, cooperative customer service. We serve professionals across every industry – companies of all sizes that are looking to improve their visual marketing content and take their brand to the next level.

With decades of combined experience in the film business, we utilize the latest audio and video technology to produce professional and original video content for you. Our services are targeted toward several markets, including:

  • Companies | Corporations | Advertising Agencies | Entrepreneurs

We provide a full range of video services including pre-production consulting, production, and post-production editing.

As a visual content creation company, we specialize in producing video, animation and commercial photography for multiple uses, both in-house and for promotional and advertising purposes. Our media services include innovative ideas in addition to technical know-how to maximize the power of your brand and boost the success of your marketing strategy.

Asgeir HoskuldssonAsgeir Hoskuldsson ★★★★★ Produced and directed a top notch highlight video for Omnon Chocolate featuring us at the Northwest Chocolate Festival.Maria Raluca CorobanMaria Raluca Coroban ★★★★★ I’ve recently done a marketing campaign with Cristi at Coldea Production. I don’t even know from where to start here...He is absolutely amazing to work with. He is beyond a great and talented videographer, Cristi directed us on each step in the production and we were able to stay super organized. As a small business we need good marketing but you need someone with expertise to guide you with the best advices for your business. Cristi has it all. Do not hesitate to contact him. You won’t regret. Thank you Cristi for your amazing work ethic.Ck ChenCk Chen ★★★★★ Highly recommend Cris and his professional team to be your photographers to capture pics and videos for the most important moments in your entire life!! I'm glad I've made a correct choice for the best crew I can ever ask for! They will listen to you and make your dream come true. If you asked for 100%, they will give you 200% completion and satisfaction!Morris KinMorris Kin ★★★★★ What an Amazing Experience to have shared with Cristian @ Coldea Productions! Professional, Great Personality and fun to work with!!His Team is a 1st Class and we will defiantly work with them again..Patricia/ Acorn EngineeringJo Ann StodaJo Ann Stoda ★★★★★ We worked with Coldea Productions for the first time on a video for a business meeting that had a very tight turnaround time. Cristian quickly understood our needs, shot beautiful footage, and did a great job editing to tell the story we wanted to deliver. He was incredibly responsive and went the extra mile every step of the way. We were extremely happy with the final product!Melissa IbañezMelissa Ibañez ★★★★★ My husband and I hired Coldea Productions for the filming of our wedding. They were very professional and brought a drone to provide aerial footage which was awesome. Cristian was very intentional in editing our video and met with my husband and I to discuss what we wanted from the videos and what we wanted to edit on our 3 minute highlight video. I appreciate how professional they interacted with us and met our needs. They also brought a crew with them for the whole day, which made the quality of the videos incredible since there were so many cool different views and angles. It provides a whole different element that pictures could never capture. The video quality was just incredible. I highly recommend Coldea Productions to anyone seeking video recording for their weddings or events.Cecilia RoscaCecilia Rosca ★★★★★ Behind any successful company is a dedicated leader. I’ve had the privilege to see Cristian work first hand. One thing I admire about him is his dedication. He is a man of his word and he truly goes above and beyond to make sure he brings the best product. He is honest, committed, creative, good at delegating, has great communication, a positive attitude and the list goes on. I would recommend Coldea Productions with full confidence!Luis Iga GarzaLuis Iga Garza ★★★★★ I worked with Cristian on multiple Video Productions and I was always satisfied whit his services and commitment. As a Director/Producer myself, I always appreciate to work with talented and hardworking artists that share my vision. Cristian is bringing creativity and an open mind on the set and it's easy to work, when the creativity is flowing.js_loader
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