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Training Video Production

There are economic advantages to doing business remotely and an effective training video production is a necessary tool for corporations. Employees need contact with management to access information about new products and services as well as advisement from executives, human resources, and other staff members. Hiring a video production company to create appropriate video content for your needs is an effective way to establish that connection. The creative team at COLDEA Productions has many years of experience in designing customized corporate videos for the purpose of education, information, and promotion.

Effective Training Videos

Much like the preparation a college professor needs in order to develop an informative, engaging course for students, training video production requires skilled preparation. You need a video package that’s both clear enough to relay the necessary information and compelling enough to hold the attention of viewers.

Your intention when you host a Zoom call with executives or mandate an educational webinar for staff is to offer useful, engaging material. You don’t waste anyone’s time, but instead, your presentations are packed with important information. That means your video content needs to keep them engaged, whether you are training the sales force to pick up a new product or complying with new regulations by hosting the best webinars about best practices. The most effective corporate video, even one that’s reserved for business use, is always consistent with your brand. Your company’s values need to be top of mind when you begin creating media, whether it’s a newsletter to go out through Mail Chimp or an HR hosted harassment video.

Why do I need a training video?

When you face the challenge of onboarding new employees or re-training some of your staff, it can be rife with communication setbacks. Job one involves getting the new ones trained so they’re up to speed, as well as getting current staff members retrained so valuable time doesn’t affect company productivity. Using whatever mode of communication you choose to relay information, it’s important that the content is comprehensive and the format is engaging.

Did you know that investing in a training video is likely to make your company more profitable? You can cut your costs as a business owner through the use of training videos because it saves the overhead required to keep enough personnel on staff whose job it is to teach and supervise during employee training periods. The beauty of video production training, however, is that you complete the instruction one time and it does the work for you as many times as you choose to use it.

Also, the go-to staff members on your team aren’t getting interrupted by questions from junior level employees. For instance, if your senior salesmen and women are getting barraged with questions, like “How do you operate the printer?” that adds up to fewer company sales. Every workplace has that one employee who is so proficient, so competent, that every division wants a piece of his/her time and talents. Answer the new hires’ questions on video and you defuse some of that.

Through online learning, you are also able to grow your company by hiring from remote locations. A small business can begin to operate on an international scale when employees can be hired and trained abroad through corporate training video production.

What goes into training video production?

While spending an afternoon on YouTube may convince you that all you have to do is “stand and shoot,” it really isn’t the case. At COLDEA Productions, we bring our experience to the table, and together with you, we carefully craft a video that most effectively communicates the material you require.

Before scheduling a video shoot we consult with you to become well acquainted with your company and to determine your digital media needs. As a comprehensive video production company, we can provide you with a final product that educates your staff or reaches out to clients.


In addition to simply having the know-how of a coach, you need superior technical skills to get results. But, at the get-go, you have to develop a strategy, which is possibly the most important phase of the entire project.

The first step includes such features as:

  • Define success. What is your end goal?
  • Determine the scope. Who will use it and for what purpose?
  • Write a solid script. Is it clear and detailed?

A new employee’s view of the company will be influenced by materials presented during the initial hiring period, which is why it’s essential to have a professional video for training. You cannot let certain details fall through the cracks, such as accurate, step-by-step instructions. Assuming that workers already know all of the basics is often a mistake. Like computer software design, you have to give adequate attention to each phase of instruction.

After the work you’ve done following up on candidates from a headhunter, through LinkedIn, Indeed or another resource, your human resources staff have completed a massive amount of paperwork. You don’t want to lose valuable new hires because of a less-than-impressive training period. That’s why it is in your best interest to present the training video that’s polished and professional.

Where do you get great training videos?

Whether you have a small business and simply need an expedient mode of informing your newest staff of the policies and procedures for their new jobs, or you’re a bigger firm with broader goals, corporate training videos are useful. And you need a seasoned video production company to complete the project for you.

Our team has a strong filmmaking background, able to provide you with a package that is free from amateurish dialogue and mediocre technical quality. We know how to advise you – beginning to end, developing strategy at the start, and ending with an impressive, informative video for training at your disposal.

Company training videos are a great way to begin if you have plans to offer online classes to your staff members or make changes to your modus operandi and need the assurance that every employee “gets it.” We have the skill sets and technical experience to put together a package that meets your goals. You can keep your talents firmly focused on your workplace success while we create a training video with the instructional features you need. Like our product video packages, you get a useful tool to add to your company’s assets.

Once we find your target audience and set goals, we have scriptwriters to nail your message. We work with you to develop a shot list and proceed using a clean, direct approach accompanied by technical precision, state-of-the-art equipment, and cinematography know-how. We have the use of drones for aerial videography when appropriate. For real estate companies, construction, and architectural firms the need for aerial shots is obvious. But for many companies, particularly national and international businesses, new employees need an overview of corporate locations in various cities. It offers context to the details that follow.

We have expertise in video editing and if you want added features, such as a closed caption track or an interactive quiz, for instance, we do it.

Do COLDEA Productions do live stream videos?

While our storytelling skills enable us to create scripted, produced video packages, our technical skills extend to facilitate your live stream video needs as well. We work with any platform you choose, whether you hold regular meetings on Zoom or you pull together staffers through Periscope and tweet your broadcast on Twitter.

Whether your staff members use home computers or their Android or iPhones for the shared streaming, we can set up your transmission for you. By hiring a professional video production company, you minimize the chance of technical snafus – which can cost you money and at times can be a hit to the company’s image.

One of the most professional live streaming platforms is Vimeo. We can embed the video content on sites and customize it to fit your needs. The live stream player is useful to keep you on-brand, and you don’t have to put up with ads.

If you’ve been the HR director for years and have delivered hundreds of live training sessions, you’re confident about your script so you don’t need pre-packaged video production. Another advantage to taking it live – especially where educating staff members is concerned – is that you can constantly adapt to new rules of compliance and changes in policy.

Live streaming has changed the future of education. More teachers have adapted to the need for long-distance instruction through the remote transmission. Many instructors have faced a dramatic learning curve – especially those middle-aged and older – but it’s brought millions more Americans into the practice of communicating their lesson plans through streaming sources.

We can produce your live stream using a multiple-camera setup and serve as a technical director when your live training session is online. We work with every industry on any platform you use.

We live in a world where nearly every category of business would benefit from shifting to remote learning. Large corporations such as Cisco and IBM have long been communicating with staff through the use of technology. And numerous other industries can easily follow suit, particularly for staff training:

  • Insurance
  • Health companies
  • Manufacturing
  • Transportation
  • Financial services
  • Retail
  • Technology
  • Advertising/communications
  • Engineering
  • Banking

In any industry, when you onboard new hires you can get employees more engaged with live stream training videos. It saves money and time. If you have an international corporation, it’s even more cost-effective to communicate virtually. There is even a chance that current travel restrictions mean you physically can’t get to all of your distributors. Business communications through a virtual method video are sometimes better than in-person visits. Your message – done virtually – is more consistent across the various levels of your corporation.

You may choose an interactive, conversational broadcast because trainees can ask you questions. It’s easier to troubleshoot and clarify terms and details using a method where you get immediate feedback. Another advantage of live-streaming your training program is that you can better convey your company’s culture. Pre-packaged company video productions don’t communicate as organically.

Making your corporate training videos easy to access may not be as important as it is when you’re streaming marketing content, but we’re happy to advise you about the setup, production, and platform placement for your final product.

We create both training videos and marketing videos you can share with the quality that represents your company’s image. A best practices video production is the most efficient route to relay new information to existing staff members and prepare new employees for productive service. We tailor it to your needs to produce a training video production package that is more informative than your other options, which gives principals in the company the freedom to continue their valuable responsibilities.

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