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Educational Videos

Video has quickly become the most popular communication tool for digital marketing applications. The right kind of video content has the power to entertain, engage, and inform viewers, compelling large numbers of them to visit your site and make a purchase. Educational videos produced by the video marketing professionals at Coldea Productions provide valuable information for your current and future customers as a great resource about your business, your products, and the best ways to take full advantage of the services your business provides.

From grade school to grad school, educational videos have been used for years in academia to help students increase aptitude and retention of a variety of subject matter and levels of learning. With the rapid increase of high speed and mobile internet connections, and the widespread availability of cell phones and other mobile devices, educational videos have become more popular as a way to reach and teach massive groups of consumers about your business.

Effective Educational Videos in Digital Marketing

Videos have been shown to be a great resource for drawing viewers into the content and compelling them to act as a result. Educational videos in digital marketing applications provide consumers with valuable information they need to make purchasing decisions and to be educated on the features, benefits, and functions of your products and services.

Educational and instructional videos have an impressive impact on the viewer. Digital marketers and consumers are both seeing the benefits of producing educational videos as part of a comprehensive digital marketing campaign.

Benefits of Educational Videos for Marketing Uses

Coldea Productions creates educational videos that serve a wide range of promotional and digital marketing purposes. They can be used to educate viewers about everything from how to use your specific products and services to the history of your industry and business, and how it fits into today’s complicated marketplaces.

Not a Sales Call

Video marketing has become so popular and widespread that consumers are expecting a sales push from video content. An educational video will steer them away from salesy content that will push them to act and allow them to simply learn valuable information related to your industry, your business, or the specific products you provide. These videos are designed to reach those consumers at the top of the sales funnel when they are actively seeking more information to solve specific issues or problems. They are not supposed to “sell” the viewer. They should do exactly what it says they will, which is to educate and inform.

Grabs Viewer Attention

The visual appeal of engaging video content produced at Coldea Productions grabs viewers’ attention from the first frame. Depending on your business and the information being delivered, we use powerful imagery and bold graphics to draw viewers in and have them wanting to see more.

Improved Retention

No medium online today is better at having users absorb and retain information than video content. This makes educational videos ideal for teaching your customers about the intricacies of your company’s operation and the products and services your business provides. Viewers will associate increased knowledge with your business, making them more likely to become long-term, loyal customers.

Physical Demonstration

One of the greatest advantages video content has over other forms of digital marketing is the ability to provide actual physical demonstrations of your products and services. Particularly for more technical and mechanical products, educational videos allow the consumer to see exactly how the product works and what it can do. Animation and motion graphics are highly effective at helping to explain the most complicated processes and break them down to make them understandable.

Consumer Trust

When you go to the trouble of educating your customers and online consumers, it will show your business as a respected resource and a trusted leader in your industry. Educational videos show off your knowledge in the industry, giving consumers trust that the information you are providing is legitimate and that you can rely on the future. 

Variety of Styles for Maximum Retention

The video production specialists at Coldea Productions have experience in all areas of production that are most effective at delivering vital information to your viewers. We will produce the perfect combination of live-action, animation, motion graphics, and text to give your audiences the best chance to absorb and retain your information.

Shareable Content

The digital age provides ample opportunities to get your educational video content to the largest groups of consumers than ever before. Uploading educational videos onto YouTube allows you to share the content across a broad range of platforms, including popular social media networks like Facebook and LinkedIn. This will get the video out to your established audience of followers with the potential to expand their reach exponentially. Embedding videos onto your website home page will increase both conversions and bounce rates, keeping consumers on your site longer when they get there. Video is also incredibly effective when used in email marketing campaigns. Just including the word “VIDEO” in the subject line will dramatically increase your open and click-through numbers.

Why Choose Us?

As video has risen to be the most effective form of media for digital marketing, our team is perfectly positioned in the market to produce educational videos that will serve your business community and grow your brand. We can help you inform and educate your current and future customers so they can make the best purchasing decisions for their needs.

Contact Us for Your Video Marketing Needs

We are a full-service video production company with years of experience producing and distributing high-quality videos for a variety of business uses and applications. Contact our team today about our process for educational videos that will work best for your business and your industry.

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