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There’s a lot more happening in Anaheim than what’s behind the gates of Disneyland. Parades and shows amid the charm of twinkle lights and music aren’t only found in the house of the mouse. And through an Anaheim event photographer, you can keep a lasting impression of the function you’re planning.

Types of functions where an Anaheim event photographer is most beneficial

Event planners could probably put their heads together and amuse crowds with stories about slipups, strange circumstances and comedies of error. There are snafus, like a master of ceremonies with laryngitis, or the occasional irony, like a conference on drought getting canceled due to rain. And you’ve probably heard the one about the partygoers who mistakenly showed up at the public library when the actual venue was a local bar called “The Library.”

While you can’t foresee every stress-inducing potential for disaster, one aspect of your event can be set firmly in place by booking an Anaheim event photographer who has a track record of experience and reliability. You want to hand it over completely, so you can turn your attention to other details. That way, if the dessert table falls over, at least you know you’ll have professional pictures of everyone’s reaction.

In a place like Southern California, there are groups, companies, and families of all kinds, and there’s the same wide range when it comes to celebrations and other events:

  • Conferences
  • Anniversaries
  • Business meetings
  • Cast/wrap parties
  • Reunions
  • Retirement parties
  • Graduations
  • Team celebrations

The list could go on and on, and it would get more creative with time. But, in virtually every case, particularly when one person or just a small group of people are handling the lion’s share of responsibilities, the load is made easier by hiring a professional event photographer.

Music photography in Anaheim catches your concert on film

Just outside the park in Downtown Disney, the world-famous House of Blues is the site of music events from Live Band Karaoke to Gospel Brunch.

You can host a private event there – in the Parish Room, the restaurant, Elwood Terrace, or you can use the full facility and have up to 3,300 guests. If you book the Music Hall, get someone with experience in bands and musicians photography, because there are special skills and equipment involved in obtaining shots with a sharp focus.

Right next to Angel Stadium is City National Grove of Anaheim. There’s a Proscenium-style stage with acoustics to fill the 1,700-capacity room and an in-house team to help with the show.

It’s not likely that your event will ever pull the same people together in the same way again, which is why an Anaheim music event photographer is ideal for catching the nuance of the band you booked or capturing the crowd’s night out. You want a record of it, whether it’s Dad’s birthday at The Clubhouse at Anaheim Hills Golf Course or a recording artist’s CD release concert.

You can benefit your event sponsors with convention and events photography

Planning a large meeting or conference makes you the hub at the center of a large wheel. You need to make sure your vendors and sponsors are happy, plus attract a solid number of visitors, all the while following the venue’s official protocol.

For business and corporate functions with sponsors, you typically make promises as far as the advertising and promotion for the event. Nice, professional convention exhibits photography is a part of that. Your vendors and sponsors want – and deserve – to be featured on your social media. Plus, the professional photos you send them can also give back. You gain access to their posts, which can grow your company and exponentially introduce you to more capable industry professionals.

If you’ve ever hosted a trade show or reception at the Business Expo Center on Anaheim Way, a venue referred to as an “eventplex,” you know it has a pretty big capacity — seating for 1,000 people at a time. Local companies keep the Center’s calendar booked with events, and so do individuals, such as KFI radio’s Bill Handel, who held “Law Day” there, offering legal advice free of charge.

Most of your concerns are handled as par for the course – the venue provides accommodations from catering and audio equipment to lounge furniture and table linens. But hand-pick an Anaheim event photographer who can handle your load. The corporate photographer you choose ought to be accustomed to learning the unique guidelines for the venue and have the creativity to offer you a final product that’s useful to you.

How holiday party photography pays off

A few years ago there was a survey that showed approximately 80 percent of businesses were holding holiday parties again for their staff members, after huge cutbacks during The Recession. Companies were healthier due to a rising economy, and it seems that business owners recognized the benefit to such expenses.

Social connection is at the heart of most holiday parties, and when you’re distracted by tasks – like playing holiday party photographer – it prevents you from making contact with your employees. And it’s a core concept for small companies as well as large corporations.

An article about Bay-area tech company holiday parties says that some of them spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on events over the holidays, sometimes paying $100 to $150 per person on food and drinks. The venues are often newsworthy themselves, and they can cost tens of thousands of dollars, plus what you pay for lighting, live music, décor and activities such as photo booths.

One smart way to appeal to Gen-Xers and Millennials is for companies to tack on a non-profit element to the celebration. They can make a strong statement and benefit a cause at the same time. For instance, if Knott’s Berry Farm executives hosted a party for employees, they could ask the partygoers to bring canned goods for the Orange County Food Bank.

If a company can do it, there are good reasons to throw strong – even lavish – holiday parties:

  • It’s a great opportunity for employees who work remotely to make contact with company leaders.
  • They can reward their best employees, so they don’t get courted by the competition.
  • It communicates that the company is in good fiscal condition.

You don’t have to light the scoreboard at Levi’s Stadium like LinkedIn did or pony up more than $70,000 to rent City Hall, like a party thrown by Twitter executives. But you are better off hiring an Anaheim event photographer who has a background that includes experience with the nature and scope of the function you’re planning.

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