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Video Production in Mesa Arizona

For personal and professional reasons, a video production in Mesa is a worthwhile investment, because it has capability that’s greater than the individual and lasts longer than the people involved in the project.

An event videographer in Mesa provides a record for future generations.

Birthdays, anniversaries, and weddings deserve to be remembered, which is made possible with a video recording of the event. A Mesa production company can create a lasting impression to distribute to family members and participants as well as memorialize it for future reference.

Defining your identity is a powerful drive, and the desire to become better acquainted with who you are has created a hobby that’s blowing up: genealogy. By some estimates, tracing one’s family tree is the second most popular hobby in America (after gardening). The number of people ordering genetic genealogy tests in 2017 was more than double the number in 2016, according to the MIT Technology Review. People want, more than ever, to gain access to their DNA information because they care about their roots – where and who they came from.

This is the purpose behind booking a wedding photographer and event videographer for significant personal occasions.

The average age of a couple currently celebrating their silver anniversary is 50, and those with a golden anniversary celebration are typically in their 70s. Capturing a moment in time becomes more important as individuals age, of course, because there’s less time to fortify connections and pass on important family information.

The presence of a videographer in Mesa galvanizes the experience and produces an accurate reflection of actual happenings, which is a better picture of true events than someone’s memory years after the fact.

Video production in Mesa, Arizona promotes your marketing plan.

Every business has a narrative and a professional videographer in Mesa, Arizona can assist you in bringing that story to life. Every brand has a unique back story and its trajectory depends on the business owner’s ability to point it forward by developing a concise mission and communicate it. It’s a challenge to animate that message and bring it to life, which is what video production companies in Mesa do.

If your company doesn’t have a strong digital presence, your bottom line is likely suffering. Even if your business is stable, it doesn’t mean you aren’t losing ground, says an article in Forbes. You should at least make some basic changes to keep you on pace with competitors.

There are a few aspects a company owner ought to deem “necessary” in reaching out to customers online. First, your business needs to be found on an internet search. (The old-school comparison is that it’s like being found in the phone book.)

Show your clientele that you’re current. Unless your company creates buggy whips, it’s to your advantage that you appear modern or, at least, not behind the times. Even traditional industries such as law, print journalism, or retail need a digital presence. Most people won’t bother to call you, so they need to find the information they’re looking for online.

According to the article, there are three basics to getting your business online:

  1. Build a Website: Using a free website building site such as Wix or hiring a web design company, you need an active website describing the mission of your commercial offerings. A Mesa production company can provide visual images that reflect your assets and minimize your weaknesses.
  2. Create a Social Media Profile: You don’t need to be on several platforms to make your company’s mark and get in front of potential clients.
  3. Add Content: You need landing pages for your website, and you can also write a blog, which will enhance your status during Google searches. Posts with videos are opened in greater numbers – period. Online advertiser WordStream says that investing in video projects pays off. Studies show that 82% of Twitter users choose video content, and 45% of individuals catch at least an hour of YouTube or Facebook videos per week.

When it comes to going to the next level, Forbes suggests doubling down on these basics:

If you’re interested in getting more visibility and authority for your brand, you can:

  • Step up your content marketing strategy.
  • Post on social media and start building an audience relevant to your demographics.
  • Guest posts on relevant industry publications.
  • Improve the aesthetic design of your site.

If you’re interested in getting more leads and traffic, you can:

  • Do any of the steps listed above.
  • Pursue an SEO or “inbound marketing” strategy.
  • Work on an email marketing campaign.
  • Seek paid advertising on search or social media.

If you’re interested in improving your existing customer relationships, you can:

  • Create an eCommerce platform for online sales.
  • Create an FAQ, forum, or other interactive resources for existing customers.

Production companies in Arizona create training videos for internal commercial purposes.

Like other aspects of business, the methods for employee training have evolved. Flying human trainers across the globe is expensive and becoming less and less necessary with the advances in internet communication. And with access to video production in Arizona, you can create training videos, which work just as well or better.

OpenSesame online coursework company says there are six reasons video is a superior medium for training employees.

  1. Trainees are more engaged by videos than simple text. The use of diagrams, pictures, and images offers more immediate communication than words, and video as an extension of that galvanizes memory.
  2. Storytelling through the work of a videographer in Mesa, Arizona is a means to activate multiple parts of your brain, not just the language processing center of the brain where we decode words into meaning. When your mind needs to interpret a narrative, especially when there’s moving visual stimulation, the motor cortex becomes active, which is what enhances learning.
  3. Training videos make it unnecessary for you to be physically present. Your company saves money on travel, plus trainees can replay instructions if they need it repeated. The review is simple.
  4. A video presentation promotes consistency. The message is always the same when it’s recorded. If you’re training a number of department heads, for instance, you know they’re all on the same page if they learn identical policies and procedures.
  5. People enjoy videos more than other forms of training. Your employees will pay attention and can better understand the significance of the requested protocol. Also, the more they identify with characters in the drama, the more they’ll adopt the targeted behaviors.

Video production in Mesa is not expensive. Creating a professional training product requires only a one-time fee, and thereafter it’s a cost-effective communication tool. You do want to invest in a video production company in Arizona with a team that’s skilled in content development, script writing, and editing, as well as filmmaking.

Video production companies in Mesa can take over your responsibility for photography at nonprofit group events.

When a committee of charity organization members works for a year to hold a luncheon, gala, concert or present an awards show, there are many good reasons to hire a videographer in Mesa.

Nonprofit event photography is limited in its ability to reflect such features as speeches and award presentations or productions such as fashion shows. Not only does the organization value a video for its records, but digital recordings may also be a tool for fundraising efforts.

Nonprofit groups have to stay on the radar of the public as much as corporations, and small businesses do because they need an influx of resources to carry on their work.

Video production in Arizona is a healthy business thanks to local nonprofit events, including:

  • The Royal Tea Party for Live Love Dance, Inc. which enables more underprivileged and underrepresented young people to participate in the arts through dance classes.
  • The Paint for a Paw Charity Event at Burst Of Butterflies Create & Paint Studio in Chandler, which benefits Follow Your Heart Animal Rescue.
  • Various bowling fundraisers for charity in the Mesa area, including “Bowling for Rhinos” at Brunswick Zone Mesa Lanes, which benefits the American Association of Zoo Keepers, and the annual “Roll & Bowl” at Via Linda lanes – Brunswick Zone Bowlero in Scottsdale, helping victims of spina bifida through their fundraising efforts.

Like other events, video production in Mesa can provide a marketing tool for nonprofits, which all need to stay in front of donors. They can use images and video footage from their event to draw more guests at the same event the following year. These and a more general video production about their organization can be posted on their website as a form of explanation about the charity.

When serendipitous connections are made between a cause and a high-profile entity – such as when a politician or successful businessperson wins an award – it brings much-needed exposure to the charity. By hiring a team to create a video production in Mesa, an individual, company, or organization can get extra mileage from the benefits of that connection.

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