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Video Marketing for the Hospitality Industry

Chances are your customers have taken a virtual visit of your property even before arriving onsite. Putting your best foot forward through hotel video marketing is not only recommended, it’s a requirement in today’s virtually-driven world.


Video Marketing for the Hospitality Industry

Video Marketing for the Hospitality Industry

Thankfully, COLDEA Productions makes it easy for your potential customers to tour your property and be pleasantly impressed. With our hospitality marketing and our hotel industry marketing tools, we simplify the process of digital marketing and brand awareness so you can concentrate on providing the best customer experience when your guests do arrive on the premises!

Your customers don’t have to step foot in your hotel to take a tour; video marketing for hotels has changed the travel industry, and to keep up, your business will have to adapt in the highly competitive hospitality market. If you are slow to incorporate video content into your marketing strategy, your bottom line will reflect your decision. 

Video marketing is even more important for hospitality than for other industries; people want to be able to “tour” your hotel and destination before they make reservations. Video marketing is also much more effective than traditional marketing, especially for those who do their booking on mobile devices.

For individuals on vacation and those on business travel, you want to be able to showcase your amenities and make your destination evoke feelings that leave the viewer seeking you out. A professionally produced video makes your business seem more luxurious and sought-after, with results that cannot be replicated by traditional marketing. 

Video Marketing for Hotels

Video marketing for hotels is essential in today’s digital world. There are so many video platforms to choose from that the options are seemingly endless, and each market is drawn to a different style. You have to make decisions that build brand awareness, reaching out to your target audience with a compelling visual message.

Video appeals to the desires and emotions of your potential guests. You are able to pack a much bigger marketing punch when using a short video, rather than trying to describe all of your amenities using only words. You know from your own experience the power of a YouTube video to both inform and persuade you. Search results from your video content can be just as powerful.

Video marketing works better than traditional marketing for the growing audience of mobile users. Watching a video is simply easier than reading articles and information, which means that more people will pay attention to video marketing. 

Attract the Convention Crowd

If your hotel hosts conventions and you are not using videos, you are losing out on a large chunk of your target audience. By posting high-quality videos on social media platforms you not only will appeal to groups who share videos to decide on lodging, you will be able to put on display the unique amenities your hotel offers to business travelers and others. 

You can create a hospitality marketing video specifically for those putting on and attending conventions, allowing you to speak to them directly. By attracting convention hosts and other event planners you are able to book a large number of rooms, often at times of the year, your bookings may slow down. 


Creating a Perfect Guest Experience

Video marketing allows you to showcase your hotel as a utopia for your guests, miles away from everyday life (both literally and metaphorically). While an in-person tour has unpredictable elements, when you create a marketing video for your hotel, you are able to construct the perfect customer experience for your guests to see what sets your hotel apart. When you combine visual elements, such as drone footage with a virtual tour, you can make your hotel seem even more lavish. 

Emphasize Your Brand 

With a professionally produced marketing video, you are able to decide what you want your brand’s image to be. Your YouTube videos can make your hotel seem like a luxurious getaway, filled with amenities that are perfect for relaxing and taking a break from life. Or, you can appeal to corporate clients, who may need to stay for longer periods of time, showing off the livability of your hotel and surrounding area.

For Special Events

If you host special events often, you should create a video that shows your hotel’s amenities. You will want to be as specific to each niche as possible, to get the best response from each market.

Special events that hotels can market with a unique video include:

  • Weddings 

Weddings are a huge market for hotels, both in hosting the wedding itself, and housing the guests. If you can show that your hotel is a desirable venue for hosting weddings, receptions, or lodging guests, you will gain access to a huge market that is incredibly profitable. Young people planning weddings begin the process on mobile devices, where you market your venue. Separate videos for the wedding itself, receptions, and bachelor/bachelorette parties mean that you are able to evoke the emotions that are ideal for each event. 

Wedding videos also have a large, built-in audience. You can post to social media sites, such as Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram, and let the organic views do the rest, or you can use paid advertising to really secure your place as a desirable wedding venue and lodging option. 

  • Team Building and Corporate Events 

Team building and corporate events usually require a large space and often mean that many rooms in your hotel will be booked, sometimes during your off-season. By producing a corporate video showing why large corporations should choose your hotel for their team-building exercises and events, you can dominate the market in your area. Team building and corporate events are often overlooked as marketing opportunities, but with a professionally produced marketing piece containing relevant video content, you will be able to appeal to medium and large businesses that host events, often providing repeat business.

  • Conferences and Training Events 

Conferences and training events are a great way to utilize the large spaces that hotels often have available but may have trouble using to their full potential. By marketing your conference rooms and large spaces in a hotel marketing video, you can get companies excited about using your space.

  • Parties

Birthdays and other parties are another way to increase profit from your large rooms, with or without lodging guests. Video marketing lets people know that parties are an option at your hotel, and if you offer party planning services, you can add additional revenue streams to your business.

  • Seminars 

Seminars can be another way you use video marketing to promote your hotel. They bring in large crowds of people who travel for the event and will quickly fill your hotel. Seminars also usually mean repeat business, bringing attendees back year after year – sometimes even multiple times a year!

  • Trade Shows 

Trade shows are incredibly profitable, and your hotel can easily break into the industry by creating a professionally produced marketing video. Depending on the type of trade show, you may be able to book every room in your hotel. For trade show marketing, you should showcase not only your rooms and amenities, but also any space you are able to utilize for both the trade show itself, and business meetings or conferences.

  • Golf Events 

Golf events are not an option for every hotel, but if you are located near a golf course, booking rooms as well as hosting a golf-related event can earn your business a lot of money. Having a scenic golf video available to market your venue will grab the attention of those who are planning events.

  • Work Retreats 

If you are in an area popular for vacationing, your hotel may benefit from a video about hosting work retreats. Creating a video showing your space to corporate executives may lead to booking rooms for any number of work events and retreats. If you happen to have spa services, this is a great way to shine a spotlight on them for a marketing video as well!

  • Why Video Marketing?

Hotel marketing through video production is a powerful tool that can be harnessed to increase your brand’s visibility as well as your profit margins. YouTube is second only to Google as a search engine. This means that people are getting more and more information exclusively from videos. 

In addition to YouTube, video marketing is utilized on numerous social media platforms to maximize search results and boost your profits. More people will stop to watch a professionally produced travel video than a traditional advertisement. Facebook, Instagram, and even Twitter all use video marketing in order to get peoples’ attention.

Why Choose Coldea Productions?

COLDEA Productions is one of the highest-rated production companies in Southern California. We love collaborating with clients to bring their vision to life, and we want to take everything to the next level. We pride ourselves on not only providing professional-quality videos but also offering a wide variety of options that even include specialty services such as 3D animation and special effects. With a large portfolio and a huge arsenal of available skills and services, no matter what your production needs are, COLDEA Productions can deliver! Our services include:


Video Services 

Our professional video services are highly rated, and we take pride in producing only top-quality videos for our clients. In addition to our regular video services, we also offer 2D and 3D animations, interview videos, and customer testimonials.

Photography Services 

In addition to our video services, we offer a range of photography services that can complement your videos or be selected independently.

Get Started 

Whether you need a single video to allow guests the opportunity to tour your hotel without leaving the comfort of their couch, or you want to launch a robust hotel video marketing plan with a detailed strategy, contact COLDEA Productions so that we can exceed your expectations.

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