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They are viewed by millions of Americans every day. Commercial advertising videos are essential for anyone with a business who wants to propel their company’s sales. If your customers don’t know you’re there, you can’t make a connection. And if you don’t make a connection, it’ll hurt your bottom line.

video production set for video commercials

How would a commercial video help my business?

Commercials have been successfully reaching wide audiences for generations. It’s one of the easiest forms of advertising for viewers to metabolize because it’s totally passive. It requires no work on their part.

You want to get in front of your customers. Imagine how many people you can reach out to with your brand if you have a digital video production. You can get airtime on TV or post online or YouTube. The possibilities are endless.

Plus, video is the most persuasive medium that exists. And TV commercials are still the most effective advertising medium there is. Despite the seismic changes in media over the decades, TV ads get you more customers than online and offline options, says marketing-analytics company MarketShare. After studying ad performance across the board, the analysis showed that TV had the highest efficiency at driving key performance indicators (sales and new accounts, among them).

Why are TV commercials so effective?

  • You can demonstrate why consumers need your product or service.
  • The audience is much larger than in most other forms of advertising.
  • You tend to have people’s full attention.
  • Commercials offer an illusion of credibility.

Yes, people have changed how they watch television, but they still watch television.

Small businesses that rely on repeat sales from customers need more than just information communicated. With video marketing services, you also emit personality nuances about your product or service. You can create and maintain a personally devised image for the audience. Corporate advertising, particularly when the company has no measurable sale from its advertising, is all about image. These include such entities as oil companies and investment firms.
Communications research at Princeton University on speaker-listener neural coupling showed that the brain patterns of listeners synch up with the brain patterns of speakers, particularly in times of greater comprehension. That underscores the idea that a video of someone talking tends to be more powerful than just information read from a page. Video production company services create a broad range of opportunities for promotion.

video production set for video commercials

Why should I hire a production company to create my commercial?

Keeping in mind the desire to increase sales for your company this year, an iPhone video just isn’t going to cut it. Sorry, but a professionally packaged ready-to-air commercial spot is above your pay grade. But, it’s not above ours.

You want a top-of-the-line video commercial that helps you outpace the competition, both in sales and in image. Therefore, you need a team of experts for every phase of the project to provide video services to meet those goals.

Kleenex and Alka-Seltzer didn’t get where they are without the power of film. You have to harness the power of persuasion, so you need someone with the know-how to do that. That’s where commercial production companies come in.

It’s something we all have a frame of reference for. Each of us has seen an ad on TV and gone rushing into the other room to tell a family member “You’ve gotta see this!” Then we dragged them to the big screen to replay the ad with a talking baby or “the most interesting man in the world.” Those weren’t shot with an 8mm Sony Camcorder, y’all.

Once your piece is professionally done, you realize that people are bringing their TVs with them everywhere they go, by way of laptop or cell phone…everyone shows everyone their favorite ads (and shares them on Facebook, etc.).

If your video is going to get around and be a reflection of your business, you want a video commercial done right.

video production set for video commercials

How would a Coldea Productions commercials video benefit me?

In the same way that a diamond ring looks a lot better in a nice, velvet box, we know how much the packaging can augment the appeal of your valuable product line. That’s why we find the gem in your operation and, by consulting with you, play up the best parts. It’s a little like seeing a supermodel without makeup on. There are plenty of wonderful features, but packaged just right, it’s beautiful.

We can create a commercial segment that has heart, is thought-provoking and entertaining. We also know when it needs humor. Basically, we take whatever is unique and compelling about your business and give it the presentation it deserves.

We know how narrow or wide to make shots, and when to use people. We know how to carefully craft the script so the audio augments the visual, and our writing team can infuse it with powerfully persuasive wording. And yes, we’ve got the technical part down. You don’t need to get bogged down by the mechanics of your project. This isn’t our first rodeo.

Placing a “call to action” near the end of the promo video will get your customers to respond.

A look at our commercial spots will make it clear to you the quality of our work. With a team of film industry professionals and the technology to go with it, Coldea Productions takes your product knowledge and the big idea from your company and creates a promotional video, tailor-made for you.

You have to outpace the competition. And we know how.