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Your brand is the foundation of your company. Effective brand explainer video content serves as a key takeaway for your comprehensive digital marketing campaign designed to increase your online presence and grow your brand awareness. Explainer videos are short digital marketing tools produced to showcase certain aspects of your operations and the products and services you sell. The best explainers videos are placed on website homepages landing pages, and social media platforms to reach the right audience that will most likely be interested in your business.

Video explainers do a great job of introducing your business to new customers, present your brand in the best possible light, and clearly explain the details, benefits, features, and functions of your products and services. At Coldea Productions, we have the experience, skills, and creativity to create brand explainer videos business owners like you use to reach large numbers of potential customers.

Benefits of Your Brand of Explainer Videos from Coldea Productions

Producing good explainer videos are the best way to showcase your brand personality while showing existing and potential customers how you provide solutions while answering all of their questions or concerns. The following are the key takeaways for using Coldea Productions to produce the best explainer videos that will generate large target audiences.

The Power of Video

Video has quickly become the most powerful medium to deliver information and entertainment online. Video marketing is a great way to reach large audiences across a wide range of digital platforms and outlets. The key takeaway from recent research is that video allows viewers to become emotionally invested in the content and your brand. They are far more able to absorb and retain the information being delivered.

Mobile Accessible

The incredible rise in technology, availability of mobile devices, and widespread access to high speed and wireless internet connections have opened up digital content to anyone with a smartphone or tablet, which is just about everyone. Producing your own explainer video from Coldea Productions is mobile responsive and highly effective at delivering content in a dynamic and impactful way when viewed on all types of mobile devices.

Improve Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search engine optimization, or SEO, is the process of getting your website pages to show up on Google and other prominent search engines. Videos are now regarded as legitimate content that performs exceptionally well on search engine results pages (SERPs). Our team of digital marketing professionals can optimize your video explainer to maximize your ranking potential, driving the right audience to your website.

Improve Conversion, Bounce Rates

A key takeaway from posting explainer videos on your website landing pages and homepage is that they will help to improve conversion and bounce rates. This will result in visitors staying on your site longer with a greater chance of making a purchase or scheduling a service. Ultimately this leads to more sales and the ability to grab a larger share of the market in your industry.

Easy to Share

Embedded video content on your website or on social media sites like YouTube and Facebook makes it easy for viewers to share your content with friends and contacts, giving you the opportunity to exponentially expand your reach.

Control Brand Messaging

You control your brand messaging in great explainer videos, allowing business owners like you to present your company as a valued industry resource. Showcase existing and new products and highlight your mission and business objectives.

Product Display, Demonstration

Video is an excellent medium for breaking down complex ideas and functions in a way that easy to understand and retain. Using a variety of animation techniques allows viewers to see how your company’s product works in dynamic and memorable ways.

Effective Calls to Action

Give your viewers the key takeaways for the call to action options as they are learning about your business and your products increase conversion rates across the board. Motion graphics and other attention-getting methods will give viewers clear ways to reach out to you for a more effective user experience.

Types of Explainer Videos

When professionally produced and distributed by digital marketing and advertising experts at Coldea Productions, brand explainer videos can be used as your most effective advertising and marketing tools. Depending on your budget, your industry, and the objectives of your video, you can use a wide range of techniques and methods to produce dynamic, compelling, and informative video explainer content in the form of illustration animation and live-action videos.

Live-Action Explainer Video

The most basic type of explainer videos is live-action videos using real people talking about your business, highlighting your brand, and demonstrating how to use your products and services. Various graphics and animated elements can be added to spice up the content, but the information is primarily delivered by a person speaking in front of a camera.

2D Video Animation

Using what most people would consider classic or traditional animation, 2D animation does a good job of telling your story through storyboards, characters, and background images. Creative artists use 2D video animation techniques to draw viewers in and get emotionally invested in the content.

3D Animation

3D animation offers a more dynamic and realistic look with characters and objects appearing in a three-dimensional environment. This animated explainer video technique is effective at breaking down complex concepts and demonstrating your company’s product functions that would be hard to capture with live-action or 2D animation methods.

Motion Graphics

Bringing static images and still, graphics can be brought to live using a variety of visual effects and animated explainer video techniques. Talented artists add depth to the messaging power of your video presentation. They can be overdone and distracting, so it is important to strike the perfect balance with motion graphic elements.

Whiteboard Animation

With whiteboard animation, viewers can physically see drawings being created on the screen as if they were writing on a whiteboard with a marker. There is something hypnotic of seeing text and images being drawn or written out using whiteboard animation techniques. Whiteboard animation can add another level to your presentation and help viewers to focus on the information being delivered.

Uses for Brand Explainer Video Content

Brand video explainers are short, concise formats that lend them to use in a wide range of locations and applications. The following are ways to maximize the power of explainer videos produced by the industry leaders at Coldea Productions.

Website Landing Page, Homepage

Studies have shown that embedding video content on your homepage will result in significant improvements to your conversion and bounce rates. It is the page that sees the most views and site visitors and the video is often a visitor’s first experience with your business. Including video explainers on relevant landing pages for specific topics and products will help to inform visitors and compel them to act.

Email Marketing Campaigns

Email marketing campaigns were among the first types of digital marketing in the earliest days of the internet. Open and click-through rates have traditionally been exceptionally low, but the inclusion of video is working to change that. By including the term “video” in the subject line of a promotional email campaign will see higher open and click-through rates. This will help to get more people to view the content and visit your website.

Sales Tool

Videos can be shown from any device at any time your sales team needs a boost to help close a sale. The short length of these videos is perfect for showing prospective customers to give them an overview of your company and the products and services you provide.

Social Media Networks

Sharing video explainers on your social media accounts can extend your reach exponentially by taking advantage of the massive numbers of potential customers on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. Posting videos regularly or pinning them to the top of your social pages will provide maximum exposure.

Tips, Best Practices for Producing Brand Explainer Videos

Explainer videos are an important component of your advertising campaigns and marketing efforts. They are often the first look consumers will have at your business and designed to engage potential customers in your products, services, and brand. The following are some helpful tips and key takeaways to make sure your explainer videos hit the mark and present your business and your brand in the best light.

Content is Key

The marketing adage that content is key applies to brand explainer videos as much as any other part of your digital marketing efforts. The script for your video serves as the foundation for the goals and objectives of the project. The rest of the production revolves around the content and the detailed information you want to present to your target audience. Start with an outline and create a storyboard to help you produce the type of video content that will accurately represent your brand.

Keep it Brief

Attention spans for online video viewers have never been shorter. By design, great explainer video content seeks to deliver a specific set of information you want to relay to existing and potential customers. They provide an overview of your business and the products and services you provide. A brand explainer video typically no longer and 90 seconds.

Keep it Simple

You do not have to cram every detail related to your business into a short explainer video. These videos should focus on the simplicity of addressing a problem your viewers may have, presenting your business as a solution for that problem, describing how your products work, and telling viewers how to get started by providing calls to action that tell them the next step in the process.

Focus on Benefits, Not Features

The overriding objective of your explainer video is to provide solutions for your viewers. Try to avoid getting too deep into your product features and functions, focusing more on the benefits that will help solve their problems and make their lives better. Product demonstration and educational videos can dive deeper into features and functions.

Clear Audio, Professional Voiceover

Remember, explainer videos posted on your homepage, landing pages, and social media properties are often the first impression you have to make on consumers. Crackling audio and poor voiceover quality from your narrator will turn viewers off and keep them from returning. Hire a professional voiceover artist to maximize the power and influence of your explainer video.

Use Visual Styles to Enhance, Not Dominate

Visual style elements do a great job of furthering your story and enhancing the effectiveness of the explainer content. Overdoing the visuals can distract viewers from your brand message and the information you are providing about your business.

Use Music to Set Tone

Music can add an emotional element to the driest information and will set the tone for your explainer video. Play around with various songs and tunes that work best for your industry. The internet is full of music services that offer thousands of music options at reasonable rates. Never use copyrighted music without permission.

Why Choose Coldea Productions?

You will never get a second chance to make a great first impression and a professionally produced brand explainer video is a great example of how the industry experts at Coldea Productions can present your business as a trusted resource to existing and potential customers. Solid video production and digital marketing background allows us to create and distribute explainer videos to increase your brand awareness and online presence to help grow your business.

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An impressive team of full-service video production professionals at Coldea Productions is dedicated to creating effective brand explainer video content that will engage, inform, and compel targeted online consumers. Contact Coldea Productions for complete information and get started today.

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