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Testimonial Video Production

Put your customers and clients to good use and let them do the heavy lifting by using their case studies to share their experiences with the world on a customer testimonial video that highlights case studies featuring real happy customers. Produced by the video production professionals at Coldea Productions, testimonial videos serve as digital word-of-mouth salesforce and a great way to target consumers with similar needs and purchasing habits.


Customer testimonial videos are the best way to allow your most satisfied and loyal customers to tell their case study stories about how your company provided cost-efficient solutions to their issues, problems, and needs. Your customer’s story can present the reasons they needed your services, how they found you, and what your business did for them on one testimonial page or video.

Common Characteristics for Customer Testimonial Video

Every business and industry are different and presents unique needs for their customer base. The important thing is to get the right people to share their customer feedback in these case study marketing videos. At Coldea Productions, we will use the industry’s latest best practices and perform extensive research to determine the best approaches and processes for your customer testimonial videos.

Some of the common characteristics customer testimonial videos share:

  • Authentic customer feedback with personal details, experiences
  • Real reactions and natural responses to questions from the interviewee
  • The fewer sales pitch, more testimonial stories for your target audience
  • Sharing of your problem-solving solutions to spotlight customer need, problems
  • Confident, well-spoken subjects that best represent your customer base

Benefits of Customer Testimonial Videos

Commentary and customer reviews about your business have a greater impact when they come from testimonials of personal experiences. A customer testimonial video is a better way to connect with viewers far more than if you are telling them how great your business is and what you can do for them. Major benefits to a testimonial page from Coldea Productions:

Emotional Appeal

Your customer’s story will come from the heart, appealing to potential customers on an emotional level. According to a Search Engine World, 92% of consumers trust recommendations when they come from actual customers. Positive testimonials from loyal customers posted on your site’s homepage and other areas provide an emotional connection that projects a sense of trust in your services that viewers pick up on and use for their purchasing decisions.

Increased Exposure

When you post your customer testimonial videos and case studies on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter, they are more likely to share them with their contacts than other forms of video. As users expose this type of video to others, they in turn find different ways to expose your videos to even more people, exponentially increase your reach and brand awareness on social media and throughout the internet.

Added Credibility

The telling of your customer’s story extolling the virtues of our services and products will do a great job of adding a level of credibility to your business. Viewers on your site and social media will accept a level of trust in your business just by seeing a storyteller vouching for you through their personal experiences. 

Adds Personal Touch

Customer testimonial videos in their own words appear as third party recommendations from actual satisfied customers. Seeing real people share their stories on a testimonial page humanizes your brand and adds a personal touch through an emotional connection. Viewers can look into the eyes of a real customer that is telling them how you helped someone in their exact situation.

How to Get the Most of Your Customer Testimonial Video?

In all likelihood, your customers will not be professional broadcasters that are used to or comfortable being in front of the camera. At the end of the day, they will not be able to sit down and just create your testimonial case study for you. You will need to present to them a series of questions to get the kinds of honest responses that will connect with viewers.

Each subject will be different, and they will respond a little bit differently to varying formats and approaches. The following are great examples of some of the information you will need to get from them to maximize the power of customer testimonial video.

Personal information

You will need the customers in a video testimonial to be able to connect with the groups of viewers you are trying to attract. It is important to get as personal as possible early in the video so potential customers will relate. Getting them to talk about themselves and their lives will not only help to relate to a broad section of consumers, but it will also loosen the subject up and enable them to speak more freely and with more confidence.

How long they have been a customer

Long-time customers will have more credibility with your audiences, though a new customer who has been helped may also exude more passion and excitement about how you helped them. A mix of newer and more established customers will appeal to the broadest number of consumers.

Their need or problem

Testimonial videos are a type of content that is all about relating to new customers. Letting them know that others deal with the same issues and needs will get their attention. Once they see they are not alone in their situation, they will want to stick around to see how you helped this other customer solve the same problems they are experiencing.

Your solutions

Sharing how you helped your customers is as effective a sales pitch as any, without even coming across as one. Your customers are the experts about your problem-solving abilities. If you were not able to help, they would not be talking. The simplest description of how you helped is the most powerful customer testimonial you can provide to prospective customers.

Reasons to recommend you to others

Letting the subject expand on those elements that make you stand out among the competition adds an element of authenticity. You will not want to script any answers for them, but you can lead to topics that you know will draw out the best answers. They may even come up with reasons that you have never thought to highlight or bring out in other video marketing efforts.

Why Choose Us?

Coldea Productions uses a film making background and years of experience to produce the type of video content that will appeal to the broadest groups of potential customers. We have a team of video production specialists that create customer testimonial video to connect personally with consumers and provide a level of confidence and credibility that other formats cannot hope to offer.

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