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Live Webcasting Service

In these unprecedented times and stay at home mandates, it has never been more critical for businesses of all sizes to have safe ways to communicate with existing and potential customers, employees, and other associates. Coldea Productions stands above other webcast service providers in providing professional live webcasting options for a wide range of business goals and objectives. Our team uses years of experience and distinct skill sets to reach large audiences and keep them engaged, entertained, and informed.

Having the ability to host conference calls, product rollouts and demonstrations, inhouse training and onboarding, and other on-demand or live webcast productions allows you to maintain your business operations and grow your business without the need to meet in person. Coldea Productions is a highly respected full-service webcast service provider that offers cost-effective solutions to your business communication needs.

What Can a Webcast Service Provider Do for You?

At Coldea Productions, our talented team of video production and live streaming professionals offers end-to-end webcasting solutions that will extend the reach of your presentations. Our goal is to present your most important content in an engaging way that will keep your audiences watching and compel them to act. A dedicated team of experienced technicians, artists, and marketers uses state-of-the-art equipment and the latest techniques and processes to present you as a leading force and trusted resource to your partners, investors, customers, and employees.

Webcasting is a powerful business communication tool that connects you to large audiences that can engage and interact with you in real-time. Live streams and recordings are accessible to attendees through desktop and laptop computers, and mobile devices of all kinds and make. All they need is an internet connection to view your webcast from anywhere in the world.

Why Use Coldea Productions as Your Webcast Service Provider?

The advances streaming technology and widespread availability of high speed and wireless internet connections came at the perfect time for businesses of varying sizes in all types of industries to deal with the global coronavirus pandemic. With so many people working remotely and unable to meet with groups in person, live streaming and on-demand webcasts have provided an essential lifeline to businesses’ communication needs all over the world.

Coldea Productions is ideally positioned to help businesses make the transition from a typical office environment to virtual office communications that reach large numbers of attendees at once. The following are among the most important features our team provides to help you maximize the power of webcasting.

Modern Webcasting Technology

Technological advances in the digital age come at a dizzying pace, requiring webcast service providers to update their equipment, processes continually, and distribution methods to keep up with the ever-changing market and user trends. At Coldea Productions, our industry professionals have grown with the business and keep up-to-date with the latest upgrades and improvements in the ability to share information through on-demand video content and live webcasts.

Industry Experience

There is no substitute for experience. As technology changes, only the most experienced technicians and marketers will adapt and take advantage of the latest and most advanced methods and processes. Our team at Coldea Productions can handle any challenges thrown our way because we have already provided solutions for many others in the same circumstance. We take years of experience and apply our knowledge, skills, and prior successes to offer the best solutions for you.

Staging and Setup

An essential element of your webcasts is pre-production planning to make the live webcast or recording go as smoothly as possible. The foundation of Coldea Productions lies in our years of video production experience. We know how to set up and stage a successful webcast because we have done it before and seen what works and what does not. We provide your webcast with high front-end production quality that makes you stand out among the competition.

Technical Support

Many moving parts are in the execution of a webcast production, many of them dealing with complicated technology. A lot can go wrong, and when it does, you need professional technical support from the expert webcast service providers at Coldea Productions. From download speeds and firewall issues to video quality and audio clarity, our experts will test all components and can troubleshoot any issues on the spot in real-time.

Integration Solutions

Today’s webcast service providers must be able to integrate a wide range of features and functions that will make your production look and sound its best. Our team will ensure that your webcast will take full advantage of all components like live chat and screen sharing capabilities to keep your production engaging and informative.

Types of Webcast Service Options for Your Business

Webcasting offers businesses like yours a wide range of options for marketing opportunities, and internal communications. Our team of industry professionals will work with you to determine which formats will work best to reach your specific needs and goals.

Product and Service Marketing

Whether you are rolling out a new product line or want to expand your reach to broader audiences of targeted consumers, marketing-related webcasts are used to highlight your products and services and present your business as an industry leader and reliable resource for existing and future customers. A video is a powerful tool that effectively breaks down complex information and makes it easy to understand and retain. Live webcasts add a dynamic component that allows attendees and viewers to engage and interact in real-time.

Corporate Communications

Meeting with your investment teams and shareholders using a media portal to host conference calls and other media will save you and your attendees time and money. Instead of incurring travel and rental expenses, you can reach those who are most important to your business’s success from the comforts of their offices or homes. Through recorded or live webcasts, corporate communications allow you to engage with employees and other corporate partners in unprecedented ways.

Employee Training, Onboarding

It is crucial to get new employees off to a good start and fully prepare them to be a valuable member of your staff. Employee training webcasts offer a comprehensive, consistent medium to provide all of the information new employees need to get started. On-demand videos can be viewed at their convenience from their computers or mobile devices. These videos can be saved and archived for use across the board for any new employees. Onboarding video content allows you to present your mission and the goals and objectives of your business.

Education, eLearning

Schools all across the country are preparing for remote learning during the global health pandemic. Education institutions at all levels must be ready to shift to the ever-changing landscape to serve their students while keeping them safe and healthy. Live webcasts and recordings allow for eLearning that supports students and teachers engaged in the process.

Tips When Hosting a Webcast

Hosting a webcast is more than merely turning on a camera and providing information. The following are ways to get and keep both the presenter and the attendees engaged and focused.

Set Goals and Objectives

As the adage goes, you will never reach goals that are not set. The first step in preparing and producing a webcast is to have clear, specific goals and objectives you hope to achieve. These will help organizers drive your webcast and determine the content and targeted audiences you wish to reach. A product demonstration and your next shareholders’ meeting will have starkly different objectives that will dictate your next preparation steps.

Know Your Audience

Webcasts allow you to engage and interact with your audience to provide a personal touch. You know your employees, clients, and customers better than anyone. Use this knowledge and industry experience to produce content that is most likely to connect with them and compel them into action.

Webcast Slides

Screen sharing options offer you the opportunity to use slides that enhance the information you are delivering. Some tips to help maximize your slides include:

  • Make the text on your slides visually clear and easy to read
  • Keep text content to a minimum with the most relevant and engaging content
  • Do not read the text on your slides word-for-word
  • Keep bullets points to just 3-4 per slide to keep your presentation moving
  • Use pointers to highlight important points and help to keep your attendees engaged

Why Choose Us?

Coldea Productions is uniquely positioned to provide safe and effective alternatives to in-person meetings and gatherings through professional webcasting services. Our team of skilled production technicians and digital marketers can help you deliver the most essential information and marketing materials to the largest group of attendees without going against social distancing guidelines. We are using years of hands-on experience to help businesses like yours keep the communication lines open and expand your reach to large groups of consumers.

Get Started with us today

At Coldea Productions, we are a full-service video production and webcast service provider dedicated to helping businesses wade through the complicated world of live webcasting and on-demand content. Get started today by contacting Coldea Productions for complete information on our wide range of webcasting services.

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