Real Estate Photography


real estate photography

Why do you need a real estate photographer?

To reach the winner’s circle in real estate you need to have a knack for finding the right buyers to walk in the door of the properties you’re listing. There are numerous ways to get them there, but an extremely important component is the value of photography for real estate.

And when you take on the responsibility of listing someone’s home, it is your promise to do what you can to find a buyer. That involves marketing the house, showing its best features and reaching out to a wide audience.

As any member of the National Association of Realtors can attest, your ability to sell a house, and the speed with which you find buyers, are both affected by your marketing materials, which includes photography. Likely the most important aspect of your sales campaign, the quality of photos to represent your client’s house will either draw home buyers or leave them disinterested.

As a blogger said on, while addressing a “desperate realtor”: “Don’t want to lower the price on your house? Consider better photos.”

What’s important is the way the photos make home buyers feel. If you can give them a reason to see your client’s house as their home, you’ve got it sold.

As a realtor, you’ve got your work cut out for you with new listings. After initial consultations with the sellers to get the ball rolling, it’s time for staging. In the same way that you set up an ideal layout and design in the home, creating the most appealing combination possible, your real estate photography is meant to reach out to potential home buyers and show them the house as it could be.

Of course, you want to get the staging done before planning a photo shoot. And it isn’t always an easy process, depending on your home sellers. It sometimes involves having to convince them to thin out the extensive doll collection or take down the four decades of family photos covering all four walls.

real estate photography

What is the best use for real estate photos?

Capturing the shoppers’ attention is the goal. And realtors increasingly turn to posting photos to publicize their listings. With the growing popularity of Instagram and Pinterest, social media as a marketing tool has made even more headway.

The National Association of Realtors and Google conducted a study of “consumer and market trends in real estate” to understand the role of digital media in the consumer home search process: In a trend that Google calls ZMOT, which stands for “Zero Moment of Truth,” home buyers, like shoppers, no longer physically walk into the marketplace, in this case a home for sale. Now they do their homework ahead of time on the internet. The study found that 9 out of 10 home buyers rely on the internet as a primary research source.

Addora Beall, named a “Top Agent in California” by Top Agent Magazine, confirms that social Media is a big part of her marketing. “Facebook has allowed me to tap into the local community and opened up a world of people I lost contact with,” explains the Hall & Chambers real estate agent in Glendale, Calif. “People get an opportunity to get to know me beyond just a real estate transaction. They see my involvement in the community and it builds a level of trust that is personal and sacred. And I respect that dynamic.”

real estate photography

Who can provide me with real estate photography?

Visuals for a comprehensive marketing campaign require a talented team of experts. You’re the pivotal member of the team and when you partner with us at Coldea Productions, we all experience a synergy that drives the sales process to its quickest end: the home sale. We can bring real estate photography tips to the process and bring all the right equipment, but the skills we have go way beyond simple photography. We know how to market your product. Sure, we always have updated equipment and have superior technical know-how, but more so, we’re in the business of advertising and marketing, so we see your success as our success.

You may be interested in getting the property you’re listing out into the marketplace on multiple fronts at one time. If you’d like to have a real estate video, we can take care of that for you also. We have skilled cinematographers with years of filmmaking experience who create promotional videos and films for many clients.

Through the use of drones, we offer you aerial views that include landscape photography, so buyers can analyze the location of the property. It is a method whereby your clients can show off the best features of their home, and give house shoppers some evidence of the neighborhood surroundings. Real estate aerial photography has grown and continues to be more affordable. Our team is prepared to take care of your real estate photography needs when you call.