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Promotional Videos for Small Business

You can take your company from a locally known entity to a leader in your industry with professional promotional videos for small businesses. When you hire a videographer with experience and vision, you get a marketing video package with compelling content and staying power.

Why do I need video marketing?

As a business owner, you make thousands of decisions about everything from manufacturing, craftsmanship, or importing to improving customer service. Your biggest job, however, is selling your products and services because you can’t continue without it. Improving sales is often the most challenging part of the process.

Business acumen can include an ability to crunch numbers or manage personnel, but it helps to think like a customer. If you imagine the level to which video images play a part in the life of average Americans, you know that marketing video efforts are extremely important – especially today.

The whole key to marketing is getting in front of your potential customers and some of the best means to inform your strategy is through data. Digital agency Insivia shares statistics about successful marketing, including the fact that mobile device video consumption rises every year by 100%. And considering your goal is to exponentially grow your audience, it’s even more important to know that getting your promo video on social media will generate 1200% more shares than posts containing still photos or just written text. In fact, it’s estimated that a minute of video is equal in impact to 1.8 million words.

Let’s face it – people would rather get a visual message – even a slideshow – about your business than read a long web page about it. Facebook viewers alone (not to mention, Instagram, TikTok, and other platforms) watch hundreds of millions of hours of video every day.

Branded promotional videos and ads on social media are a part of decision-making for 64% of consumers, and 92% of mobile video shoppers share the videos they discover.

Video marketing will get you 66% more leads, according to estimates. Connect the dots between leads and additional profits and you can see why you need a professional, effective video package.

Doubtless, you have a marketing initiative that provides the bones to your strategy. Now you have to fill in the gap. If you’re a small business and you search “video production company near me,” you may be limiting your options. In today’s world, nearly every industry offers remote services, and when choosing a professional photographer and videographer, you want someone at the top of the technology curve. Also, you want someone who can come to you – wherever you are.

The team at COLDEA Productions has traveled the world doing commercial work for every industry under the sun. We create product videos and provide corporate videography for meetings, conventions, and company retreats. We are knowledgeable and flexible, consulting with you to design a shooting schedule on location to meet your unique needs.

What is an effective promotional video?

The trick in creating the best promo video is to engage not just any audience, but your target customers. Promotional videos can raise the quality of your brand or sabotage the image you have worked hard to maintain.

The most effective videos tell a story and even the simplest TV ad is a great example of a strong narrative. Paper towel companies weave together scenes that lead to disastrous spills and car companies use aerial videography to follow drivers through scenic destinations. 

The cinematography in your commercial needs to do the same – lead consumers to your door. Imagine the resulting profits when your promo video goes viral because it’s so compelling and has such a strong message that no one can resist sharing it.

As for cinematography experts with a background in filmmaking, creating an effective narrative is our forte at COLDEA Productions. We work with you to write storyboards that galvanize your brand while including a strong call to action that gets you results.

We begin by working with you to craft an overarching mission that includes who we’re reaching, what you want them to know, and how you want them to respond. Using our understanding of your company’s goals and our years of experience writing, creating, and editing videos, we give your viewers a reason to click and stay.

One of the most important features of your promotional video is the introduction because if it doesn’t open with compelling content you don’t get the click-through rate you need. It takes more than a slide show and background music to impress digital audiences today. Think about your own experiences – compare a successful teaser and one that turned you off completely. You know from the beginning if they are going to reach you.

According to the Digital Marketing Institute, you have 10 seconds to get the attention of your target audience, because 20% of viewers will click away by that point. Using teasers and such tools as humor and impressive cinematography, you can hook viewers into staying long enough to fully metabolize the value of your brand.

Art evokes emotion which is a powerful tool in marketing. Your promotional video can inspire, entertain, and give the public some access to your company’s best features. The conversion rate is affected by your ask, which we can help you craft with wisdom and clarity.


Does my video content need to be mobile friendly?

In the beginning, digital campaigns were limited to such techniques as email blasts and websites. Local businesses put their resources toward creating a competitive site to draw customers and used their email addresses to stay in front of them. But now that your shoppers use a mobile device, the strategy is different. And it’s where you need to be.

There are a number of factors to optimize your company’s search engine placement and having a mobile-friendly site is high ranking among them – perhaps the most important. Mobile-friendly website design is nearly a requirement if you want to be competitive, so choose a web designer who can create that for you. Check Google’s Webmaster tools to see if your site has been updated for that capability.

Once you know you’re accessible to mobile users – which means you have a miniature version of your website that appears on smartphones and tablets – there are ways to maximize their experience as well. Some of the key features involve the placement of clickable elements, spacing, and font size.

Take your customer base into consideration. For instance, if you own a chain of retirement homes, the text needs to be larger and have better spacing than most. And since so many seniors use tablets, you would make it a priority to design a corporate website that’s user-friendly on those devices.

Mobile optimization is another building block to help you gain momentum and exceed your competitors. Like the quality of your promotional video content, making access to your brand easier for your customers can mean a huge difference in your bottom line.

Where do I get an effective promotional video for business?

Once you recognize the need for new video content, you’re tasked with finding a seasoned videographer with a track record of gaining exposure for their clients.

COLDEA Productions is a team of artists with a background in both the technological aspects of video production and marketing your digital products. Beginning with an effective narrative, we not only shoot your business video, but we also increase its search engine optimization, so you get results when you post it on social media platforms.

We know that as a business owner you have a budget to maintain so we offer you competitive pricing. You also recognize the importance of quality when products reflect your brand. You can’t grow your profits without updating and raising the profile of your corporate image.

When we partner with you to handle your launch, rebranding, or a simple need for a new promotional video, we make your success our end game. Some of the features we bring to your project are cutting-edge equipment including 4K digital cameras and high-tech gear. The cinematography we create as well as the depiction of humanity or function of your products are designed with the highest levels of quality. We build customized sets, control lighting, and provide expansive post-production options.

The process may involve the following:

  • Consultation including an assessment of your company’s unique needs.
  • Storyboard Creation
  • Script Writing
  • Live Footage
  • Animation/Graphics
  • Voiceovers/Narration
  • Final Editing
  • Marketing/Social Media Management

We reach out to a network of industry associates who are experts in video production and we always collaborate for a winning strategy as a team.

We do more than turn on the camera and record a sequence of events – we operate within a strategy of your choosing. We focus on your corporate goals, as making you successful is our job.

We can create the corporate video you need and deliver it to your marketing department, or we can continue providing you service through social media management, advertising, and promotion. In addition to our technical expertise we have a marketing background, so we can do the work of promoting your new video to increase your exposure.

While a promo video by definition is targeting an expansion of your customer base, you can also improve your company’s status through in-house applications. You can both grow your customers and make the onboarding process more entertaining with the same video.  You want to attract the best staff and maintain them, which is more easily accomplished when you share your company culture through an effective video.

A corporate brand is forwarded through many means – not just advertising. When employees are onboarded with training videos that create a positive vibe in their new workplace, they share more images and videos which expose your brand. There’s an industry advantage when your staff members increase the volume of their social media shares about your company. It’s also economical to use your professional promotional video for multiple purposes.

You want to be seen by more than local businesses in your area and the only way to do that is the power of digital marketing. A slideshow at Rotary or a networking group presentation is fine, but when your marketing video properly promotes your brand, it has legs.

Every successful business owner knows you have to stay on top of your marketing strategy and adjust as times change. Right now is a point in time where creating promotional videos for small business puts you on the map and keeps you there.

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