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After months of planning and executing a successful conference, the work of a Las Vegas Luxor convention photographer can make your accomplishment even sweeter. Professional trade show photography shows the world your enviable stream of attendees, A-list speakers and creative demonstrations. You can get a lot of marketing mileage from company meetings and outings photography showing how your schedule of events engaged your convention visitors.

Luxor Convention Photography

Planning an event that draws visitors to a 30-story pyramid evoking the power of ancient Egypt is a task of epic proportions. As a high-powered professional managing countless demands from executives, exhibitors, sponsors, vendors and other staff, you need reliable associates to cover all the bases.

Acquiring high-quality conference photography is a monumental responsibility, which you can’t devote adequate attention to when you have other pressures before, during and after the event.

Coldea Productions event photographers are skilled, experienced artists who know what comprehensive coverage looks like. We meet with you in advance to create a show schedule with shot lists and a concise outline of your priorities. When your C-suite executives come in contact with your top-tier clients, you need that recorded. And when your convention closes with a gala and awards show, a red carpet and PR photographer should catch attendees at the media wall and capture presentations by winners and celebrity guests.

Coldea Productions Convention Photography & Creative Services

It’s the home of the Blue Man Group and one of the most recognizable resorts on The Strip. What happens at the Luxor tends to be newsworthy, but you want your event to be the top story. Professional meetings and events photography by Coldea Productions can make that happen.

The convention may rank at the top of your portfolio – maybe your organization and attention to detail was your best effort to date. But after the show, it benefits you more if members of the public know about it.

The creative services team at Coldea Productions can use your Luxor convention photography to mobilize a marketing campaign that exposes your brand to more potential clients than ever before. Through the use of high-resolution photography, computer animation and post-production editing processes, we can launch a marketing campaign that optimizes the impact of your work.

When you gather experts in your field for the exchange of information, consultation and discussion, it doesn’t have to end there. If you spearhead a trade show where industry leaders present research and companies showcase their exhibits, you can let the rest of the world see it.

At Coldea Productions, we extend the life of your event by posting its best features on multiple platforms, always customized to meet your goals. If it’s time to revamp your branding, we can help you transform or update your company’s image to reach a greater share of your customer base.

When your event stands tall – a magnificent feat with a wealth of information and entertainment – the word gets out to others through an experienced Las Vegas Luxor convention photographer. You reap the benefits of increased exposure for your company and develop a reputation that draws more visitors next year.

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