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You can improve your marketing campaign by hiring an explainer video production company to animate your message and pump new life into your conversion rates. With a visual package of moving images and a compelling message you can reach a new audience and expand your leadership in your industry. An explainer video is also useful for corporate needs that involve teaching, training or in-house how-to information.

What is a video explainer?

Communicating with customers and the public at large is a big job, but a necessary one. And you want the most effective marketing plan available for a business of your size. Whether you’re a startup or a Fortune 500 corporation – all serious businesses should be marketing with videos and one of the best ways to connect is through the storytelling capability of an explainer. It is able to highlight your corporate strengths and can describe your products and services.

The kind of video you choose will vary, but there are certain features that are similar among the video explainer options. For one thing, they tend to be short-form tools, usually limited to 30-90 seconds. Narration can be important for your messaging, through infographics and other animated videos do the work visually.

Because the vast majority of shoppers seek out customer testimonials, a video production where consumers use their own words to underscore the benefits of your products is priceless. Sometimes a script is useful, particularly when you want your target audience to gain more than just the gist of your company message. And when you need to convey a host of details it may require more sophisticated templates

For other formats, such as instructional videos, you want to consult an animation company with the writing ability to sharpen your content and the artistic expertise to make it visually stimulating. An animated explainer video can be extremely effective for companies with large training classes or industries with lighthearted staff. When you need a communication style with physical drawings, you can create a whiteboard animation video using the talent of illustrators who know how to comply with your narrative. 

Basically, the target audience for an explainer video may be within or outside the company and is utilized by human resources departments, sales staff members, and C-suite executives. They are used for recruitment, training, marketing and sales, and maybe permanent fixtures on your company website.

How do explainer videos help businesses?

The video content of your explainer should be directed at completing your mission. If you need it for marketing purposes, it should drive sales. If you use it for recruitment, then you should attract talent. A professional explainer video company can help you connect those dots – creating the storyboard your project needs to obtain the results you want. Your final product depends on the nature of the explainer:


Making Introductions

If you’re an entrepreneur introducing your innovative, new line of merchandise, a product video is the best form of the explainer to roll it out to the public.

If you are a solopreneur who needs to meet more future clients, an explainer video is a way to do that. Some forms of text messaging are conversational, but nothing is more direct and focused than speaking to your audience on video. The form of video you need will depend on your industry and your application for the project.

How do we know personalities such as Chip and Joanna Gaines, Dave Ramsey, and Martha Stewart? They connected with the public through corporate video.

Many types of businesses benefit from this strategy, including:

  • Executive coaches
  • Therapists
  • Yoga instructors
  • Trainers
  • Sensei experts
  • Politicians
  • advisors
  • Keynote speakers


While promotional strategies are continually evolving, it’s not often that a process comes along that is as dramatic as video marketing. Pumping up sales will always be in the sights of management and an explainer video is perfectly situated to do its part.

Product demonstrations – both for customers and your sales team or other staff members – are helpful to promote the use and best features of the products. By establishing a YouTube channel, you can post demos for all of your products. It serves two purposes – not only does it do the work of literally demonstrating how to use products, but your explainer videos can also draw more attention through that social media platform.

Exposure to more consumers is the name of the game when it comes to marketing, and the eye-catching features of video production cannot be overstated. And when the videos posted by your marketing team are professional, the reflection of your brand has a higher quality.

In-House Needs

You can switch video applications from marketing to communicating with your own staff as well. While live videos are more effective for certain types of programming, you may choose an animated video for short demonstrations or step-by-step instructions.

When creating tutorials or educational videos where in-depth training is involved, you’re more likely to need a live-action explainer video to convey detail. Likewise, the type of instructional messaging you need when planning staff retreats and developing material for keynote speakers may be limited to live actors. Company meetings and teambuilding videos can be structured to meet your specific needs, however.

The type of video production you choose will depend on your industry as well as the purpose of the project. 


What is an animated explainer video company?

Some companies prefer live action explainer videos, particularly those that deal with serious issues, from cancer treatment to environmental conditions. But reputable companies have had successful outcomes with 2d animation explainer videos for a variety of purposes.

There is a universal appeal to the animation style, as most Americans grew up with cartoons and Disney feature films, so it’s a familiar medium. Both a San Francisco Bay area tech company and a small Midwestern ag business can benefit from reaching out to an animation studio.

 There are more uses for character animation than you may expect – you are not limited to a ninja design or common emojis reserved for light, humorous subject matter.

Graphic representations can perform well even with sensitive subjects from climate change to wartime efforts. Each step of the process is specially designed with the attitude and structure to meet the moment. Like the global facts portrayed by topographers, video illustrators can animate causes and concerns while reflecting your company’s brand. 

Your message can be customized using a whiteboard video, a format where you can physically draw images and illustrate your story with markers. This is a good choice when you want to utilize an idea from your illo Sketchbook or you want your viewers to get more than just the gist of the message.

Animation videos are useful for both specific messaging and branding. Companies such as Ikea have motion graphics videos to promote their corporate image in the marketplace and PayPal uses animation for its merchant services.

It’s a great format to demonstrate step-by-step processes and one of the advantages to a 2D explainer video is that revisions are easy to make. Illustrators go to work and change messaging or add characters without the unlimited revision experience you may get with a live-action video production company.

Do I need an explainer video on my website?

If your company’s sales numbers look good you may not be looking to create a video for marketing purposes. But to maintain that success you need a competitive, updated website. There are a number of places on your site that call for explainer videos. A company overview communicates the qualities you choose, product videos describe the lines you carry and testimonials galvanize the decisions your potential customers make – an increase in conversion rates.

Depending on the areas of your company that need work, you may be applying it to pages that reach already existing customers or you might be using a new video package to increase profits by expanding your reach.

One of the most obvious examples of the power of explainer videos is the growth of Dropbox. Experts estimate the digital storage powerhouse grew to a $100 million company with a very simple recipe for success: a website homepage containing a simple explainer video.

The truth is, you tee up your company for best results when you embed videos on every web page where it is relevant. If you’re a vendor for multiple products, your dealership website may not need numerous individual videos for everything you carry. But you may need videos to represent each product category or to introduce the “about us” page with the history of the company and headshots of project managers, sales reps, and office staff.

How do I make an explainer video?

The production process has a lot of moving parts and it isn’t a job for the faint of heart. If it’s your first time considering a new video product, keep in mind the best explainer video companies handle every detail – from business idea to delivery.

COLDEA Productions has a talented team of artists with experience in customized storytelling – bringing your company’s best features to your target audience. We have marketing expertise which includes researching the most effective way to reach your customer base and creating a video package that connects with them. We bring your brand to the outside world as well as providing explainer videos for your corporate use. We create training videos, recruitment videos, or whatever meets the needs of your business.

Our turnaround times are swift and we keep your goals at the center of the project. Whether your message includes complex ideas or you have straightforward branding, we communicate your message through visual means and create a script that’s on point. 

You need a team with experience if your website is going to reflect the quality of your business. A real estate video needs aerial videography and product videos need high-definition photography and video footage. We are professionals who work within your budget and help you develop a strategy that meets your needs, collaborating with you so you avoid the time-consuming unlimited revision process.

We are also adept at social media marketing, so you can spend business days developing new products and sales strategies while we handle the important task of telling the world about your best features.

We are an explainer video production company that handles every aspect of the process for you.

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