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A wind-swept beachfront ceremony. The tear-stained face of an award-winner. A pediatric patient walking the runway. These are images you can’t fully describe, which is why a Garden Grove event photographer has such an important task – to create an image that’s as close to being present as possible.


Event photography is essential to share an experience.

Nobody knows that better than sites like The Knot and WeddingWire, where couples turn for advice to plan the perfect ceremony and reception. But they don’t do it without visuals. The best wedding photography is what persuades them when it comes to dresses, caterers, diamonds, and locations.

Brides and wedding planners rely on peer reviews and tips on sites like these. For instance, there’s a post about the Crystal Cathedral in Garden Grove (now called Christ Cathedral) where a woman warns couples that there’s no center aisle in their Chapel in the Sky, adding the positive suggestion that they activate the fountains when they’re proclaimed “man and wife.”

Parties and celebrations photography not only preserves the occasion for the future, but you can also include more individuals in the present. Maybe you can’t fly out the family from the farm for your 50th, but they can all join your celebration remotely if your Garden Grove event photographer has the proper tools. Ask him/her to upload the photos throughout the duration of the party – all you need is wi-fi.


Good conferences and meetings photography can add to your revenue.

According to Forbes Magazine, there was a study concluding that in-store shopping behavior is greatly influenced by online research. The report, called The ROBO Economy (Research Online Buy Offline), said that 82% of people looked up merchandise on their phones before making purchases in major categories, including health and beauty, tools, electronics, automotive, and toys.

As most of us know, people remember 80% of what they see but only 20% of what they read, a fact that’s confirmed by the online site AmeriCommerce. That is why photography is essential to promote a product – or anything else.

To meet the standards of vendors and sponsors of your business event, it has to gain traction – as quickly as possible and for as long as possible. Last year’s conventions and tradeshows photography may get crowds there this year, but to gain and sustain momentum, you need company events photography that gives it a significant shelf-life.

An experienced photo professional should be able to advise you or offer you a package with additional services that maximize your search engine optimization.

There are key questions to ask when searching out a skilled Garden Grove event photographer.

Though you may find many choices in the phone book under “event photographers in Garden Grove,” your interview process is going to pinpoint the best match to your needs. You need to know some of the same specifics whether you’re hosting a wedding at Belmont Shore Chalet or a series of meetings at the Anaheim Convention Center.

Some of the most useful questions are:


What kinds of preparations do you take?

Charging batteries, packing multiple lenses, and researching the location are all important aspects of preparation. Everyone on your photo team needs to be dressed appropriately, have the proper equipment, and be ready for last-minute changes.

What are your thought processes when you’re shooting an event?

To some, it may sound like an irrelevant question. But an individual who takes full responsibility for the resulting images from your event has to have an answer for that. You need a thinker – someone who has the creativity to problem-solve when challenges arise and a creative event photographer who can devise a plan.

Do you enjoy your work?

Honestly, it’s possible that everyone you interview will say “yes,” but what matters most is what follows. Does he/she like people? If so, your guests are likely to be more comfortable. And you can look for other clues from their answers. For instance, you probably want to weed out candidates who seem to assert themselves into the spotlight more than the subjects they’re photographing … or photographers who seem to be low on patience.

What equipment do you use?

Knowing what’s in your event photographer’s toolkit can help you with your decision. A Garden Grove event photographer should have professional-level gear, including:

  • High-quality cameras and lenses
  • Off-camera flash
  • Software for post-event editing
  • Tether for wireless real-time posting
  • Backup memory cards

Can you describe your process?

Even a Hasselblad H4D doesn’t guarantee superior-quality photos. You want someone to have the attention to detail that produces quality photography. A competent photographer should be able to fully explain their craft with details from the golden ratio rule and the Phi grid to tonal range and color theory.


An event with live music requires a unique knowledge of tactics for bands and musicians photography.

The background and experience of a professional concert photographer need to be rock solid if you’re going to get compelling photo products from the event. If you’ve ever held an event at Garden Amp – the Garden Amphitheater next to Village Green Park on Main Street – then you know the challenges of an open-air venue.

The most notable Garden Grove event photographers who cover festivals like Planet Moon or the Metallica Tribute concert use multiple cameras and operate drone technology to communicate the energy of crowds through overhead images. Concerts and live performances, photography is not for the faint of heart.

Photo professionals also need to compound their ability with the flexibility to bend to the range of music programming at Garden Amp. From punk concerts to Shakespeare, capturing the tone of the performing arts has limitless designs. Only the most skillful event photographers in Garden Grove can do right by clients like the Pilgrims, who did a record release carnival theme party to promote their new album.

Non-profit events photography should reflect the message of the organization.

Promoting cancer research, reducing teen suicide or increasing arts education – every 501(c)(3) has a mission, which is at the heart of fundraising efforts. And these need to be strongly communicated through the galas, awards and fundraisers photography that results.


For more than 60 years, the Garden Grove Strawberry Festival has brought the east and west sides of the city together. Beginning in 1958 with the Garden Grove Chamber of Commerce, it was later turned over to the Strawberry Festival Association and moved to Garden Grove Park, which now benefits multiple local charities. In the last 50 years, the organization has donated $4.5 million to hundreds of nonprofit groups. Amenities financed by the Strawberry Festival include:

  • Children’s Wing of Central Library
  • Police command post
  • Twin Towers at Atlantis Park
  • Boys & Girls Club building
  • Police and fire departments
  • Amphitheater seating

Becoming involved with a non-profit is one of the most rewarding opportunities for any citizen, whether you contribute as an organizer, Ticketmaster, performer, or photographer. Depending on the style of your event, sometimes hiring a professional with a background in red carpet and PR photography is a plus, especially in the case of a black-tie function, such as the “Open Our Hearts” gala by the Medical and Education Missions Outreach (M.E.M.O.).

Budgets are always a concern – from non-profit functions to 6-figure anniversary parties. However, the personal and professional gain from high-resolution images can’t be understated. A Garden Grove event photographer should produce that effect for you and your family, friends, or clients.

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