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Video Production

The work of corporate video production companies can get your brand in front of more members of the public while also serving your purpose within the company. If you haven’t incorporated video into your marketing plan, it’s a quick, affordable strategy that offers a robust return on your investment.

Within a company, there are many reasons to create a corporate training video. Even before someone is hired, you can portray your company culture through a recruitment video. And you can layout an incentive program for your staff members in a video format as well.

What is corporate video production?

Business executives have the weighty responsibility of overseeing production, personnel, sales, and marketing, while also keeping the company profitable. There are numerous proven methods to maximize your opportunities for success and the video production industry has seen that one of the best ways to both streamline operations and inject life into your marketing efforts is through the use of video.

video production company can help you develop a strategy to improve your image, both within the company and to consumers, and increase your profits.

At the heart of every video production is storytelling. Your business has a story of its own and a video communicates both the values and personality of your business. It should send a clear, targeted message to your audience.

It begins with purpose and ends with a performance. When your business objective includes launching a new product line or rebranding your entire image, you know you need fresh content for those aims, and you’ll get more attention with a video package than text and photos.

That goes for businesses of every size and shape. You don’t have to make it onto Inc. Magazine’s list of America’s fastest-growing private companies to find the work of a corporate video production company useful. Whether you are in Los Angeles, New York, or somewhere in between, the vast majority of commerce is online now. Reaching out to them with video is far more effective than other formats.

There are many different types of corporate videos, which serve various needs within a company. The style of production you choose will depend on the purpose of the video and your target audience.

The hardware and the software of the job work in tandem to bring together an onslaught of ideas and bring them into reality. The equipment can involve a host of features including (among many other elements):

  • High-resolution cameras
  • Portable lighting sources
  • Lenses
  • Image stabilizers
  • Headphones
  • Microphones
  • Drones
  • Dollies
  • Computer/digital drives

Suffice it to say, a project with this level of importance is not fit for an amateur. You need to reach out to a team of professionals.

What should a corporate video include?

When a videography team does their best work, they can take the basics and create an effective visual tool that’s inventive and contemporary. It needs the ingredients that bring about a high click-through rate and even better, a response to your ask, followed by a reliable conversion rate. You want viewers to engage and for the engagement to result in sales.

Some of the most important elements are cinematography, authenticity, information, motivation, and entertainment. Because corporate videos should be story-driven, dramatic, and authentic, it’s a good idea to choose a videography team with a background as filmmakers. To that end, your content is determined by the purpose, but can contain many of these elements:

  • Documentary style
  • Drama
  • Narrated
  • Testimonial
  • Awareness campaign
  • Branded content
  • Expert testimony
  • Customer experience
  • Live capture
  • Music video
  • Workplace infomercial
  • Lifestyle commercial
  • Recruitment film

With the help of a video production industry team, your video content is shaped for maximum effectiveness. Choosing from various styles and adding elements that attract your target audience will greatly affect your success.

Why do you need a corporate video?

Every business that has the potential to reach more customers online should reach out to a video production company to develop a marketing video. YouTube is the second-largest search engine in the world and for you to be competitive, you need content to upload to your own company’s channel. It’s a tremendous opportunity, especially if your client base includes millennials or Gen-Xers.


When an online shopper visits your website, they leave with a visceral picture of the nature of your business. It’s the power of branding and it can lean either way – they can perceive you in the best possible light or get a negative view. Corporate video production enables you to take control and show them the best features of your company through web videosTV commercials, and other visual content.

There are many obstacles to your sales team’s ability to get in front of potential customers. Looking back, it’s been 100 years since telemarketing began, according to an article in AdAge, when the phone became an effective tool to increase sales. The steel industry and the field of finance were the first to use phones for marketing purposes. The 1970s saw the advent of call centers to expand on the speed and efficacy of the process and it came to be known as telemarketing. In 1987, commercial entities spent more than $40 billion on phone sales, which was double what they were spending on direct-mail advertising.

Telemarketing is still in use today – perhaps by your company – but more effective technologies have evolved that minimize the challenges of personnel time and getting past gatekeepers. Cold calling has a different meaning now.

Because of the proven effectiveness of embracing the latest technology, both short-form and long-form videos are a key factor in the marketing campaigns of small businesses and Fortune 500 companies. Many statistics show it has the best ROI compared to other forms of social media marketing.

When you cold call you stand ready with your elevator pitch, which you have to deliver sometimes dozens of times in a day. But a corporate video enables you to have it perfectly planned and smoothly executed. Your ability to track click-through rates enables you to create “warm calls” for your sales team so they can follow up on interested customers. The leads are more qualified when you analyze digital responses.

In-House Videos

Video marketers know the boost you get with a polished, professional visual package that educates the public about your brand and promotes your best side to more consumers through sharing. But while you look into the possibility of video marketing you can also take advantage of the impactful power of video inside the walls of your company.

Training Videos

In today’s ever-changing world, you are continually disseminating new information to employees. There are updated governmental regulations, and changes in insurance benefits each year. The more you streamline that process, the better it is for the budget because it takes less staff time.

Corporate videos can cover any topic you choose, including company protocols, staff duties, harassment training, benefits coverage, and onboarding new hires. Training videos are effective tools in most departments and they cut down on redundancy and supervisor burnout.

Event Videos

When you host a conference or even a company party, you are banking on the value of bringing associates together for a common purpose. By creating a record of your event’s success with an event video, you not only secure it for history, but you can also use the content for several purposes.

When you oversee the operations for vendors, visitors, exhibitors, and speakers for an annual event, it would cut costs if you didn’t reinvent the wheel every year. One of the best ways to document the process is through trade show photography and videos. A visual record provides next year’s event planner a picture of the intended outcome.

The same is true for corporate gatherings. You want images from meetings and industry awards show to company party photos and videos. Again, the footage from these corporate videos can be used for your marketing piece.

Recruiting Videos

Like the training videos for longtime employees, a recruiting video informs the viewer. But when you get in front of job candidates it’s a little like showing your best features to shoppers. The best way to lure top talent is to communicate that your company is growing and staying on trend, with enough capital to invest in current technologies.

You can share your company culture through a recruiting video as well, which is a form of branding. You have a better chance to attract staff members that are a good fit with your standards and mission statement when they can see it on a video.

Who creates corporate videos?

Ultimately, it’s your final product that matters. You need high-quality video, which doesn’t come from a simple camera set up in the office or an iMovie. When you realize the value of getting your brand into the public’s eye, make sure you choose professional videographers who are also seasoned, marketing experts.

The creative team at COLDEA Productions has a skill set that goes beyond expertise with a camera. We bring years of experience to partner with you and collaborate on a sharp, effective video tool that’s customized to meet your needs. After the idea phase, we create a design, develop a storyboard, and write a script, then get to work on the nuts and bolts of the shoot. We can hire on-air talent, collect props and design sets or do the necessary location scouting. We take responsibility for the project so you can continue your masterful work running the company.

COLDEA Productions is based in Los Angeles and we take projects all over the world – we have worked in the international arena and our cinematography is high profile. As video marketers, we know how to create a moving narrative to tell your story in a strategic manner, so you get results. And because we’ve worked with companies in numerous industries, we understand the variation in target markets.

We create branded content for companies who are revamping their image or launching a new business. We help you bring your product to market or inspire the troops – whatever your needs.

Among the services we offer, we can create:

  • Commercials
  • Documentaries
  • Web video content
  • Event coverage
  • Staff training videos
  • Digital marketing
  • Much more

When you bring on COLDEA Productions, you gain countless ideas and vast experience in all forms of video communications, marketing, and promotions. Your video production has a unique end game, whether that includes better staffing or greater profits. While typical corporate video production companies offer slices of expertise in the process, we bring a team of professionals together to help you achieve your goals.

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