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From the most effective marketing opportunities to internal communications, videos have taken over the business world as a primary source to deliver information to your customers and employees. Coldea Productions is a full-service corporate video production company specializing in producing high-quality video content created by a team of industry professionals in their respective fields.


If your business is ready to take branded content up a notch, you may be considering the use of a production team to create corporate videos. However, if you are new to creating business video content, finding a high quality and affordable corporate video production company in Los Angeles can be daunting. That’s where we come in.


One of the best strategies to expand your reach to consumers is through corporate video. A professional visual marketing piece that supports your company’s claims and projects an image that reflects your standards of quality is an effective way to promote your brand to innumerable new audiences. From YouTube to Vimeo, there is an increasing number of platforms for video marketing – and many forms comply with even the most conservative budget. Adding video is a great way to jump-start your marketing program.


When your business is humming along but your vision for it is far greater, corporate films are a great way to scale your profits by expanding your outreach. When you access the power of corporate video, your new reality can match the commercial aspirations in your head. Research shows that the majority of people are visual learners, which includes online shoppers, and in the age of information technology the way to engage consumers is through impactful screen images.


Whether you’re building a new brand or reinforcing the image you already have, the best corporate videos are a relied-upon means to promote what’s new at your company. Used widely by companies big and small, video marketing is a powerful tool to cut through the noisy overstimulation your target audience finds on the internet.


Your brand is the most valuable commodity your business has and the way it is presented to the world is the key to long-term, sustained success in the market. The high quality, professional corporate videography offered at Coldea Productions will help you grow your business by highlighting your online presence, increasing your brand awareness, and driving your target audience to your website. Additionally, internal videos will keep your staff on the same page when it comes to training and company policies and procedures.


Traditional marketing is less effective than it used to be, but a corporate videographer can create a powerful tool that gets your brand noticed in the far reaches of the internet. It can serve to raise your profile for current clients and expand your customer base through social media sharing.


Coldea Productions is a highly respected full service corporate video company specializing in businesses that rely on video that promote your products and services and provide valuable information to your staff. Videos have taken over the business world and are now the best way to communicate to prospective clients, current customers, and employees.


The video production professionals at Coldea Productions can partner with you to produce a wide range of corporate training videos, creating a comprehensive plan to meet all of your training and development needs through high quality, engaging, and informative content that can be archived and shared throughout your organization.


You want to maintain an edge in the marketplace, and you know you need digital visibility. A corporate video agency is able to create a visual marketing tool that reaches a wider audience and promotes your brand to the public. With a change in the script and some post-production motion graphics, a video production company can use the same medium to address other needs within your company as well.


When you own and operate a business that you are scaling for growth, corporate film production can energize that effort, as it’s a proven method to raise your profile and boost your brand. It certainly applies to companies well beyond North America. You open the floodgates when you communicate your company’s best features through social media across the globe, from a YouTube channel and Facebook page to a hashtag challenge on TikTok.


A corporate explainer video is an audio-visual presentation that concisely explains specific aspects of the products or services your business provides. A video explainer from our specialists at Coldea Productions increases your target audience’s understanding of the material and information covered. These short videos are ideal for capturing the attention of today’s fast-paced consumers of online information and entertainment.


The work of corporate video production companies can get your brand in front of more members of the public while also serving your purpose within the company. If you haven’t incorporated video into your marketing plan, it’s a quick, affordable strategy that offers a robust return on your investment.


Technological advancements in recent years have changed the business community’s approach and processes for using video in a wide range of marketing and internal communication applications. Coldea Productions is a full service corporate video production company that has been there through it all. A talented production staff uses an extensive filmmaking background to bring your business messaging to life with dynamic, engaging, and persuasive video content designed to increase your company’s online presence and generate quality traffic to your website.


Coldea Productions is a video production company that provides a wide range of dynamic, effective corporate video production services designed to tell your business’s story through engaging, impactful video presentations. This is a great way to increase your online presence and drive traffic to your website. A talented and experienced production and digital marketing team will partner with you throughout the entire process, from concept development to effective distribution to targeted potential customers most likely to be interested in your products and services.
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