Conference Photography

Conference Photography

Conference Photography

Planning a meeting of the minds is a serious business, and you need a crack team of professionals to bring it to fruition. Your conference photography is no exception.

At Coldea Productions we specialize in corporate events, including trade shows, conferences, conventions, and other commercial ventures. As a full-service media team, we can take command of the images you want so you can concentrate on gaining the results you need.

Engaging speakers, a meaningful agenda, and practical concerns such as accommodations are essential to a successful event. And while you keep these plates spinning, we handle every aspect of your conference photography, from beginning to end – and even after your event is over.

Should you choose to involve us in the pre-event stages, our creative team can customize online promotional materials. Depending on your industry needs, we may use headshots of principals, speaker biographies and other media, which we incorporate into our graphic design work.

We have provided corporate events photography in sizable venues such as convention centers and, therefore, have the experience to accommodate the unique function you’re organizing. If you schedule simultaneous speakers with multiple tracks – no problem. Our cutting edge equipment and film industry training enables our team members to complete a project in virtually any setting.


Conference Photography

In addition, to live streaming or other real-time methods to reach a wider audience, your conference photography can be useful following the function. Our creative services team offers promotional packages to make a lasting impression on attendees, vendors and company personnel.

Studies show that upon simply hearing information, we remember approximately 10% of what we heard. But by adding a photo to the same information, we retain 65% of it. When you’ve invested your time and energy into providing educational material, interactive workshops and/or team-building sessions, it makes sense to have quality conference photography for follow-up purposes.

According to, analytics company Aimia conducted a study of IT professionals showing that connection is their highest priority when attending conferences. The most important feature they noted was the amount of quality networking available.

Research showed other factors attendees listed as important:

  • Pre-event communications
  • Conference app
  • Networking
  • Conference website

Professional conference photography is incredibly useful for each of these applications. And because the parties involved in corporate events have the desire to stay connected, you need images to use on social media posts and other forms of communication.

From pre-event headshots to your speaker sessions, and beyond the dates of your corporate event, the team at Coldea Productions is prepared to handle each stage of your conference photography. Our focus on excellence and experience means that you can focus on creating an event with the impact you desire.