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Planning a meeting of the minds is a serious business, and you need a crack team of professionals to bring it to fruition. Your conference photography is no exception.

Tremendous resources go into your corporate events, which are aimed at expanding your exposure to the public and galvanizing your company’s brand. If you’re an event planner you may also be promoting the image of a client such as a sponsor or industry host. Professional photography can be a useful tool in broadening the scale of your conference and increasing its influence in the industry.

What types of events can a professional photographer cover?

You’re tasked with the planning and execution of a corporate function, which means you are overseeing a lot of moving parts. While you’re directing attendee traffic, pleasing sponsors, and fielding exhibitor questions, we can take care of the event photography you need to record your successful outcome and promote the next conference.

When you congratulate yourself for lining up a popular educator to lead a workshop at this year’s convention, it deserves coverage. That session can be the dangling carrot for next year’s trade show, while it can also take your business to the next level. But it only serves you if there’s a convention photographer to document the experience of its attendees.

At COLDEA Productions we specialize in corporate events photography, covering a range of commercial ventures, including:

  • Trade shows
  • Conferences
  • Conventions
  • Team building events
  • Company retreats
  • Staff parties
  • Golf tournaments

There is a huge range of events that can move your corporation forward to meet goals and increase profits, and they all need an event photographer to promote your brand and document your progress. You may be hosting your own staff to build trust and loyalty or planning a national conference to reach out to potential clientele. They are all important.

The best conference photography in Los Angeles, New York, or any town in between is targeted to meet your specifications. It is most useful when it’s consistent with your corporate goals.

How does a corporate photographer cover my event?

Engaging speakers, a meaningful agenda, and practical concerns such as accommodations are essential to a successful event. And while you keep these plates spinning, we handle every aspect of your conference photography, from beginning to end – even after your event is over. As a full-service media team, we can take command of the images you want so you can concentrate on gaining the results you need.

Should you choose to involve us in the pre-event stages, the COLDEA Productions creative team will create online promotional materials that are specific to you. Depending on your industry needs, we may use headshots of principals, speaker biographies and other media, which combined with our graphic design work provides you with effective materials.

Because we have marketing experience, we know the importance of branding to reach the right audience for your company’s needs. Visually stimulating promotions, booth design, and convention atmosphere are all pieces in attaining the goals you set for your corporate event.

We have provided corporate events photography in sizable venues such as convention centers and, therefore, have the experience to accommodate the unique function you’re organizing. If you schedule simultaneous speakers with multiple tracks – no problem. Our cutting-edge equipment and film industry training enables our team members to complete a project in virtually any setting.

Our team of event photographers is flexible and multi-talented, offering you both artistry and practical results. If you need booth photography, we get to work to meet your convention deadlines. We tap our experience when your schedule of events includes formal functions or you need corporate team building events photography.

We know your guests have paid to be there to sharpen their sales skills or business acumen – they aren’t there for us. We are quiet, discreet, and have experience with conference-goers of all kinds. Whether you are hosting an educational conference or you’ve brought us in to provide fashion show coverage at a red carpet event, we are comfortable with the crowd.

You get complete trade show coverage from COLDEA Productions, including demonstrations and speaker sessions at the venue, but we also offer such off-site events as corporate and charity golf outings photography.

You are there to build a strong relationship with your clients and/or associates. Put your energy toward your team of staff members and executives and allow us to shoulder the responsibility for professional photography. We know camera angles and lighting levels. We can make decisions that result in high-quality images while you run the show.

Does COLDEA Productions customize my coverage?

Your corporate event is distinct from any other and that uniqueness is embraced by our team. We are creative artists who value the fact that you have a unique vision for the outcome of your business conference.

Because you’re spearheading an event of this magnitude, you are already an industry leader. Your conference photography should be a reflection of that role. By sitting down and consulting with you before the show, we create a shot list that covers the moments that matter to you most. It may be the meeting of your top clients with company executives or the arrival of an expert educator for a breakout session. Or maybe you need company holiday parties photography.

We do not provide cookie-cutter images, but rather, we create a photo package that is different from the materials every other conference host puts out into the marketplace. Posting pictures from a national conference five years ago does not do your event justice – you need to put out an appropriate image, one that matches your commitment to excellence.

When we discuss your intentions for your event photography, our team can help you determine the best way to reach out to potential clients and boost your attendance. Our shot list can include images that you plan for in-house purposes as well as those for your target customers. There are decisions ranging from whether you want to send a message that’s understated or edgy up to how to determine the best lighting and lens size to nail the imagery.

Your schedule of events is completely unique to you, such as your need for networking events photography or if you need company meetings and outings photographer. The timeline for maximum coverage at your event is also customized. Our team is experienced and flexible, and we treat every client individually. We take our cues from you, following a basic structure with your most important coverage in mind. We are active photographers who know how to pace ourselves so that nothing is missed from your visual records.

Our expertise in selecting vantage points and camera angles make it possible for us to set up for your event in a way that will not disrupt your session or draw attention. We are technically trained and have extensive equipment from telephoto lenses to an arsenal of cameras. Our artistic backgrounds enable us to capture expressions, gestures, and glances that may not be noticed by less talented teams.

How can I use conference photography following the event?

In addition, to live streaming or other real-time methods to reach a wider audience, your conference photography can be useful following the function. Our creative services team offers promotional packages to make a lasting impression on attendees, vendors, and company personnel. By consulting with us in advance, we can strategize to be sure we get the “money shots” during your conference.

For instance, you can get more mileage out of certain images – those that impress clients or please the individuals you work for. By giving it some thought, you can come up with those scenarios to share with us. Some examples of useful corporate event photography are:

  • Industry leaders engaging your sales force
  • The CEO talking with staff members
  • TED Talk presenters
  • Celebrity sightings
  • Red carpet arrivals
  • Cordon Bleu fare
  • Popular entertainment
  • Museum visits/golf tournaments
  • Temporary expositions/demonstrations

While these are memorable the first time around, professional conference photography begins a years-long buzz that can make your company a household name. You transport them from one-time events to stair steps leading to future success and greater profits.   

Studies show that upon simply hearing information, we remember approximately 10% of what we heard. But by adding a photo to the same information, we retain 65% of it. When you’ve invested your time and energy into providing educational material, interactive workshops, and/or team-building sessions, it makes sense to have quality conference photography for follow-up purposes.

According to, analytics company Aimia conducted a study of IT professionals showing that connection is their highest priority when attending conferences. The most important feature they noted was the amount of quality networking available.

Research showed other factors that attendees listed as important, including:

  • Pre-event communications
  • Conference app
  • Networking
  • Conference website

Professional conference photography is incredibly useful for each of these applications. And because the parties involved in corporate events have the desire to stay connected, you need photographs to use on social media posts and other forms of communication.

While you can count on convention participants and attendees to post numerous selfies and other personal photos to promote their own business interests, hiring a professional photographer is essential. You need a team that can pull off a group shot of your C-suite executives plus comprehensive networking events photography. Rather than settle for random amateur images, you take it to the next level with a professional.

From pre-event headshots to your speaker sessions, and beyond the dates of your corporate event, the team at COLDEA Productions is prepared to handle each stage of your conference photography. Our focus on excellence and experience means that you can focus on creating an event with the impact you desire.

Whether your conference brings in farmers, financiers, or heads of state, we have proper attire, the highest quality equipment, and appropriate esprit de corps. If your corporate event occurs in the boardroom or the ballroom, COLDEA Productions will provide you with the conference photography you need.

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