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When you own and operate a business that you are scaling for growth, corporate film production can energize that effort, as it’s a proven method to raise your profile and boost your brand. It certainly applies to companies well beyond North America. You open the floodgates when you communicate your company’s best features through social media across the globe, from a YouTube channel and Facebook page to a hashtag challenge on TikTok

What goes into the content of your corporate film from the first day of the shoot to the editing room and what you decide to post depends on your industry, and more specifically, your brand. What a corporate video production company can do for you is to assess your needs and consider the high-quality content that resonates with your customers.

What is a corporate film making?

High-quality video content has become increasingly more important for business owners who want to get ahead of the game. Within the company, they connect your executives to the staff members and outside your office, they connect you to your customers. There are many purposes for creating a corporate film.

Trade Show Videos

Think back to the last convention you attended. There were videos in exhibit booths and large screens behind keynote speakers and demonstration experts. For instructional meetings such as breakout sessions, you want attendees to go home with something solid, especially your corporate clients. When trade show videos accompany your expertise, you can do that.

When you bring in top-tier entertainment for conference visitors, you can make it last with an event video. Investing in quality will rarely disappoint you – they will talk about your headliner until next year’s function and a video depicting the energy and the spectacle of the experience can gain exponential exposure through sharing. 

Demonstration Videos

According to the Current Health Sciences Journal, nearly 65% of people are visual learners. They prefer demonstrations in order to understand how things work because things don’t resonate as well with mere description. For decades, experts have made details clear to their corporate clients and other associates through PowerPoint presentations, handouts, and other visual aids, but demonstration videos make an impact the others do not. They typically get more from a viewing medium than from a form such as a lecture.

Image quality isn’t everything. While most people are visual learners, approximately 30% are auditory learners, which of course, is also a benefit to videos. It underscores the importance of effective audio content in your demonstration video. It needs to have the kind of delivery that gains traction with your target listeners.

Web Videos

Because of the massive importance of both your corporate communication and the benefit to your bottom line, every company needs to include web videos on their site. When potential clients pull up your website you want them to have access to the most compelling content – to engage them almost immediately and whet their appetite for more. A high-quality, professional web video should elicit a considerable click-through rate.

Testimonial Videos

testimonial video on your website lets potential customers know your best assets – from trusted fellow consumers. A large number of shoppers won’t make a major purchase without testimonials to back up their decisions. Commercials are also made more effective when they include live-action footage such as testimonial videos.

Whichever format you choose, your corporate film can serve as a marketing video or for in-house purposes.

What should a corporate video include?

The short answer? Whatever meets your objectives.

It may be stating the obvious, but when your corporate video brings your goal to fruition, it’s a success. The first thing you do is outline the purpose of the project, so you know when you’ve nailed it. If it meets your expectations when it’s completed, you can put it to work again and again. That’s one of the best features of your own, customized suite of videos: They are reusable and, therefore, save you and your trainers so much time, at the same time reducing travel costs, which speaks to the strong ROI of this kind of investment.

The content required for your video is determined by your company’s needs and the resulting application. If your target customers are under 30 you can bet they’re looking for you on a mobile device. If that’s the case, you need a video team that designs, writes, and produces your video in a format where it gets in front of customers in the way that gains traction on their phones. When we sit down with you for a consultation, we get to know your products and services and design a strategy to get your corporate brand from point A to point B.

You need specific content, depending on the purpose you devise for your project. If you hope to connect with corporate clients, you want a video package with compelling sales content that reflects the value of your brand. But if it’s a training video, it needs to be educational, easy to digest, and friendly more than persuasive.

Hiring New Employees

A company culture video is a focused media piece that lets job candidates know your basic values and attitudes. It helps in the mutual selection process, in part because it can take the position that you are filling eclipse the appeal of other jobs an individual is considering. The other purpose is that it weeds out those jobseekers who aren’t a comfortable fit with your company’s spirit.

Employee interviews are also useful for documentation and they can be used to reflect the work environment to candidates. A production team can set up a studio where you can bring in your staffers, which often yields footage for other projects, from marketing tools to teambuilding images.

If you have a steady stream of positions to fill, you may consider a video production company that can provide you with a professional recruitment video. You can then post it on LinkedInGlassdoor, or other career sites online.

Onboarding and Training Staff

Corporate video production is a cost-effective way to onboard new personnel and train those who are already on the payroll. When HR representatives don’t have to repeatedly lead workshops, they are available to multi-task in handling everything else. Human Resources typically covers a wide range of responsibilities, and when you create a suite of videos you streamline operations. Some of those areas of expertise are:

  • Compensation and Benefits
  • Job Skills Training
  • Safety Regulations
  • Harassment
  • Outline of Responsibilities
  • Labor Relations

In the event that your company has multiple departments involved in training employees, you may need other corporate videos to cover those topics. For instance, tackling such issues as decisions involving physical office environment such as:

  • Seating Arrangements
  • Lighting
  • Financials
  • Technology/Computers
  • Social Environment

Launching New Products

As a business owner who wants to inject new life into your image, hiring a video production company enables you to redirect your branding. But another way to reach a new audience, and potentially, the next level in profits, is to roll out a new product line. When you do that, you need commercials for promotion and advertising, to let consumers and the press know about it. With professional corporate video production, you can buy ad time on TV or post it on your YouTube Channel – wherever your customers spend time.

How do I create a film production?

The video production process begins long before the day of the shoot. Unless you’re a very small business with the kind of vibe that an iMovie can convey, you want a high quality, high-resolution video package. An investment in an effective corporate video gives you the confidence that when your brand is shared, it is admired.

But beyond simple branding, your corporate film production team needs more than technical chops with the ability to capture live-action footage. They also need to be marketing experts who can package your company’s brand in such a way that it looks good, but also has staying power and traction with the right people.

With a background in feature films, the artists at COLDEA Productions understand storytelling. We know how to produce a corporate film production that tells the public who you are and what you offer. Every project is customized because of your unique experience, products, skills, and services are what set you apart from your competition. 

We target your video project so it is created for the viewer, a direct hit to impact your audience. We have the technical training to create your corporate film production for use in every format your customer owns – a mobile device, Apple product, PC, tablet, etc. We work with you to include powerful content and make it easy for them to access.

The creative services team at COLDEA Productions includes storyboard artists, cinematographers, editors, and animators. Depending on the style of your project, our post-production process may involve voiceover narration, graphic design, and/or a range of technologically advanced editing tools.

But our services do not stop there. Marketing videos need strategic placement, and we offer our expertise to maximize your exposure to your customers. We can promote your new corporate video production on numerous social media platforms where they can be viewed and shared to exponentially affect your coverage. We conduct research so your video content is placed on sites where your customers have accounts. You need real people to become acquainted with your products and gain access to your services.

As marketing managers, we promote your brand on an optimum schedule, with your hashtags, keywords, text, images, and video content available to create effective posts. You don’t want to compromise the quality of your brand with content that’s under par, so developing a strategy and getting organized is ideal.

Taking chances on dramatic ways to express your company’s personality could lead you in new directions, which puts money in your pocket. You want a production team that fully metabolizes the best features of your company and can champion your products and services to your potential customers. COLDEA Productions can provide you with a corporate film production that proves effective and elicits results.

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