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Video viewing goes up continually, which is why the best video production companies are being tapped to fuel improvements in corporate marketing strategies.

Video marketing is not just an option today. It’s essential for business owners who want to expand their presence and increase profits to include video in their digital content. Consumers are drawn to moving images and those with superior script construction and production quality stand out among the crowded field of content creation.

What do video production companies do?

There are certain elements of a commercial video that make it stand out from the rest. A marketing video of a new product shared on social media has to do more than gain attention, and television commercials are more than an entertainment opportunity. What captivates your potential customers comes in a package that can’t be created on your iPhone.

video production firm can apply their years of experience to develop a content strategy that connects you to your target audience and sends the message you want them to receive.


Corporate video comes in many forms and has many applications, depending on what your company needs. But regardless of purpose and style, whether your business would benefit from an event video or infomercials, the ROI is linked to the quality of your visual marketing package. High-quality content is proven to have higher click-through rates and is opened by more viewers than low-quality videos.

The best video content strategies zero in on a customized audience. You need an original video package that is designed to meet your specific needs, but the entire process should have the same goal in its sights: to create a professional, high-resolution product that maintains the quality of your brand.   


You see it employed by ESPN sports and CNN news reports – even pop video footage – filmmakers will tell you that one of the staples of video production is their ability to tell a story.

Marketing experts have picked up on this. What videos accomplish in their many forms, including live-action feature films2D animation, and more, is they conduct a compelling narrative. It’s why viewers put their money down for streaming and virtually nothing sidelines the business of Hollywood producers.

An advertising agency seeks to communicate to a client’s audience through the best means possible and many times they turn to the storytelling advantage gained through video creation.

And as profits are the ultimate objective for every company, telling your story is a useful tool in driving your audience to take action and drive positive change.

Whether you have a retail enterprise or you’re a dealer in a service industry, if you’re like most business owners, one of your most common pain points in developing a narrative that successfully augments your brand.


If your company manufactures or reps a line of products, your customer service features should include video. When your visual content details the use of your products or an explainer video demonstrates assembly, you not only please already existing customers but gain something even more valuable – hot leads, as shoppers migrate toward the easiest options. Not everyone is mechanically inclined, so when they see your corporate video will walk them through setup, you can increase your chance of a conversion.

full-service video production company can determine the way forward to effectively communicate the information your clients need.

There are other benefits to hiring a video producer with experience in using the medium for marketing. One of the most important things a product video does is promote your brand, even when your primary goal is to disseminate information. A brand video educates customers while indirectly defining your company effectively through video. It’s difficult to explain your corporate standing within your industry and reflect your company culture with written text.

For instance, a Fortune 500 financial services company that gets regular press in Forbes Magazine may speak volumes to a certain segment of society such as business insiders. But the material that goes out on social media platforms can nail down that image for younger citizens.

product demo is certainly useful but also plays a role in communicating the vibe of the company. If your product lines are certified organic, or vegan leather for instance, and measure up to sustainability standards, an insight into those qualities is reflected best through corporate video production.

What are the 3 main stages of video production?

When you hire a video production agency to create a recruitment video in New York City or cover an event in Orlando, there is a similar lineup in their process. The same basic stages are necessary to properly plan and execute the production services needed to produce a powerful product.


The beginning of your project involves a lot of planning. During the early stages, you begin by laying a foundation before considering details involving videography.  At first, you sit down with your creative team to develop a vision and design a plan for the project. As your objectives take shape and your target audience is determined, you work with your corporate video professionals to discuss budgetary concerns. Through meetings with the product manager and other executives, you can nail down the targeted message you want to get to the public.

In this phase, the creative agency handles such tasks as:

  • Set
  • Makeup
  • Props
  • Scheduling
  • Storyboard
  • Script Writing
  • Lighting
  • Audio


When you contract with a video production service team to handle the shoot, they move mountains to get the job to fruition. In this phase of production, your plans go into effect to meet the objectives you layout in the first phase.

Active production tasks include:

  • Determine and secure equipment
  • Casting/hiring personnel
  • Directing/designing shots
  • Execution that’s consistent with goals
  • Capturing visuals
  • Corporate event coverag


When the footage is shot, the collective is combined to be sure the project has the proper trajectory. There are many possible elements to the editing process, from cutting the deadwood to incorporating animated video.

Some of the options for an editor include:     

  • Downloading Footage
  • Choosing Appropriate Software
  • Whiteboard Videos
  • Voice Overs
  • Visual Effects
  • Motion Graphics
  • Character Animation

The distribution of your video package is another consideration that comes to the fore in post-production, but it should be determined in pre-production. Because effective marketing requires social content that includes a video to get the attention of the public, your aim for the project is important. Companies that get the most buzz typically gain notoriety through viral videos that promote their name in the marketplace.


The Value of Video Production

For a century now, and for a long time to come, experts continue to see the growing value of film and video production. Approximately 300 hours of video content is uploaded to YouTube every minute, according to modern accounts. And that’s not even all of the online video market. It would take nearly 50 years to watch all the videos uploaded to YouTube each day.

The average amount of time people spend watching video – just on their phones – is estimated at 40 minutes per day. As psychology experts describe, our compulsion can be explained by reaching back

to the beginning of mankind when our eyes were primed to find food by spotting animals when they moved – not when they sat still, camouflaged by the environment. The same phenomenon occurs today – our eyes and our brains are connected, and we tend to only notice certain details.

Neuroscientists have found that video footage has a unifying effect on people. In other words, there’s a similarity in brain activity among individuals when they watch videos. The unified response means there’s more clarity than there is when communicating through written text alone.

Motion design is incredibly useful in the business of marketing. Video agency experts know how to bring their brand to the forefront so potential customers see it, and that’s through the visual content created by professionals. When they do their best work, it becomes front-of-mind for individuals in the marketplace.

Whether it’s a music video in Minneapolis or field footage for a non-profit organization, the best way to double down on your brand is with a digital marketing strategy that includes a video services component.

Research shows that you remember content from moving images better than images from still photos. And as a businessperson who has seen the success of explainer videosproduct videos and the results from other commercial production, you’ve seen that it’s a great way to help clients and potential customers understand you. There’s an obvious crossover to your video production project – you want to be the last one standing, so your brand has to be understood and remembered.

Where can I find a full-service video production services company?

When you hire a professional, the power of video is plain to see.

What we do at COLDEA Productions is to bring your vision to the marketplace. We are experts in both live-action video production and animation with a special expertise in marketing, which means we can leave a mark on your target audience.

We create sets for scheduled, indoor shoots and use drones for aerial video as well.

COLDEA Productions creates commercial videos of all kinds including:

  • Web Videos
  • Event Videography
  • Web Design
  • How-to Videos
  • Product Videos
  • Training Videos
  • Commercials
  • Educational Videos
  • Testimonials
  • Headshots
  • Promotional Video
  • Recruiting Video
  • Branding
  • Infographics

Our cinematographers work with highly technical equipment to create a quality of videography you cannot create with your in-house team. And we complete the creative development process with cutting edge editing software and graphic design expertise. Then we deliver your social media video package or in-house training series – whatever your needs – to exceed your expectations.

And we not only create marketing content, but we can also do the distribution and manage your social media accounts. Our clients have businesses of all sizes in many different industries including:

  • Law
  • Real Estate
  • Events
  • Food/Beverage
  • Industrial
  • Nonprofits

Having worked within the United States, from Los Angeles to New York, our client testimonials contend that we have the highest profile in terms of flexibility and diversity. We collaborate with companies of all sizes – solopreneurs or top-level executives – those who need product videos to roll out a new line or real estate videos to give the public tours of a property.

We do live video and offer streaming services. Whether you’re one of a thriving group of startups, a small business or a large LLC, your final product will reflect your company brand through explainer, product or content marketing including online videos.

Our many years of experience as a top video production company in the greater Los Angeles area, we can provide you with TV commercialsdocumentaries or any specialty projects you need.

If your customer base is in California from San Diego to San Francisco, you can reach them through digital marketing and save the expense and time of travel. You need to use a company that has the skill set to provide you the tools to do that effectively.

Our marketing expertise means we maximize your search engine optimization (SEO) content for you – we can both create your social media marketing and manage your marketing campaigns

COLDEA Productions is a media production company offering end-to-end strategies to fuel your current marketing strategy or design a new, cost-effective format. We do full-service video production to tell your story. Maximizing the effectiveness of your video production project is our highest priority.

To gain an advantage over your competitors you need a creative solution to take your marketing content and brand awareness to the next level. The best video production companies can help you with that goal.

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