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You can recall the most significant moments in the life of your company, in part, because of a professional groups and teambuilding photographer. You witnessed a successful company retreat and want to draw upon that energy when it’s needed. You can do that if you have corporate event photography.

When you interview a short-list of candidates for your sales force, these are images that may seal the deal, which means you get top talent for your team. They communicate your company’s vibe and the rapport your employees share – a great selling point when enlarging the size of your staff.

It also reinforces corporate values and the type of climate you want to continue for the benefit of current staff members.


Teambuilding Event Photography

When you look into hiring a corporate teambuilding photographer, there are some “asks” you want to consider.

Shot List

Does the event photographer understand your purpose for the photos? You want a professional who’s worked in corporate photography and stays aligned with your goals. At Coldea Productions, we believe you are the most qualified to define your business and marketing needs.

We sit down with you in advance to determine the best photographic vantage points in the space you’re using and to get to know the key players you need to have on the record. By laying it out before your event we avoid unnecessary rushing and the chance of not hitting the mark.


This goes for every member of your team, but a truly professional groups and teambuilding events photographer shows up on time. In fact, we show up early to get acquainted with the venue and map out the best angles.


As event photographers, we’re not center stage and we know it. We’re there to blend in, so we dress in understated clothing and work the room without attracting attention. The emphasis should be on staff members participating in teambuilding events.


We’ve been in corporate photography for years and continually keep pace with technological advances, so you get a package that’s useful and appropriate for your needs. Depending on the nature of your industry, we bring all the necessary equipment, from filters and lenses to tripods and cables.


Corporate Group Photography

Your website, brochures, banners, and other marketing materials are only as professional as the experts who create it. And much of it begins with your corporate photography.

Every company needs to identify its executive team, the board of directors, and in some cases, the staff members as well. You need a professional headshot photographer to keep that quality consistent.

And when you hold group functions – teambuilding events, holiday parties, retreats, meetings, conferences, etc. – you need a corporate group photographer with a certain set of skills. Flexibility is chief among them.

At Coldea Productions, we know that what your team is experiencing right now will never come again. You need high-resolution images to mark the point in time where your staff members get on board. That’s why you hire an experienced groups and teambuilding photographer.

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