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You have a room full of employees, but your trainer is a no-show. Using company training videos can make sure you don’t have the same problem twice.

You have onboarding information ranging from HR’s form filing process to United States government industry regulations. And the healthiest companies keep employees updated on best practices for corporate records, safety compliance and top sales strategies. An effective training video communicates that content with consistency.

Are training videos effective?

E-learning is bigger than ever. People turn to YouTube before they change a tire or apply new makeup. And then you factor in the younger generation who never lived without a cell phone and it’s pretty plain to see. Video use is a permanent part of 21st century American life.

Every young student has complained about the boring nature of classroom instruction … but when it includes video learning they are much more animated and engaged. Because of this phenomenon – the value of edutainment – videos remain and will continue to be a key component of training, even for adults.

You’ve read the studies: People retain more when they see something in living color and in motion. Images that move are more eye-catching. Your marketing department knows that posting videos will get you a greater response from potential customers than still images or simple text.

After working with a team of corporate training video experts, you have a number of options for the use of these versatile tools. In addition to embedding them in your training course, you can post them on your website so your employees have access to the information anytime.

But a great way to add value to your investment is to fan out the contents to benefit other departments. For instance, a training video that conveys your company culture will also make a good recruitment tool. It has the same sort of information recruitment videos include.

Your marketing department is likely to seek out video content to reach and engage potential customers. It can literally pay for your new training video in its ability to expand your sales totals.

What kinds of training videos are there?

Company rules are typically set down at the earliest notice as most companies have a protocol that needs to be communicated when they onboard new employees.

Also, there are sometimes state regulations and compliance information that needs to be introduced and then reinforced. You can imagine the advantage to video information, especially for large companies – it can be used repeatedly.

You may have multiple departments needing a fair amount of training. And for companies that only have a few staff members in human resources, it can be a bear to keep up. The beauty of having your own training videos is that the messaging can be more accurate, they are consistent, and they save you money.

The time and expense of retaining trainers who, in some cases, do extensive traveling costs you on multiple levels. Even the most profitable corporations are shearing back the travel schedules of managers who do onboarding and other executives who have preferred personal meetings with associates far away. People just don’t need face-to-face contact anymore because of business-friendly websites such as Zoom, Go-to-Meetings, Google Meet, and Microsoft Teams.

The variety of educational videos you need really depends on your business. Some of the more typical training sessions include:

  • Safety Video
  • Corporate Training
  • Employee Onboarding
  • Compliance
  • Skills Training skills training for
  • Certification
  • Equipment Training
  • Emergency Training fire or if the patient falls
  • Diversity awareness
  • Self-defense class

If you run a company that offers specialized training sessions, such as self-defense courses for urban professionals, you understand the challenges of getting your point across. You have doubtless sought to increase your storehouse of creative techniques that improve learner engagement and you probably utilize video content in your presentation.

Some trainers hit an emotional chord with trust exercises and breakout sessions enhancing small group communication. Other training teams incorporate humor or assign role-playing exercises to make the experience – and the information – more memorable.

One of the tricky aspects of educating staff members is that employees with various roles need to learn which aspects apply to them. In that case, a training video can be created with different versions to cover the scope of each position. A healthcare video, for instance, may be used to update workers on CDC guidelines, but a charge nurse has to become aware of details that a nurse’s assistant does not.

How do you make a safety video?

Between your real estate policy and regulations from government agencies such as OSHA, there are certain protocols that your newest employees need to know. And in the case of industries with high-risk environments – from manufacturing plants to automotive repair companies – there are best practices that need to be instituted for maximum safety. That’s where a corporate training video comes in.

Machinery conference company Reliable Plant says the four industries with the highest workplace risks to health and safety are construction, mining, health services, and manufacturing. They have distinctly different risk mitigation techniques and need staff training that is pointed and consistent. Video content is invariable so you can rely on the fact that workers get the same solid information. Because training video production records information and uses it repeatedly, it reduces complications and increases consistency.

While some of the subject matter that companies are required to teach calls for serious video content, there are businesses successfully educating staff members through animated software and whiteboard explainer videos. Through safety infographics, you can show statistics and data while the use of animation makes it more engaging. An effective training video is one that encourages learners to pay attention and remember the information shared with them, so if making it more entertaining works, it’s a good idea.

Whether you need product videos or you’re teaching CPR, a good production company knows that a trainee is more than just a viewer. An interactive training video is one way to increase engagement from your employees. Through live-action video, workers can see what a safety threat looks like and their trainer can issue a call to action. Videos with actionable insights can include interviews with safety inspectors and foremen on the job or use professional actors as on-air talent.

Professionalism is important – the content is too serious to believe you can create a cell phone video to educate workers about matters of safety. Your company may need training about:

  • How to use a fire extinguisher
  • The danger of heat stress
  • Chemical hazards
  • Disaster preparedness
  • Workplace hazards
  • Fire hazards
  • Airplane safety

Video safety training packages enhance your presentation, and with e-learning, there is no reason why you can’t conduct your safety workshops on site.

What is the best employee training video?

What is an effective training video for one department isn’t true for another, and there is even more variation from business to business. The ideal training video production is customized, as very few places of employment operate identically or have the same need for video content. In other words, your business needs your own videos covering issues related to your products and services.

The work of a professional production company shows – in its quality, originality, and its ability to bring the message home. There are times when accessing a pre-made video might work. But if you have a robust company, or it needs a shot in the arm to become one again, it is not something you want to scrimp on. An amateur video, or one that doesn’t fit your company profiles as well as it should, is not worth the investment.

What professional employee training videos can do is to communicate clearly without the distraction of poor resolution or audio quality. To be successful they need to be relevant, accurate, and hold the attention of learners. You can also choose features that increase flexibility. If your training videos are aimed at private viewership, your employees may be completing the courses at home. For remote learning purposes, you can include software to track course progress and create bookmarks for viewers, so they don’t fast forward to skip over sections of the curriculum.

For anyone who has attended mandatory training programs, they have probably had experiences across the spectrum. The video production company you work with should get feedback from employees about the systems that work within your industry.

How do I choose a video production company?

The importance of your position in the company requires you to be informed about matters across the board. When there’s a personnel problem you may get called in, and when profits are affected by changes in the marketplace it falls squarely on your shoulders as well.

The responsibility of training employees in an accurate and comprehensive way is a big concern for you. It affects quality control, company morale, and can even result in a lawsuit if not handled wisely. Luckily, you don’t have to add to your expertise where corporate video production is concerned … at least if you hire a professional, experienced team.

COLDEA Productions can handle your entire project, maintaining your company’s voice, and keeping your standards elevated. The best training program reflects your own video content, not just generic information, so every video project is customized.

You don’t have to become an expert in feature film production or Adobe Premiere Pro to obtain an effective training video for your staff members. And there is no concern about meeting FCC requirements. Our team is educated and talented in every aspect of your video project – from data collection to delivering the final product to you at the end.

In addition to presenting top quality information to new hires and other staff members, your training videos can populate your website, for such pages as your FAQ and “About Us” page. You want a simple, seamless transfer of information from your corporate leadership to your employees. COLDEA Productions company training videos are a great way to do that.

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