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Client and Attendee Entertainment Photographer

Providing activities for a business associate requires a lot of time, attention and expense. When you include a client and attendee entertainment photographer, it communicates the importance of your alliance and captures the best moments from the event.


Preparation is key when planning food, live music or other entertainment for your client, says an article on Researching the interests and values of your guests in advance enables you to customize the activities you schedule for them. And by booking a client and attendee entertainment photographer, you turn the simplest dining experience into a memorable event.

We all know how vulnerable you are when you break bread with someone. But with a little advanced thought, you can minimize the chance of an unexpected disappointment when you entertain clients. If you plan a dinner outside the professional environment – such as your office space – it’s fertile ground for mishaps and faux pas. Imagine a worst-case scenario and create a stopgap that eliminates the chance it can happen.

There’s an advantage to having a client entertainment photographer in attendance in these circumstances: You control the images that get out to the public. Your client may not want the world to see him fall out of his chair, for instance. 

Lunches and dinners are commonly scheduled with business associates and, obviously, you can’t prevent accidents such as choking. With due diligence, however, you can avoid embarrassing cultural clashes and awkward choices in accommodations from transportation to seating arrangements.


Accentuate the Positive with Client and Attendee Entertainment Photography

Whether your industry is entertaining store buyers with a fashion show or taking conference-goers on a museum tour, a client and attendee entertainment photographer captures them at their best. A digital file with pictures of smiling business associates can be useful when reaching out to the same individuals or when marketing your next event.

Not only is it validating when you see yourself on a Facebook post of an event you attended or a conference PowerPoint presentation, but it’s also a catalyst for networking. When your company executives are pictured with your biggest clients, it solidifies your relationship and builds customer loyalty.

Pairing them up for a golf tournament gives you plenty of opportunities to make the memories last when you have a corporate and charity golf outings photographer at the event. It’s the same way with your own staff – a corporate team building events photographer provides you with images of the best moments of the day.

We are a creative services company. We know photographic technology, but we’re also marketing experts. In addition to providing you with customized service to fit your specific needs, a Coldea Productions client and attendee entertainment photographer understands the kinds of images that build bridges between your team and your clients.

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