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Rapid advances in computer technology and the widespread availability of high speed and wireless internet connectivity have changed the way people communicate and how business is conducted in the United States and throughout the world. Webcasting companies using live streaming technology to produce virtual events and corporate video production are now more critical than ever in these unprecedented times.

Coldea Production is a full-service video production specializing in online events for digital marketing, internal communication, and corporate communications that reach a broad audience from New York to San Francisco and everywhere in between.

Connecting current and potential customers, employees, and other business associates through the webcasting of live events and recorded content is crucial in today’s era of social distancing guidelines and shelter in place mandates. Our creative team of trained, experienced, and skilled webcast production professionals can maximize webcast technology’s power to reach larger audiences with high-quality video production and engaging, dynamic live streaming capabilities.

How Can Webcasting Companies Benefit Your Business?

Webcasting companies like the trusted professionals at Coldea Productions allow businesses of all kinds and sizes to host live streaming virtual events when it is not feasible or safe to do so in person. Webcasting is ideal for larger companies with multiple locations and offices across the United States and around the world, and for smaller businesses looking to promote their products and services and gather employees, investors, and others for crucial internal communication applications.

Coldea Productions is in a unique position in the marketplace to help businesses adapt and adjust to the changes the global coronavirus pandemic has made to the way people communicate and conduct business around the world. We are video production professionals with years of experience producing commercials and live broadcasts using the very latest in webcasting technology and processes.

Benefits of Webcasting for Your Company

At Coldea Productions, our impressive video production and webcasting crews provide instant access for consumers to tap into your brand and message. Webcasting is the fastest and most effective way to reach large audiences from New York to San Diego and throughout the United States.

The following are the significant benefits and features of using professional webcasting companies like Coldea Productions for your most important marketing and internal communications needs.

Reach Large Groups of Online Users

Webcasts are highly effective at instantly reaching large groups of targeted audiences, whether they are online consumers, existing customers, teams of employees, vendors, service providers, or other business connections. With access to wireless connections and a variety of powerful mobile devices, viewers can watch, engage, and react anywhere in the United States or worldwide.

Significant Savings Over In-Person Events

Webcasting allows you and your attendees to save significant amounts of money compared to organizing, preparing, and presenting large, in-person events. Imagine hosting a large town hall or seminars without paying for travel, lodging, and meals. There are no large venue or equipment rental fees, not to mention paying the personnel needed to facilitate an in-person live production. Live streaming events and webinars can also be recorded and archived for on-demand viewing. This will reach even more people over time without having to duplicate your efforts or expenses.

Engagement with Target Audiences

Webcasting allows you to reach and engage with targeted audiences with customized content with a wide range of purposes and applications. Tailoring access for specific target audiences ensures communication and messaging is most relevant and practical, making it easier for viewers to absorb and retain the presented information.

Convenient, Safe Communication Tool

Viewers of live webcasts can view commercials and educational content from the comfort of their home, office, or anywhere in the United States or worldwide with access to high speed or wireless internet connections. Holding regular meetings or webinars in-house or remote locations can be a time-consuming, costly drain on your staff and other attendees.

Webcasting Applications for Your Business

Online live broadcasts and virtual events produced by the creative team of video production and event management professionals at Coldea Productions can be used for a wide range of marketing, internal, and corporate communications applications. We will work with you to determine the best webcasting options for your business needs.


The term “webinar” combines web and seminar, representing a convenient and cost-effective way to deliver a live lecture or workshop using video conferencing software. Webinars offer you the opportunity to engage and interact directly with your targeted audience in real-time.

Employee Training and Ongoing Education

Web-based employee training productions allow you to offer new and existing employees consistent messaging and details of your organization and their role. New employees can view the content at their convenience to better understand and retain the information. They can also easily refer back to the training materials when needed. Webcasting training information also supplies identical content for current and future employees to provide consistency throughout the business.

Corporate Communications

Hosting a virtual town hall meeting enables you to meet with your team and other business associates at once. Corporate communications using webcasts are chances to engage with your employees and offer them the opportunity to provide feedback and get answers to their questions in real-time.

Shareholder Meetings, Investor Communications

Your company’s investors may likely be scattered throughout the United States and across the globe. Holding shareholder meetings in-person can be a logistical nightmare that will cost you and them time and money. Hosting meetings with your investors through a live broadcast or recorded corporate video production is more convenient and effective at delivering your message and interacting with the group. 

Product Demonstrations

The live webcasting of product rollouts or demonstrations allows you to reach large groups of current and potential customers with the added benefit of engaging with them in real-time. Consumers from all over the United States can view your content and get all of their questions and concerns addressed on the spot.

Education Applications

With more schools and universities switching to eLearning while it remains unsafe to gather in large groups due to the global pandemic, webcasting has never had a more important role in our society. Taking advantage of live webcasting technology remote classwork helps students stay on track in schools all over the United States.

Tips for Hosting a Webcast

The most successful and effective webcasts educate, entertain, and communicate your message and the information you are delivering. You will need to keep your audience engaged enough that they will not only want to continue watching but will take action in the form of a purchase or other conversion metrics.

Webcasts consist of many moving parts that come into play when preparing for and executing a live event or corporate video production. The following are some useful tips to help you maximize the power of webcasting for marketing purposes and internal corporate communications.

Establish Specific Goals and Objectives

Setting specific goals and objectives for your webcast will help dictate how you prepare and deliver your content and the kind of audience you will look to attract. A webcast unveiling a new product or service will be presented differently than an internal training or employee onboarding presentation.

  • users with clear, concise calls to action
  • Utilize the power of social media to attract viewers and allow them to interact in real-time
  • Follow up with viewers using thank you emails and registration confirmations
  • Paid online ads are incredibly effective at promoting your live event to targeted audiences in a short amount of time
  • Use your homepage to promote upcoming live events
  • Make the best use of chat functions to interact with your audience in real-time
  • Use clear, concise slides to keep your audience engaged in the content and following your messaging

Why Choose Us?

In these strange, unprecedented times, it is more important than ever to communicate with your customers, employees, and other business-related associates while maintaining social distancing guidelines caused by the global pandemic. The creative team of live streaming experts at Coldea Productions will partner with you to reach the broadest audiences trough webcasting productions. We continue to be at the forefront of webcasting technology to help you deliver your messaging safely, most effective ways.

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At Coldea Productions, we specialize in video production and are at the top of leading webcasting companies dedicated to helping businesses of all sizes in all kinds of industries master the power of live streaming and on-demand webcast events. Contact Coldea Productions for complete information and get started in the exciting world of webcasting today.

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