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Training Videos

The video production professionals at Coldea Productions can partner with you to produce a wide range of corporate training videos, creating a comprehensive plan to meet all of your training and development needs through high quality, engaging, and informative content that can be archived and shared throughout your organization.

Benefits of Corporate Training Videos

Time, Cost-Efficient

Producing training videos saves the cost of hiring an instructor and printing out additional training materials for each new hire. There is no need to take time out of the workday to gather people together in order to deliver information that can be done by viewing a video at their desks on their own time. A short formal training video needs to be produced just once and can be used for years at no additional costs.

Viewer Engagement

Motion pictures and videos have always been the best formats to engage the viewer to get emotionally invested in the message being delivered. Employees are far more likely to view an entire training video than they are to read an entire employee handbook or manual. A short video can obtain the same results. At Coldea Productions, we create dynamic and engaging training videos to keep your employee’s attention while distributing essential internal business information.

Increased Retention

It is essential that your trainees retain as much of the information regarding the operations of the business as possible during their training program. Studies have shown that people remember only about a fifth of the content they read, compared to almost 80 percent of what they see on the video. Delivering important information through compelling visuals is far more likely to be retained by the viewer than if they had simply read the text.

Versatility of Options

The video production professionals at Coldea Productions are well-versed in all forms of video production and post-production processes, enabling us to create a wide range of internal videos to keep your employees, vendors, and contractors on the same page. Examples of the kinds of video applications available at Coldea Productions including:

  • Introduction of new products, services, or procedures
  • New operational system or software demonstration
  • Onboarding capabilities
  • Ongoing training and professional development
  • Improved customer service skills

Interactive Training

Upper management will not need the same kind of information in a training video as entry-level positions. As technology advances, it is becoming easier to create an interactive video that is ideal for employee training as it can be customized to specific uses and applications. Absorption and retention levels increase significantly with interactive functionality.

Universal Information

While certain training video uses can be tailored to specific employees or positions, the fundamental information is seen by everyone in the same way. For videos that cover broad company information such as a company overview, product demonstrations, and your procedures and company policies, everyone is getting the exact same information, in the same way, reducing discrepancies and inconsistencies.

Explain Complex Processes, Information

An instructional video is the best format to break down complicated information and concepts to deliver them in an understandable way. Animation and motion graphics can be especially helpful when it comes to explaining complex ideas and information. Videos can also be watched multiple times to give the viewer the best chance to grasp and fully understand the information.


Using professionally produced video to onboard new employees results in a higher staff retention rate and greater job satisfaction. In addition to greater engagement, onboarding videos allows you to display your company’s style and personality into the training, making what is usually a daunting, boring experience more fun and memorable.

Major Types of Corporate Training Videos

Employee Training Videos

Employee training videos are a cost-efficient, highly effective alternative to traditional forms of training using physical sessions or even webinar technology. When a comprehensive company training video is complete there is nothing more to do for future uses than to pass along the video to new employees. The creative team at Coldea Productions creates compelling, engaging, and memorable employee training videos that current and new employees will enjoy watching and put them in a better position of remembering and applying the information.

Safety Videos

The health and safety of your employees are of the highest priority. It is vital for all employees to receive the same information in the same way when it comes to safety guidelines and procedures in the workplace. A video can provide safety details better than any other format, with the ability to physically demonstrate safety procedures that your employees will remember and be able to carry out when needed.

Business Training Videos

Videos are also an excellent way to train employees for specific positions and tasks, such as customer service guidelines, sales motivators, and administrative duties. Coldea Productions have years of experience producing business videos that help teach your team the proper ways to conduct your business.

Educational Videos

Teach all of your employees at one time about new products and services or updated operational systems in a dynamic, compelling way that increases their ability to absorb and retain the information. Educational videos can also benefit your customers with a FAQ video that serves to answer all of their questions without having to make an inquiry.

Management Training Videos

Coldea Productions also produces videos designed to train and develop the leadership arm of your company. Videos help to make management training engaging to your team and make sure they understand the concepts that are being taught and enabling them to properly field any questions from their teams or departments. During a traditional training session, managers often work long, varying hours, making it difficult to gather everyone at one time. Videos can be distributed throughout the team to be viewed at their earliest convenience.

Corporate Training Videos Keep Your Staff on the Same Page

The best practice to get your employees to retain and apply the training and development information to do their jobs most effectively is through corporate training videos produced by the industry specialists at Coldea Productions.

An impressive team of video production professionals at Coldea Productions creates the highest quality and most effective video content in the industry. Contact a representative today for complete information on our corporate training videos to get and keep your staff on the same page.

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