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The average consumer attention span has never been lower. As the competition gets larger and stronger, it gets increasingly more difficult to get and keep people focused long enough to deliver your message. Animated images are natural eye-catchers, using motion, colors, and texture to draw people in. Even animated text put in motion through the use of kinetic typography is more effective at delivering and retaining information.


The animation is an incredibly effective community tool that grabs your audience’s attention, keeps them watching information that they will retain at a greater rate than other video formats. Coldea Productions is a highly respected video animation company with an impressive team of creative animators creating entertaining and engaging animated content as part of a comprehensive digital marketing plan.


The best way to give your audience the clearest understanding of the information you are presenting is through a short, concise explainer video that will hold their attention and increase retention. An animated explainer video from the industry specialists at Coldea Productions adds an entertaining and engaging element that will increase viewer understanding and associate the experience with your business brand.


The use of video marketing in today’s business world is widely accepted for a variety of applications and uses, from promotional and branding videos to in-house communications. Adding elements of animation produces an animated corporate video that will increase information retention in a dynamic, memorable way. Our creative and technically savvy animators at Coldea Productions use state-of-the-art equipment to produce dynamic, engaging, and entertaining corporate animation for use in marketing efforts and internal communication applications.


Your brand is the foundation of your company. Effective brand explainer video content serves as a key takeaway for your comprehensive digital marketing campaign designed to increase your online presence and grow your brand awareness. Explainer videos are short digital marketing tools produced to showcase certain aspects of your operations and the products and services you sell. The best explainers videos are placed on website homepages landing pages, and social media platforms to reach the right audience that will most likely be interested in your business.


Business owners who want to bring their products and services to a wider audience can reach out to an explainer video company to highlight their best features. A creative services team can provide you with a video explainer that connects you to your customers and expands your social media presence, which gives you the momentum you need to increase profits.


An explainer video production is the most effective tool for transferring information about your products and services to internet users. Whether you use 2D animation or live actors, delivering your message with a video explainer is at the forefront of current marketing tactics. It’s the best way to reach real customers in real-time.


Though thousands of informative videos are in the marketplace, an animated explainer video company can provide you with a professional package that exceeds the performance of your competitors. An effective video can bring more traffic to your website and keep potential customers there, which raises your conversion rate.


You can improve your marketing campaign by hiring an explainer video production company to animate your message and pump new life into your conversion rates. With a visual package of moving images and a compelling message you can reach a new audience and expand your leadership in your industry. An explainer video is also useful for corporate needs that involve teaching, training or in-house how-to information.
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