Aerial Photography

Aerial Photography

Aerial Photography Using Drones

You may associate the use of “drones” with the military, because this was the first application for these unmanned aerial vehicles, referred to as UAVS. While those with more basic features have limited use by hobbyists worldwide, chances are, camera-carrying drones are breakthrough technology in your marketplace.

What is a drone?

These remote controlled camera devices offer a bird’s eye view of practically anything on earth, making the technology a major player across a number of fields. Of course, they are used for military intelligence and for law enforcement to some degree, but they also serve in other departments, such as firefighting, search and rescue operations and disaster relief. The best drones can also monitor traffic, weather, and even market your products.

The jury is still out, legally, as to limits on flight levels and the presence of unmanned flying crafts with cameras vs. privacy of citizens. The FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) is at the center of every debate about allowing remote control pilots to operate them outside of their “line of sight.”

There’s a growing market for their use on a more trivial scale, such as small unmanned aerial systems (SUAS), which are the DIY drones used by hobbyists for recreational purposes. And with that growing interest, their technological features are becoming more sophisticated, such as the French-made parrot drone, a lightweight quadricopter that is remotely controlled using software on a mobile or tablet operating system.

These, and other forms of UAVs, are expanding the technologic possibilities for acquiring aerial photographs and video footage.

Aerial Photography

How is drone photography used?

Aerial photography can be useful to virtually any business, if there’s anything visible from the air that contributes to its value. The most obvious, of course, is the real estate market, where aerial views posted on social media can capture the attention of potential home buyers (a huge win), while also informing a few lookie-loos (not so lucrative, but they talk to friends). Since drone videos and photography came onto the scene, real estate marketing has never been the same.

Hotels are huge candidates for the use of drone photography. If you have investment properties, also, it’s a big opportunity to capture the interest of renters. Whereas previous generations had to take their chances that the amenities (like swimming pools) touted by hotels and resorts were accurately described, now they can dive in (visually, of course).

Your company can take a victory lap over the competition if you’re a frontrunner in using a camera drone for marketing and advertising. There are innumerable enterprises that benefit from marketing materials through the eyes of a drone camera. The following are just a few examples:

  • Roofers
  • Construction companies
  • Architectural firms
  • Schools
  • Golf courses
  • Sporting facilities

And for corporate advertising, an overhead shot of the building, or a whole block of buildings – whatever the case may be – is a professional, high-powered image to gain consumer exposure.

Aerial Photography

How does Coldea Productions use flying drones?

We are known for the compelling design of our marketing materials, largely due to our experience using aerial photographs. Our team has a strong engineering background, so there are very few technical limitations when working on your marketing project.

Of course, high resolution aerial photos can revolutionize your product media package, because of its ability to both magnify the subject and help your clients to think differently. Other than an occasional airplane flight, most consumers aren’t able to see anyone’s product – whatever it is – from above.

Our experience in the L.A. film industry, along with our penchant for all things technical, have added up to hours of camera work from the air plus the necessary equipment and connections to feature your business in this unique way. The sky’s the limit, of course, when it comes to camera angles and landscape possibilities using drone photography.

If you’re interested in moving images for the purpose of real estate marketing, commercial advertising, corporate videos, training materials or web videos, we can utilize drones for those projects. We’re seasoned videographers who have used the technology for feature films, short films and documentaries as well.

Our camera work is, of course, the highest resolution using industry quality lenses, creating a professional photo package for your company’s marketing or training purposes. By harnessing UAV technology, using quadcopters with high-tech cameras, your corporate image can hit the marketplace with more drama than your competitors.

Are you in real estate? We can radically take your previous marketing to the next level. Imagine the degree to which your clients can visualize the properties in your listing. And as far as getting more of your community’s listings, it will be a no-brainer when your real estate aerial videography and photography is posted on your website or other social media. Imagine the Facebook and Instagram sharing!

Are you interested in creating a commercial or web video to promote your company? Aerial videography only adds to the drama and information you can provide your consumers, which is something we do.

This is easy to fit into your budget, thanks to the rise of the UAV market and the use of drones. It will maximize the impact of your marketing and advertising if you can share the kind of unique viewpoint offered by drone photography.