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Visual messaging about your products, services, and general brand can be improved and expanded with a company video that’s on-trend and professional in quality. A high-resolution corporate video impacts the way you communicate from your desktop – to customers, employees, and the general public. Your voice is louder and reverberates more, which can move you from a mover and shaker to an industry leader.


Video viewing goes up continually, which is why the best video production companies are being tapped to fuel improvements in corporate marketing strategiesVideo marketing is not just an option today. It’s essential for business owners who want to expand their presence and increase profits to include video in their digital content. Consumers are drawn to moving images and those with superior script construction and production quality stand out among the crowded field of content creation.


Video content is the most powerful presenter to get noticed in the crowded landscape of today’s digital age. Producing high quality video presentations for a variety of business applications with a high skill level, Coldea Productions uses company presentation videos to help increase your online presence and raise your brand awareness. These are video presentations using compelling visuals designed to showcase your company operations, the products and services you provide, and the ways in which you conduct business.


Video commercials are viewed by millions of Americans every day and they are essential for every business owner wanting to propel their company’s sales. If your customers don’t know you’re there, you can’t make a connection. And if you don’t make a connection, it’ll hurt your bottom line.


You can take your company from a locally known entity to a leader in your industry with professional promotional videos for small businesses. When you hire a videographer with experience and vision, you get a marketing video package with compelling content and staying power.


When you hire a promotional video company to create new web content, you put yourself on a path to gain more of your audience’s attention. You need experts to craft web material that reflects the quality of your company’s brand. If your goal is to expand your scope, it is not a job for amateurs – a media services team is able to effectively communicate your message for maximum impact in the marketplace.


Put your customers and clients to good use and let them do the heavy lifting by using their case studies to share their experiences with the world on a customer testimonial video that highlights case studies featuring real happy customers. Produced by the video production professionals at Coldea Productions, testimonial videos serve as digital word-of-mouth salesforce and a great way to target consumers with similar needs and purchasing habits.


There are economic advantages to doing business remotely and an effective training video production is a necessary tool for corporations. Employees need contact with management to access information about new products and services as well as advisement from executives, human resources, and other staff members. Hiring a video production company to create appropriate video content for your needs is an effective way to establish that connection. The creative team at COLDEA Productions has many years of experience in designing customized corporate videos for the purpose of education, information, and promotion.


Video has quickly become the most popular communication tool for digital marketing applications. The right kind of video content has the power to entertain, engage, and inform viewers, compelling large numbers of them to visit your site and make a purchase. Educational videos produced by the video marketing professionals at Coldea Productions provide valuable information for your current and future customers as a great resource about your business, your products, and the best ways to take full advantage of the services your business provides.


The rapid rise in communication technology throughout the global business community has made it easier than ever to use video interviews for a variety of business needs and applications. At Coldea Productions, we are a professional video production house with a team of experienced experts that use the highest industry standards and the most advanced equipment and processes to produce interview videos with the greatest impact for your specific marketing or internal needs.


To bring your company to the next level you need a professional product video production that eclipses the branding success of your competitors. Video marketing is a huge piece of appealing to your target audience in a dramatic way. The video production services at COLDEA Productions garner large-scale attention through customized, high-quality marketing packages.


The most successful companies in the world are ingenious when it comes to getting their brands in front of all the right people. Professional web video production services create an opportunity to expose your company’s best features to the world. With proper video content, you exponentially increase your impact on the public while communicating more effectively with your own staff.


Video is now the most widely viewed type of content on the internet. The widespread availability of high speed and wireless connections means people all over world have instant access to all types of video content presentation. Coldea Productions is a full service commercial video production house that harnesses the power of video to create video content marketing efforts that will get your business noticed in today’s crowded digital marketplace.


When a home shopper can’t tour a house in person, the next best thing is a video walk-through online. With the use of a real estate video production company, you can literally bring the house to the buyer without having to get the buyer to the house. As a commercial real estate agent, or if you do residential sales, we get your buyer to the building virtually, which saves everyone time and money.


Unmanned aerial vehicles, sometimes called “drones,” are becoming a hot topic in the news, and are also one of the hottest tools in the field of aerial videography. While people of various ages and stages may think of it as no more than a robotic toy, a drone is also capable of much more sophisticated purposes. Using cameras in flight to obtain aerial videography is a way to level up the content of your video production to make a greater impact on your target audience.


Video is a powerful medium that evokes emotion and establishes a connection with the viewer. Today’s digital age of wireless connectivity and social media dominance has created an ideal landscape for using video content as an integral part of a comprehensive digital marketing plan. Coldea Productions is a video production company offering a wide range of video production options designed to grow your business brand and increase your online presence.


Our team of LA industry filmmakers at Coldea Productions has the experience to produce your film, whatever its size. We have been educated and worked in the film all over the world. The affordability of film production today makes the medium accessible to far more applications than just studios producing Oscar-contending feature films. If you’re marketing a product, a corporation – even yourself – it’s wise to look at the proven effectiveness of film.
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