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Product Photography is what drives your product sales.

You can build the best mousetrap, but unless the world sees it, you can’t sell it. That’s where professional product photography comes in. With today’s business climate, you need good imagery to promote your products and services. With tablets and mobile phones, customers of all kinds are just a touch away from your product, but only if your visual marketing tools are sharp.

It is in your company’s best interest to do more than offer product photography tips to someone in your PR department and expect your staff to come through with a worthy look. The corporate image that’s reflected to the public through the quality of your product photography deserves the same attention as other important business decisions. You can see a marked return on investment when you hire a professional with expertise in product photography lighting, the effective use of shutter speed, and appropriate lenses to create high-resolution photos.


What does a product photographer do?

Aside from the obvious – take pictures of the merchandise your company manufactures or distributes – the best professional photographer will be the catalyst for your company’s new marketing inroads. Your goal is to get product photos that accurately reflect your branding and attract your target audience.

You’ve seen menus, brochures, and websites with product photos shot by amateurs. The benefit of professional images can mean the difference between customers filling seats in your restaurant or being forced to close your doors. What they experience when they order food will affect what they tell friends and associates about your establishment. That’s pretty important.

If you’re a clothing manufacturer, you’re selling more than just fabric – you’re creating a look and sharing a lifestyle. When you pull up your current website, does it communicate the quality your clientele expects from your company? If not, it may be that your product photography needs improvement. And when you promote your company online, the choice of images can get you in front of your target customers.

Twitter’s own research confirms the theory that visuals such as great photos offer a big boost in tweet re-posting. That’s the kind of market research you can respond to. Content marketing company Skyword reported a few years ago that when posts and pages have relevant images they receive 94% more views than those without. It’s a missed opportunity if you don’t go after that audience.

Achieving that level of success requires a customized process. A professional product photographer knows when to use natural light versus artificial light to enhance your merchandise and send the right message. You may need new product photography on a white background to gain a more professional look. Staging the products most advantageously may be the key to scaling your business success.

You need a creative team with advanced photography techniques as well as marketing know-how to consult with you about the most effective strategies for the shoot. Updating web photos is a way to impact your bottom line that doesn’t involve pumping up your sales staff or introducing a new product line.


Who has good product photography pricing?

Because great product photography is central to increasing sales, it stands to reason that an investment in a professional photographer is a boon to your business. It’s an extra benefit when you find image experts who are flexible enough to work within your budget.

At COLDEA Productions you will find our staff friendly and prices affordable. Our seasoned photographers are prepared to take your marketing to the next level using the latest high-tech equipment. We have a team of highly skilled L.A. film industry professionals who are knowledgeable about locations and styles that connect with customers.

Even if you hire a public relations firm to handle media matters, there are advantages to bringing in a photographer from the outside. We know product photography lighting, appropriate shutter speed, and how to communicate through artistry so your online store gains the traction you need to increase profits.

Do you need materials with a more professional look for your sales force to share with prospective clients? Practically speaking, we can present you with images of any or all of your product lines, which you can then use for both internet marketing and for physical sales materials, such as brochures, merchandise books, etc.

If you’re a distributor for a large corporation, there are reasons to have your own product photos, rather than just rely on corporate images. Clients want to see evidence of the reliability of your work, such as pictures from installations of your merchandise at nearby locations, where they can get personal feedback from your referrals.

A report from data collector Kissmetrics backed up the theory that original photographs of your products are preferred. They posted research that includes a description of the types of photo images that actually can reduce your business rather than build it. They include:

Stock photographs – they want new and authentic instead
Poor quality images – low resolution doesn’t cut it anymore
Crowd shots – they bore viewers
Bigger than life-size images of faces – consumers say they’re unsightly
Historical subjects – again, boring

Kissmetrics blogger Mustafa Khundmiri noted the following: “People don’t look at the web-like they used to. They’re more connected than ever. And educated. What does that have to do with images and conversions? People can tell if you’ve used cheesy stock photos. They used to be a rage back then, but not now. Your prospects will know you’re trying to fool them with people shaking hands in suits.”

You don’t have to solve this one alone. Though many product photographers in Los Angeles and across the country might be saddled with past industry practices, these are the principles we bring to your project. We apply such product photo tips to better showcase your line with what’s trending.

Do Coldea Productions do food photography?

Yes, we have the ability to communicate anything about food through the use of cameras. We are trained to maximize the attractiveness of food groupings for proper representation of a brand or to increase marketing strength. Giving life to a lifeless object is a very challenging type of commercial photography, but we enjoy the creative work of staging and shooting it in its best light.

The equipment we use and the strategies involving lighting and staging for your product shots will vary according to the industry involved. Product images for automakers or furniture stores may be most effective when they are shot in natural light. But for restaurants, bakeries, and food manufacturers you want to use artificial light that you can control. We know the best camera angles and the use of soft light, as well as every major factor involved in the process.

Are you a restaurant? We collaborate with you to do more than just mirror the dishes you create and serve. We seek to portray the attitude and complete style of your establishment. We pay attention to the finer details concerning the composition and lighting of the shot, serving the role of prop stylish at the same time as bringing years of experience in the film, video, and still photography industries.

Are you an advertising agency representative? We can take still photographs for your client, but because we’re also L.A. film industry professionals, we bring you the added bonus of videography know-how. We can meet your need for digital footage, offer a full-service commercial video for you and your client, or provide still corporate photography using our broad range of skill sets.

While an amateur photographer is concerned with aperture and shutter speed, we have an advanced degree of expertise, acknowledging the need for white balance, sensor crop factor, and access to the highest-grade technical equipment. We consult with you to make recommendations such as shooting your products against a white background or discussing changes with your food stylist. We are team players who join you in your goal – to promote your brand and increase sales.

Reaching internet shoppers with better product images

With the rise of e-commerce platforms, corporate leaders know they need to update the product photography on their websites. The COLDEA Productions creative services team can give you an analysis and offer such product photography tips as the effective use of a white background or the finer details of lighting.

We have completed projects with wide-ranging circumstances, and we can provide you with professional shots of individual products or photograph your complete collection. From working with live models to oversized packaging, we are prepared for challenges that sometimes arise due to circumstances such as venue, weather, or distance. For manufacturers of large products, we use aerial photography to capture the maximum level of exposure to the merchandise.

Our team of artists can take your products to the marketplace as well. We are experienced in the technical work of corporate photography, but we are also experts in marketing strategy. You can greatly expand your public image through the services of a team with an arsenal of successful tools rather than tasking your in-house staff members with taking photos and applying adobe photoshop. We can help you shape and fortify your branding, then post it on the platforms that attract your potential customers.

If you are not already harnessing the strength of the internet to drive sales, you’ll want to begin now, and engaging, attractive pictures are the cornerstone. According to a report by Citrix, 63% of social media is visual. If you sell online, you must know that profits are directly linked to the quality of photography. Because sales are attached to the quality of the images on your product page, iPhone shots, and selfies work for your personal Facebook page and Instagram or Pinterest. But for materials that are going to be seen by potential customers, they have to be quality that’s worthy of your brand. You want your company to be viewed as competent and your product as worthy.

When you have invested in software that lets your customers shop from home, there is a tremendous incentive to make sure the look of your merchandise is up to par. Product promotion requires photography with a professional look. It’s that simple. And while it’s not so simple to create, it is simple for you to acquire. We can meet your demands to “sell” your valued product.

Whether you run a small business or a multimillion-dollar corporation, your website, and other outreach to the public need to be successful. We bring our years of experience to help you meet your goals through product photography that targets your customers and elevates your brand.

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