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Every industry holds special events to reward clients and celebrate with employees. With receptions, parties and awards photography those events are documented for future reference.

Photography for Receptions

When your clients spend thousands of dollars to attend a conference or trade show hosted by you, a first-rate reception is essential. It communicates their importance, that you recognize their role in the success of your business.

You can reward customer loyalty with live music and gourmet cuisine, but also offer them a lasting service. The best reception photography makes it possible to create products that you can give your clients to use for their marketing purposes.

The experienced team at Coldea Productions provides you with more than just images of food and entertainment. Our professional photo services for receptions capture the message you want to convey, whether you’re thanking clients or rewarding employees.

Photography for Parties

It’s not always easy to reinforce the individuals who work for you and communicate appreciation. And when you do, your hope is that they respond with more effort and productivity for the good of the business. Some employers reward faithful staffers through holiday parties and company celebrations.

While the event itself can be a turning point for some individuals, what’s even more important is the lasting effect corporate parties can have in the workplace. Professional photography for parties puts attendees in the best light, unlike the selfies they take themselves. These images can also become part of a swag bag or holiday gifts.

There’s a greater purpose to party photography than serving as reminders of a great event. We can help you create a strategy that provides you with images you can use inhouse for teambuilding. We can also convert photography from parties into products that are effective marketing tools.

Photography for Awards

Corporate awards presentations are a great way to engage your clients and exude good will. Take a cue from JD Powers or consider the shout out you get from ranking on a list by Forbes or Glassdoor.

Awards can build credibility for a company and keep their name in front of their customers. When you create and host corporate awards, you’re responsible for those advantages obtained by your client. You also benefit from the exposure.

The buzz that’s created is already a service to your company, and one way to make that energy last is through awards photography.

A professional awards photographer frees you up to engage your guests. You have innumerable responsibilities when hosting an event, so leaving the photo services to us means you have more attention for those tasks.

We want to help you meet your goals. Hiring us for receptions, parties and awards photography ensures that while you’re busy pulling off a successful event, we’re getting you a lasting impression of it.

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