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Product Demo Videos

Video content has taken over the internet, requiring video marketers to create dynamic, informative, engaging product demo videos that highlight your products’ benefits as a valuable solution to viewers’ problems and needs. At Coldea Productions, we have years of experience creating a great example of product demo videos that offer large groups of interested consumers the information they need to see the value in your product line.

Producing a single product demo video or a series of explainer video productions will reach consumers wherever they are in the sales funnel and decision-making process. Viewers will see your products in action and address the most-often-asked questions and concerns. Our video production and video marketing professionals will make sure your product demo videos are distributed to the most effective and relevant platforms and outlets to maximize your exposure to those most likely interested in your business.

What Are Product Demo Videos?

Product demonstration videos are short, simple presentations that showcase your product, how it works, and its value to the viewer. Use software demo videos to show how your product works or break down complex aspects and processes related to your products. A demo video is an excellent format for breaking down complicated topics and making them easy to understand and retain the information being delivered.

These videos are brief, to the point, and focused on solving specific problems or needs of a target audience most likely to be interested in your products and services. They are flexible and evergreen and can be used in a wide range of marketing efforts using various platforms to reach the largest groups of potential customers throughout the world.

Benefits of Product Demo Videos

Using product demo videos as a critical component of your overall digital marketing strategy will help to drive interested consumers to your website. The most significant benefit these powerful marketing tools can offer is to be able to provide the same product details and demonstration to unlimited numbers of potential customers.

Additional benefits to product videos include:


Video Rules the Internet

The fact is that internet users would rather watch any type of video than do just about anything else online. With a click, viewers are instantly entertained and informed with no effort on their part. With the increase in mobile devices that can access high-speed wireless connections, demo video content is more available and popular than ever, making it essential in today’s crowded and ultra-competitive digital age.

Repeatable, Shareable

The information on your product demonstration videos will be useful for anyone interested in learning more about your business. They can be used in a variety of marketing and sales applications, from landing and product pages on your website to social media and email marketing campaigns. Demo video links and posts can be shared with viewers’ friends and contacts, which can exponentially expand your reach and viewership, driving more users to your website.


Watching a product demo video has a unique appeal for viewers and consumers. Seeing a product is opened and used can be mesmerizing and entertaining as the benefits and functions are being demonstrated and highlighted. There is something universally appealing about watching a product gets put through the motions. Including dynamic visuals and engaging graphics will make your demonstration videos even more impactful and entertaining.

Easily Explain Complex Processes

If your product or service involves complex processes, video is excellent at breaking it down and making it easier to understand for existing and potential customers. The nature of demo videos allows users to stop and start as needed and review the information at any time in the future.

Cost Savings

The best product demo video can be published and distributed to multiple outlets and platforms at a fraction of the cost of traditional advertising venues, such as television commercials or print ads. A professional team of digital marketers at Coldea Productions produces product deme videos that fit your budget and reach large groups of consumers. For example, you can post and repost this type of video on your social media accounts, exposing the content to massive groups of consumers at no extra charge or expense to your marketing budget. 

Video Styles for Product Demos

Production and demo video marketing professionals at Coldea Productions have a wide range of options to create effective product demos that will grab the attention of your target audience and connect with large groups of potential buyers. Our team will work with you to determine the best ways to present your products among the following video formats, styles, and kinds of video production.

  • Desktop, laptop Screen Recording
  • Screen Capture Using Selfie Webcam
  • Live Teleconference, Press Conference Settings
  • Live-Action Video
  • Animated Product Demo Video Elements

                – 2D Animation
                – 3D Animation
                – Motion Graphics
                – Whiteboard Animation



Product Demo Video Distribution Channels

Producing a high-quality product demonstration video is just the start. Now you need to place your demonstration and explainer videos in strategic locations that will gain maximum exposure for potential customers interested in your business. Making the right decisions for where and how to use your live-action or animated product demo video can have a significant impact on raising your brand awareness and sales numbers.


Your website is the digital home base for your business. More visitors view your homepage than any other page, and embedding video there will show significant improvements on important analytics metrics like conversions and bounce rates. Product videos can also be positioned on landing pages and product pages to increase exposure and compel existing and future customers to make a purchase.


Boost the open and click-through rates on your email marketing campaigns by including the best product demo videos. Merely inserting the word “video” into the subject line of the email will increase activity from those on your email distribution lists. Videos in emails can be easily viewed from a desktop computer or any number of mobile devices like smartphones and tablets.

Digital Ad Campaigns

The goal of your digital marketing campaign is to get as many as possible interested in your products, drive them to your website, and engage with them in ways that compel them to act. Using modern marketing techniques like search engine optimization (SEO), pay-per-click (PPC), and social media advertising, your videos can reach massive numbers of online users that are most likely to become buyers and regular customers.

Top Tips for Producing Product Demo Videos

The digital marketing landscape is complex, crowded, and extremely competitive. Only the most dynamic, engaging, entertaining, and informative content will be able to make an impact throughout the most popular digital channels. The following are some guidelines and tips to help your videos stand out among the rest.

Minimize Distracting Motion

The focus of your product demonstration video should stay on the product and the information you are delivering about it. Excessive motion or animation will distract viewers from the message and your product.

Avoid Using Industry Terminology and Jargon

Assume your viewer knows little to nothing about your industry and the terminology used for internal communications. Avoid using unexplained acronyms and other industry jargon that will only serve to disorient your viewers.

Add Captions or Subtitles

Silent viewing of online videos is becoming more popular as people watch video content from anywhere at any time. Today’s video marketers understand that product demo videos need to be able to be viewed and totally understood without having the volume up. Building in captions or subtitles is a common technique to make any video viewable whether the sound is on or not.

Keep Branding Consistent Across All Videos

Series of product demonstration videos should all follow the same video format, look, and branding elements. Viewers should be able to identify and link all your video content to your business and your brand.

Demo Videos Should be Under 2 Minutes

Your audience’s attention spans are shorter than ever before. Keeping product demo videos under two minutes in length will increase the chances the viewer will stick around to watch the whole video. Two minutes is ample time to present your product and showcase its benefits and functions.

Keep is Simply Simple (KISS)

It is best to stick with the most basic information about the product and its benefits. Motion graphics and transitions should not distract from the message and product details.

Get the Audience’s Attention from the Start

You have a few precious seconds to grab the audience’s attention and engage them in your content and product. If they do not become emotionally invested in your content from the start, you will lose them, and they will not watch the rest of the video.

Practice, Practice, Practice

The chances are you, and others who will appear in your product demo video will not be professional broadcasters with experience in front of the camera. But even veteran public speakers and broadcasters need to prepare and practice the materials before speaking about them. Have a clear plan and take the time to practice before someone yells, “action!” It will make your video look smoother and more professional.

Why Choose Us?

Coldea Productions is a professional video production house that creates engaging product demo video content designed to generate high volumes of qualified leads that will increase your sales and allow you to snag a greater share of the market in your industry. Our team of industry professionals has grown with the technology to be able to produce video content that will highlight your products and showcase your business and your brand.

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For complete information on the wide range of video production services that include highly effective product demo videos as part of your comprehensive digital marketing campaign, contact Coldea Productions and get started today.

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