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When your business is humming along but your vision for it is far greater, corporate films are a great way to scale your profits by expanding your outreach. When you access the power of corporate video, your new reality can match the commercial aspirations in your head. Research shows that the majority of people are visual learners, which includes online shoppers, and in the age of information technology the way to engage consumers is through impactful screen images.

There are many uses for commercial videos, including event coverage, training, recruiting, and social media outreach. While expert presenters are good at describing the best features of their business, corporate video visually displays and demonstrates those qualities. In other words, you double down on the impact you can make when you address clients, potential customers, and associates.

What is the purpose of a corporate video?

There are many forms of communication within a business to firm up the connection between executives and the sales force, human resources, accounting, purchasing, production – and, of course, the customers. Relying on yesterday’s methodology isn’t usually the most effective, especially in the information age with the rapid-fire changes in technology.

Corporate films have the power to promote your business in the marketplace and highlight your company’s best features to your employees, associates, and new recruits as well. Everyone has an image and your profits are determined, in part, by how well your corporate brand is received.

To win over the lion’s share of your client base, you need a winning marketing strategy. It has to meet modern standards of innovation, which includes video. To be considered an industry thought leader, you need to get your message into the marketplace through a pointed, professional corporate film.

Even in fields that don’t seem like good candidates for corporate film production, a brand video can exponentially expand a company’s reach, promoting their products and services to wider audiences. In addition to broadcasting a positive image, a professional video is a great sales tool. A webinar can demonstrate to buyers how easy your products are to use and professionals can produce web videos to post on social media. Effective marketing is about getting in front of more customers and a corporate film can be everywhere you can’t be. And believe it or not, the narrative you create in your video can sometimes tell your corporate story better than a human conversation.

A professional film producer can help you communicate with your clients and other associates using footage from large-scale event coverage, company events, and testimonials. You can focus on anything from a passion for your products to company culture. Demonstrating your expertise through quality production lets consumers know that you’re essential to their lifestyle and builds confidence in your brand. It shows consumers the value of your commercial contribution and positions your brand at the top of the industry.

Professionals make certain the story you tell reflects well on your business. Your corporate film needs to match the effort you place on quality workmanship, comprehensive customer service, and keeping your company a well-oiled machine.

What types of corporate films are there?

Promotional Videos

Also known as brand videos, they serve the specific purpose of touting your company’s best features, but at the same time, they generally promote your brand. A promotional video company can craft a visual marketing tool that reaches potential customers with your corporate story, an introduction to staff, and a presentation of your products and services.

Testimonial Videos

Hearing the opinion of peers is of utmost importance to shoppers. A survey by BrightLocal says that 82% of consumers turn to the web for reviews before shopping locally, reading an average of 10 reviews before trusting a business. And people in the 18 to 54 age group report “always reading reviews.”

Of those who read reviews, nearly 100% read responses by the business. When you manage your social media, you do more than defend company decisions – your testimonial videos validate your actions and policies.

Product Demonstration Videos

Your customers need to be educated about your products and services, and in some cases, they need instructions for use or steps for assembly. Product photography and videography are essential ways to do that. You validate your company’s role as the industry expert when you provide instruction that maximizes the effectiveness of your products.

Whether your company sells party goods or airplane parts, you need a product video that demonstrates its use. Videography is a good marketing idea for business owners in fields of every kind, including:

  • Manufacturing
  • Chemicals/pharma
  • Food and beverage
  • Healthcare products
  • Finance
  • Event planning
  • Retail
  • Human Resources
  • Automotive parts
  • Fashion/accessories
  • Athletics

Training Videos

Your employees are expected to sustain the high standards you set in motion when you founded your company. With professional training videos, you make sure your staff members maintain a consistent voice. For health and welfare training, workplace standards, CPR training as well as shaping the skills of your staff members, a video can do the work that saves you personnel time. Companies used to carve out a big part of their budget for human resources personnel to travel across the country to complete the onboarding process. It saves you money when you use technology such as live streaming and web videos to perform these duties.

Conference Films

Even industry experts are accustomed to keynote speakers amplifying their messages with entertaining and informative film footage. People remember what they see more than what they hear, so when your presenters are addressing an audience with important information about your business, it’s wise to augment important points with video. When you plan corporate events such as conventions and teambuilding meetings you want their impact to last.

Conference photography and videography are at the top of your event planning list because you want to document what you accomplish. When you bring C-suite executives and industry leaders together to make decisions, celebrate wins, and educate attendees, you want the impact of your successful event to last. Footage of presenters and breakout participants can also be used in a larger corporate film covering your company’s innovation and leadership as well as your ability to connect with clients.

What does a film company do?

When you launched your company, you put an incredible amount of blood, sweat, and tears into establishing a mission, hammering out details, and crafting your message. You just need consumers to tune in.

That’s the power of corporate videography.

When you put together your marketing team you established a trajectory pointing them toward reaching more customers and increasing sales. That is also the role of a marketing video production.

COLDEA Productions has experience in the art of filmmaking and developing a winning marketing strategy. We help you control the narrative, so you can tell your company’s story in the most effective way.

Do your executives have a compelling backstory? Or do you manufacture a life-changing product? Every company has a unique story and we are uniquely qualified to help you tell yours. With a background in Hollywood filmmaking, the COLDEA Productions team has both the technical know-how and the ability to create a compelling narrative that catches the attention of the public. We are artists with mastery in taking your project from storyboarding to editing.

Consider the power of commercials and web videos. If you’ve seen Super Bowl ads such as Jeep’s “Groundhog Day” or “Before Alexa” with Ellen DeGeneres, you see how memorable they can be. You might choose to infuse comedy or it may be more effective to tell your own dramatic story. We consult with you to determine the best strategy to reach your target audience.

We do a wide range of film production that can benefit you in many ways, including:

  • Brand videos
  • Social media posts
  • Conference/convention films
  • Email videos
  • Testimonials
  • Product demonstrations
  • Internal communication video
  • FAQ video answers

Research is one of our strong suits. We do a deep dive into your field, seeing how your competitors communicate with your clients and strategizing to raise your profile.

If you’re in the automotive industry, you deserve a corporate film that’s worthy of the AutoVision Festival ranking. Or if you’re a fashion designer launching a new collection, you want to be a part of the Market Week buzz. We are seasoned videographers who can get you that kind of notice.

How do I share my company’s new video?

Your job is to perfect your products, refine your service, and hone your skills. We are ready to make sure that what the world sees is a proper reflection of that quality. Your brand drives your profits, so it is worth the investment.

Before we create a shooting schedule, we determine the best application for the project – if it’s a web video for your company’s site, a recruitment tool, or a social media marketing device. Galvanizing your brand is always at the top of the priority list, but beyond that, the story you tell needs to connect with the target audience.

After storyboarding, shooting, and editing, your final package has to get to the right spaces. COLDEA Productions is a creative services agency offering marketing management after the video is in the can. If your headquarters are far from your customers, we can maximize your exposure through smart choices in advertising and promotion.

You can’t count on potential customers to seek you out or just find themselves on your homepage. You have to reach out to them. Online marketing site WordStream has statistics that underscore the importance of video marketing:

  • There are more than 1 billion users of YouTube, approximately 1/3 of all internet users

  • YouTube video viewership totals 500 million hours per day

  • More than 80% of people on Twitter watch video content

  • Almost half of those who watch video online view at least an hour a week on Facebook and YouTube

There’s really no overstating the value of video – both creating it and getting it out into the public’s eye. We understand search engine optimization (SEO) and can track the progress of your company’s online marketing efforts. We can get your video package out on multiple platforms and gauge interest, click-through rates, and lead you to conversion, which is the end game for boosting your bottom line.

A commercial video is a necessary step in scaling your company and reaping greater profits. Professionals make corporate films that tell your story in the best possible light. Let us know when you’re ready for your closeup.

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