Gabriela Coldea

Managing Director

As Managing Director, Gabriela is responsible for helping to uphold and further the mission of COLDEA Productions through our daily operations as a company.

Prior to COLDEA Productions, Gabriela was a VP with Epoch Insights and is currently a board member and President of the OC – Association of Certified Fraud Examiners. Her background includes Business Process Improvement with OptumRx a United Health Group company, Project Management expertise and banking experience with Liberty Bank.

Gabriela earned her Bachelors of Science in Financial Engineering in Romania, EU and Master of Business Administration from University of Dubuque Iowa. In her free time, Gabriela enjoys tutoring math and helping students achieve higher goals.

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Cristian D Coldea - Executive Producer - CEO

Cristian Coldea

Founder – CEO

Cristian Coldea, is a media artist and Founder of COLDEA Productions. He was educated at “IoanAndreescu” University of Art & Design, Romania where he received his Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) and Master of Fine Arts (MFA).

Besides his creative background he studied Political Science and Government at the University of Babes-Bolyai, Romania. He was actively involved in MFA projects at the University of Southern California and worked in Los Angeles Film Industry on numerous projects where he gained more experience and developed lasting professional relationships.

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About Coldea Productions

Our Story

Our dedicated team of marketing and visual content creators came together under one brand with the idea to establish one of the best visual creative media agencies that provides easy to reach and cooperative customer service to a multitude of companies and professionals across all industries looking to improve their presence and take their brand to the next level.

We are a Southern California based creative-services provider that specializes in producing video content, commercial photography and animation for companies and corporations. Here at Coldea Productions, we guide each client on their new branding and creative journey by ensuring all questions are answered before going into production. We believe a solid plan and strategy is necessary for each project’s success.

We work with the latest audio and video technology to produce professional and original video content. Our services are targeted toward several markets including:

  • Companies
  • Corporations
  • Advertising Agencies
  • Entrepreneurs

Coldea Productions provides full-range video services including pre-production consulting, production, and post-production editing.

Our video production services include:

  • Corporate Video
  • Company Presentation Video
  • Event Video
  • Product Video
  • Web Video
  • Real Estate Video
  • Aerial Video
  • Training Video
  • Commercials
  • Video Animation
  • Trade Show Videos
  • Attorney Videos
  • Lawyer Videos
  • 3D and 2D Animations
  • Interview Videos
  • Customer Testimonials

Besides video production, we also offer professional photography services for corporations, companies, and individuals.

Our photography services include:

  • Headshot Photography
  • Product Photography
  • Fashion Photography
  • Real Estate Photography
  • Event Photography
  • Convention Photography
  • Band and Musician Photography
  • Gala, Awards, and Fundraiser Photography
  • Aerial Drone Photography


Coldea Productions will definitely bring your business story to life. They have the right tools and mindset to create relevant content for your business. Whether your business is local or overseas, they have the capacity to send a team to your business location and capture the footage that you need. We are extremely happy with their work and would gladly use their services again.
10:42 04 Mar 16
I worked with Cristian on multiple Video Productions and I was always satisfied whit his services and commitment. As a Director/Producer myself, I always appreciate to work with talented and hardworking artists that share my vision. Cristian is bringing creativity and an open mind on the set and it's easy to work, when the creativity is flowing.
Luis Iga G.
23:19 26 Apr 16
Great guy, amazing creativity, and fantastic work ethic. If you need any media work done, Cristian is your man!
Brian L. Tan '.
16:20 21 Mar 16
Thank you so much for capturing the spirit and atmosphere of our Scentsy Family Reunion 2018 Anaheim California. You are an Amazing photograper, a wonderful person and I so very happy that I got a chance to meet you!!! :) YOU ROCK!!! ;) THANK YOU SO VERYMUCH FOR A MAGICAL MOMENT!!! :)
Charita J.
01:46 24 Jul 18
My husband and I hired Coldea Productions for the filming of our wedding. They were very professional and brought a drone to provide aerial footage which was awesome. Cristian was very intentional in editing our video and met with my husband and I to discuss what we wanted from the videos and what we wanted to edit on our 3 minute highlight video. I appreciate how professional they interacted with us and met our needs. They also brought a crew with them for the whole day, which made the quality of the videos incredible since there were so many cool different views and angles. It provides a whole different element that pictures could never capture. The video quality was just incredible. I highly recommend Coldea Productions to anyone seeking video recording for their weddings or events.
Melissa I.
05:33 03 Mar 17
Had the pleasure of working with Cris this past month. My wife and I held an event in a small space, and he managed a lot of great shots despite the squeeze. He made himself available throughout the day and night, and captured lots of great moments. Cris is the consummate professional: talented, dedicated, thoughtful, kind and funny. He had great suggestions for shots and was widely complimented by our friends and family for his positivity, humor and insight. Such a person, let alone professional, is rare and welcome part of any event.
Miles S.
20:38 27 Mar 19
Cristian and his crew are absolutely incredible! Coldea productions is professional, have quick responses when you contact them, and have amazing quality in the work that they do. What makes them even more special is that they are very passionate about what they do. Coldea productions filmed our video for our wedding and we loved our video so much!!! They did such an amazing job capturing our special day. We would HIGHLY recommend them!!
Patricia Z.
22:15 05 Aug 18
I worked with Coldea Productions on a few projects where we produced corporate videos, event videos and video commercials. They are true professionals in the marketing content creation. They bring great production value and quick turnaround. I highly recommend them and I look forward to working with them on future projects.
Ovi B.
17:39 03 May 19
Cristian is a gifted artist and a wonderful person to work with. This was one of the most organized productions I have ever worked on.
Nikiya P.
20:13 02 Mar 16
I worked with Christian Coldea for designing the poster for a European theatre premiere and the execution, ideas and professionalism were impecable. Hand drown to the last detail the poster was trully unique and powerful.
Ioana P.
18:13 16 Mar 16
Hired Coldea Productions for some photos of our new shop and they did an amazing job. We were so impressed with the work that we hired them to do our corporate video as well as our kiosk videos throughout the shop.
Jonathan C.
05:22 12 Sep 18
I've worked with Coldea Productions several times and it's always a pleasure. Wonderful people, easy to get along with and extremely professional!
Shannon S.
22:11 29 Feb 16
Words cannot describe the sheer awesomeness that Coldea Production provides. Cristian is very professional, skilled, and highly talented videophotographer that would go above and beyond to make your project/event be at the highest level!
Cristian C.
05:42 02 Mar 16
We have hired him for many family events and have always been pleased with the results. In fact Chris’s team usually exceeds our expectations
Arpad M.
23:07 16 Jun 19
I worked with Mr Coldea on a number of videos and I am very pleased with his work. I apreciate his input and ability to find solutions for a project to be a success.
johnny A.
04:23 29 Feb 16
We needed to find a videographer near City of Industry and fast. One phone call to Cristian and boom — he and his team jumped right in shot some fantastic footage with little direction or time to plan. I was in the midwest, trying to manage the project long distance and he made it easy.
Robert M.
10:40 12 Oct 18
Coldea Productions filmed our wedding in August and I can't tell you how happy I am we chose them! They made our wedding day a blast and every step of the way they made sure we had a smile on our face. They are professional, kind, talented, and very detail-oriented! Our highlight video is amazing!! We couldn't wait to receive it and now that we did we can't stop watching it! I recommend Coldea Productions 110% to anyone who is looking for a videographer/photographer for their wedding.
Cami L.
03:41 08 Oct 17
I was blown away by Cristian's patience with my video project. He made me feel safe to tell him to million changes that I wanted to make. He never gave me a sense of frustration or annoyance. I never felt that he was tired or wanted it finish it as soon as possible. All I felt was calmness and lots and lots of care on his part. It really made me feel that he wanted to make sure that my video was 100% to my satisfaction. I felt safe, motivated, and engaged. Cristian has an amazing talent and I am really, really happy that I found him! Cristian, thank you so much for your wonderful abilities in making me feel safe!
Lola G.
23:26 10 Jun 17
I hired COLDEA Productions to shoot some modeling photographs for me. Not only are they a highly professional company, but they are respectful and easy to work with. I was also very pleased with the quality of the shots, especially the various locations that Cristian was able to get access to. He is extremely resourceful, quick and professional. I would hire COLDEA Productions again for photography or video related business.
Kayley J.
02:27 09 Mar 16
We bring your business story to life. Providing top quality branding and marketing content: video commercials, training video presentations, company video presentations, real estate videography and photography, tech videos, healthcare video presentations, medical videography, financial video presentations.
Cristian D. C.
00:10 07 Apr 17
Memories are only as good as the images you capture - I had the opportunity to work with Coldea Production on an event project I organized. Besides their professionalism they are incredibly talented and creative. Cristian has an amazing eye to capture the essence of the event. I highly recommend Coldea Production for your event photography and event videography needs.
Adina F.
02:06 07 May 19
It was so easy working with Coldea Productions. I have an idea of what I wanted, but Cristian was able to really expand my ideas and created several great corporate videos.I would highly recommend his services. They finished on time and within my budget.If your looking for quality videos and photos with a personal touch call Coldea Production
David Z.
23:05 28 Jul 18
Excellent work on headshots and Album art work. Cristi is a very patient guy and outstandingly creative
Vand S
02:15 17 Feb 17
I had a great experience working with Cristian on my new headshots. Awesome work!
Florin P.
04:38 08 Mar 16
Good and reliable media company, highly recommend it!
Milena S.
02:39 29 Feb 16
This company is customer-centric, friendly, great prices, great services, and very professional. Thank you Coldea Productions for an awesome experience!
jennifer H.
17:06 19 Jun 18
One of the best in this field. ..
Mike I.
22:19 08 Jun 16
Working with Coldea Productions and Cristian was such a great experience. Highly recommend working with them for all your video production needs. Great service, great pricing, great people.
Josh K.
13:38 30 May 19
Coldea productions is the most pro group of people I've had the pleasure of working with. They are always super on point and work tirelessly. The end results are always exceeding in my expectations. I've used them maybe half a dozen times now, there's no reason for me to go anywhere else as long as they're out there doing their thing.
frank B.
17:04 29 Feb 16
Very professional and overall a pleasant experience with a lot of fun
Moise L.
06:10 28 Feb 16
I had a good experience with Coldea Productions! Cristian and his team are very professional. Quick and easy to communicate with, high production value. I'm happy about the product!
Xu Z.
06:59 06 Mar 16
Coldea Productions is the Best as you get in this industry. Professional, respectful, high quality experience, hard working and lovely people. I had an amazing experience working with Coldea Productions and I highly recommend to you this Company. We produced a Concert together: the company provided photographers, videographers, lights, a cashier, a pretty lady for the tickets sales. They set up the place and clean up afterwards. It was more than I expected. They are Amazing!
Daniela P.
21:09 27 Aug 17
Cristian is a man of his word. He means what he says and not only keeps his promises, he goes the extra mile. Impressive, engaging web videos.
Ileana B.
22:46 16 Jun 19
Very professional and knowledgeable. Went above and beyond. Took initiative in a number of different ways. I highly recommend.
Jessica F.
07:39 14 Oct 18
Coldea Productions it's a team that exceed your expectation above and beyond of what you hope for! Great job guys!
Stefan F.
05:19 29 Feb 16
I recently performed in a concert where I had the pleasure of meeting, Cristian Coldea and his team responsible for filming our production. I was pleasantly surprised at the level of professionalism and quality I received from Coldea Productions. Their company offers top-notch HD video, sound and stills - results you can count on. I look forward to working with them again!
Orson Van Gay I.
17:44 17 Sep 17
Cristian is a multi-talented, reliable source for a wide spectrum of media-related needs. From outstanding photography to video production, the Coldea experience is beyond worthwhile. I highly reccomend Coldea Productions for anyone seeking the type of services that they offer! 5/5 stars :)
Amber C.
22:31 04 Mar 16
Great team, great knowledge, great work ethic! 5 Stars!
Andrew A.
21:50 29 Feb 16
Thr entire team at Coldea Productions are first-class professionals and especially creative producers.  Among many positive characteristics, what I appreciated most from them was the attention to detail.  Every aspect of video, no matter how small, was of significance to their keen eye.  They guided me through the process based on their many successful years of experience ... the results were outstanding!  It is with great pleasure that I highly recommend Coldea Productions especially if you want a video that demonstrates the commitment of your company to provide excellent products and services, or transform your creative ideas into reality. Great job, guys!Lucian BlagaDirector / Video Producer
Lucian B.
23:16 08 Jun 16
Amazing work, excellent service, great collaboration. Highly recommend it!
anamaria B.
08:08 24 Oct 16
Original and Inventive -- COLDEA Productions is a prolific team with a rare blend of technical know-how combined with edgy creativity. I marvel at their ability to develop deep concepts and create an artistic package eliciting an intense visceral reaction by the viewer. If you need a marketing vehicle, a dramatic video piece or an image presentation, I recommend that you call them. If you're anything like me, you won't be able to take your eyes off of the final product.
MM's I.
00:31 03 Mar 16
We worked with Coldea Productions for the first time on a video for a business meeting that had a very tight turnaround time. Cristian quickly understood our needs, shot beautiful footage, and did a great job editing to tell the story we wanted to deliver. He was incredibly responsive and went the extra mile every step of the way. We were extremely happy with the final product!
Jo Ann S.
14:00 19 Feb 19
I hired Coldea Productions to produce a few presentation videos for our company, BCB Flooring. We extremely happy with the final videos that showcase the work with do for our clients. As a contractor I often have to showcase my work to establish a relationship with my future clients, and through presentation videos I am able to establish that very well. Cristian helped us to create beautiful presentation videos and commercial photography and I will surely hire him on our future projects. I highly recommend them.
Bob C.
06:40 24 Jun 19
I highly recommend Cristian. He created my head shots which I use for all my professional and work related profiles. It's nice to work with people who are passionate about their work and their clients.
Kasra T.
05:22 17 Mar 16
Professional and reliable, easy to work with and always available for their clients. Cristian helped me turn an idea in my head into a beautiful, compelling and well-crafted video/image. Highly recommend!
Katie L.
21:22 28 Feb 16
Excellent work, COLDEA Productions filmed and edited my wedding video and we love it !
01:18 09 Mar 16
If you're looking for headshots, video or other creative projects, you should definitely give COLDEA Productions a call! Cristi worked magic. On short notice, he put together a photo shoot, did the entire shoot in perfect timing, provided the proofs and the final product. The entire process was smooth, efficient, fun, and I love the end results! Would definitely do business with them again!
Silvica R.
22:03 06 Apr 17
Great experience! Everything was perfect and on time, very professional team with great ideas! They did a great job covering my event. It was very easy to work with them, and I would recommend Coldea Productions to anyone who wants great photography and videography!
Amanda B.
00:54 24 Jun 19
Behind any successful company is a dedicated leader. I’ve had the privilege to see Cristian work first hand. One thing I admire about him is his dedication. He is a man of his word and he truly goes above and beyond to make sure he brings the best product. He is honest, committed, creative, good at delegating, has great communication, a positive attitude and the list goes on. I would recommend Coldea Productions with full confidence!
Cecilia R.
20:19 05 May 16
Great experience to work with a such professional team! Very satisfied with their high quality of work they provide!
Siuzanna I.
02:08 25 Sep 17
Cristian Coldea has my highest recommendation. He managed one of my photoshoots and I was blown away by the process and the results. He goes out of his way to understand his clients’ needs. Whatever your end goal is, he is able to make that vision happen. He is professional and easy to work with. Throughout the process he explains what he is doing and how it will help you achieve the goal you want. As a client, I would use Coldea Productions again and would recommend them to everyone.
08:23 01 Mar 16
Coldea Productions delivered an excellent product in the agreed upon time frame, and has done that with a great attitude and sense of humor. Overall a great experience. Thank you!
George P.
23:50 26 Apr 16
Coldea Productions did an amazing job with the photos and video for our concert. Extremely professional and beautiful work. Highly recommended for any event.
Daniel M.
18:05 08 Sep 17
I highly recommend working with COLDEA Production. They were the videographers for my sister's wedding, and they went above and beyond expectations. From the very beginning, Cristi met with us to ensure all expectations were met, and he followed through with excellent service all the way to the end. COLDEA Productions is highly professional, but personable to capture the essence of the story. Thank you Coldea Productions!!
Andi B
04:39 15 Mar 16
Coldea Productions offers one of the best video production and commercial photography services in the Orange County area. It is very easy to work with Cristian and his crew, they are very knowledgeable and true professionals in the industry. They were able to help me produce my project and deliver the final edited video before deadline. Great service, professional and helpful crew and quick turnaround!
Cipri B.
20:39 03 May 19
For our marketing videos and interview videos we trust Coldea Productions. They do an amazing job and bring a lot of value and expertise to execute the projects. They are very professional and easy to work with, they’re feedback on set helped tremendously to speed up the process and capture amazing shots. I’d recommend them for any of your video production needs and photography projects.
Luisa B.
17:56 03 May 19
What an Amazing Experience to have shared with Cristian @ Coldea Productions! Professional, Great Personality and fun to work with!!His Team is a 1st Class and we will defiantly work with them again..Patricia/ Acorn Engineering
Morris K.
21:23 29 May 19
Coldea Production did a spectacular job on my wedding video. Everything was just perfect from beginning to end and they captured all the highlights of the day beautifully. Cristi was easy to communicate with before and after the wedding to ensure they knew everything about the day. I highly recomand Coldea Production for your special day ! You won't regret it ! Thank you for capturing my special day and helping me cherish it for a lifetime!
Lidia T.
02:11 29 Feb 16
We worked with Coldea Products on several occasions. As the president of the Association of Certified Fraud Examines I work closely with our community to organize professional networking events and continuing education programs for our ACFE members. Cristian helped us by producing beautiful event video presentations, headshot photography and event photography of our IIA, ISACA and ACFE continuing education program. Looking forward to future projects together. I highly recommend them for your marketing content needs!
Gabriela M.
16:34 06 May 19
Definitely one of the best production companies I've ever dealt with. Knowledge and experience is beyond expectations. They're very dynamic and determined to do things right. Can't wait to start our next project, and looking forward to many more. Thank you Christian and the team.
edward U.
04:27 05 Mar 17
I would like to thank Cristian- Coldea Productions for his amazing professionality and service. it's not only the great results, but also the way to achieve it. We are a video production company that produce video all around the world, sometimes remotely without been present on the production. So we must trust our local crew on every aspect. to meet the customer, been nice to him, flexible, and of course highly professional. Cristain made it all happen and the results speaks for themselves. Thank you!
Itamar A.
07:01 06 Oct 18
I was in need of Rebranding my Real Estate Company and I needed a professional company to help me redesign and rebuild my online presence. I worked with Cristian from Coldea Productions, and I had a flawless experience. He designed and build my new Joomla website, redesigned my Logo, created all my web content and helped me with placing my company in Google My Business, Yelp, Facebook and in the local web directories. Coldea Productions team did an amazing job capturing the real estate video and real estate photography for my properties, the content is helping my clients to visualize the great properties I represent before they come on location to see it in person. I highly recommend their services.
Erica Jeong A.
21:13 01 Aug 17
Coldea Production is a very talented,creative,easy to work with,fun, and super proffesional company that provides excelent services.I highly recommend it to everyone who is searching for the best quality service.
estera P.
03:33 29 Feb 16
Had the opportunity to meet Cristian personally at a conference my girlfriend and I were attending. He did a fantastic job capturing the event and even took the time to chat with us as well as send us any photos to us personally that we were in. Thank you so much Cristian! Fantastic
Nathan O.
13:54 06 Aug 18
Coldea Production is professional, reliable, flexible and gets the job done fast. Great production company. Would totally recommend their services!
Ana P.
02:28 11 Mar 16
Strong work ethic and customer service! Coldea Productions did a great job with our video commercial and corporate photoshoot, I highly recommend them!
Ella W.
18:21 02 May 19
Cristian Coldea did an excellent job. He is well-trained and professional in his demeanor and timing. He made the event enjoyable, and our pictures turned out much better than we could have imagined. We would gladly use Cristian’s expertise in the future. -David and Rebekah
Rebekah M.
23:20 02 May 19
Professionalism, quality and seriousness.
Andrei R.
13:26 29 Feb 16
Professional, innovative and very friendly!
Maria D.
22:53 02 Mar 16
Great product photography, easy and fast delivery! I recommend them to anyone, looking the get a professional photography service.
Emma B.
01:47 24 Jun 19
My company hired Coldea Productions for a four day event. And, honestly, the pictures of our team are the absolute best we've ever had. Additionally, so so many "in the moment" shots that simply capture the spirit of the entire event. Highly skilled, professional and creative. Excellent job!!!
Barbara D.
12:30 20 Jun 18
Very professional production company. They take care of every detail from beginning to end. Highly recommended.
Jose R.
02:28 02 Mar 16
Having worked with COLDEA Productions, I was really glad to have worked with such a professional team. No doubt one of the best in the business!
Alexis M.
00:12 04 Mar 16
I definitely recommend Coldea Productions. Cristian took wonderful headshot photos and patiently edited the flaws in the one I chose . He is very professional and finished the job on-time as he had promised. I absolutely recommend Coldea productions to anyone who is seeking taking professional headshot photos.
Sahoora K.
18:54 08 Mar 17
Coldea Productions did an excellent job with our event photography and event videography. They are professional and provide a great customer service. I highly recommend them to anyone interested in great marketing content.
Marko B.
02:50 22 Jun 19
I highly recommend Coldea Productions. We hired the video production company for our event and it was just incredible. The quality of their work was phenomenal and truly captured all the key moments of our event. The final product is beautiful and exceeded our expectations by far.
levi H.
03:41 23 Jun 19
Excellent training videos, produced at a good value, much higher quality than I’ve gotten with previous vendors. Highly recommend for best Video production services in Orange County / Los Angeles area
Edith H.
06:15 19 Jun 19
Coldea Productions did my wedding photography. Cristian met with us to discuss what we wanted for our wedding photography beforehand . My husband and I really enjoyed Cristian's laid-back personallity which kept us at ease throughout the day. He has great precision for lining up people for group and family pictures. My husband and I couldn't have asked for a better photographer, our pictures are phenomenal and really capture all the elements of our special day. If you want beautiful pictures, I'd highly recommend Coldea Productions for wedding photography.
Janice M.
18:06 10 Jul 16
Highly recommend Coldea Productions for event photography and video content creation. Cristian and his team are punctual, professional, and they deliver excellent work. Easy to work with because they offer amazing customer service!
Rachel Ruth R.
19:47 01 May 19
I hired Coldea Productions for our private event and I couldn't be happier with the final result. Amazing event photography and event videography! I highly recommended them for your photo and video needs.
Vasile B.
00:31 24 Jun 19