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Visual Storytelling
That Breathes Life into
Your Brand

Camera. Lights. Story.

Transforming your brand into something
more personal.

By using video to tell your brand story, you guide viewers and prospective customers through a relatable, narrative-driven journey that bypasses the brain and connects with the soul. 

It inspires an emotional connection and begins to form a bond founded on a common ideology or interest. Video stories share strengths as well as vulnerabilities, transforming your brand into something more personal.

At Coldea Productions,
We Don't Just Film Video.
We Transform Brands into Heroes.

Pandia Best Anaheim Marketing and SEO Award

At Coldea Productions, our highly skilled and dedicated team of visual marketing content creators has been focused on visual storytelling for over twenty years. We are creators, dreamers, and visionaries. 

Amidst the noise and clutter in the marketplace today, it can be difficult to stand out. That’s why we specialize in creating compelling brand stories, memorable event videography, and engaging promotional videos that give your brand the creative edge over your competitors. 

We enjoy guiding each brand on a creative journey, from planning and production to filming and showcasing. With a clear plan and an intentional strategy, we ensure each project is a smashing success.

  • 1. Share Your Story

    • How did you get started?
    • What was the catalyst that changed everything for you?
    • Where are you going next?
    • How does this play into your video marketing goals?
    • Let’s storyboard your brand and create a strategy to amplify your story.
  • 2. Capture Your Message

    • Your story is just itching to be told.
    • Queue the lights, set the stage, and share your story in real-time.
    • We capture it all. Raw and authentic.
      Let Coldea
    • Productions’ visual creators guide your story.
  • 3. Spread The Word

    • The video is edited and polished, ready for the world.
    • Your story can now be leveraged to advance your video marketing strategy.
    • Increase brand awareness. Create real connections.
    • Amplify your brand and scale your business with video storytelling!

    The Creator Behind
    Coldea Productions

    Hello! I’m Cristian Coldea, the founder, director, and producer at Coldea Productions.

    A media artist by trade, I have been in the film and videography industry for over 20 years. I earned my education at Ioan Andreescu University of Art & Design in Romania, where I received my Bachelor’s and Master’s of Fine Arts.

    I’ve worked in the Los Angeles film industry, showcased talents from music to fashion, and helped everyone from entrepreneurs and realtors to tech events and corporations.  

    I can tell you, from experience, that there is truly nothing new under the sun. It has all been said or done before.

    But now there is YOU.

    You are the catalyst that changes this equation. Your story. Your innovation. When combined with our creativity and skill, you become unforgettable.

    Together with my team, it’s our goal to help you create the most captivating content on the market. 

    To distinguish you and your brand above the competition.

    To Reach Beyond
    The Mindless Scroll
    And Captivate Your Audience.

    With several decades of combined experience in the ever-changing film industry, we have learned that “good enough” will never do. 

    Utilizing the latest audio and visual tools and technology, we pride ourselves on producing polished and masterful original video content for your brand. 

    So, what is your story?

    Let us help you share it in a way that makes a difference for your brand and for your life.

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