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Promotional Video Production

When you hire a promotional video company to create new web content, you put yourself on a path to gain more of your audience’s attention. You need experts to craft web material that reflects the quality of your company’s brand. If your goal is to expand your scope, it is not a job for amateurs – a media services team is able to effectively communicate your message for maximum impact in the marketplace.

What content should I have in my promotional video?

Whether you’re a marketing professional or the owner of the business, you understand the primary aspects of your promotional messaging. Video marketing should be consistent with those priorities – it should tell your story and emphasize your best features.

The best content begins with a compelling introduction. That’s what makes online shoppers continue watching or click away. Depending on your industry and the nature of your competition, some aspects that may prove effective are:

  • Your company’s mission
  • Your products, skills, and services
  • Your executives and staffers
  • Your corporate backstory
  • Your target customers

The beauty of promotional video production is it connects your customers to your brand. You can probably think of websites that have the kind of appeal you’re looking for or a favorite commercial that persuades you to believe in a product.

brand video brings free exposure to your corporate image – you don’t have to pay for ad space to get your video in front of the public. A marketing strategy that increases your social media presence helps you expand your client base by reaching out to bigger audiences. And keep in mind, when your homepage is visited by potential customers you have a limited time to hook them.

While your promo video serves to promote your corporate image, it’s a good idea to use it for other practical purposes such as educating your customers. For instance, if you sell products, your buyers can learn to use them through explainer videos and product photography.

When instructional videos are professional it communicates to the public the quality of your company which is one form it takes to indirectly benefit your business. A product video has multiple purposes – it both serves to inform and reflects the image of your brand. But you can also create a video with a wider breadth of content.

In addition to advertising the best features of your business, a promotional video can play a part in:

  • Onboarding new employees
  • Training staffers
  • PowerPoint presentations
  • Keynote speaking visuals
  • YouTube channel content

Anyone you want to reach with a description of your skills and services is a touchpoint for your promo video footage.

Why do I need to hire a professional production company?

If you used to think that video marketing tools were just for certain industries, like entertainment and hospitality, you would have been right. But times have changed.

It’s never been more important to seek out a promotional video production company to catch online traffic. People in general – including your potential customers – are scheduling more screen time than ever before. They are working remotely and shopping on the fly, including on their mobile devices.

Effective marketing videos need to connect with your target audience in order to expand your customer base. Traffic from video content keeps increasing, including brand video views. And it applies to both consumer-oriented companies and business-to-business marketing.

When you count smartphone use and social media such as Snapchat, everyone’s a photographer and videographer. Of course, a promotional video to represent a corporate establishment has to be superior to amateur social media efforts.

What a professional videographer knows how to do is to fully comprehend the nature of your business and the message you want to send – and to whom. That’s what we do at COLDEA Productions – we create a unique corporate video package that gets the job done.

While you are manufacturing a product to dominate the market or forging alliances to reach out to associates in the field, we are researching your customers and preparing to create a visual marketing piece that connects you with them.

When you’re constructing a webinar or presenting at a conference, you need a video to augment your messaging and drive home the relevance and value of your company’s presence. That can’t be done with your iPhone. Improving your profile in the world can bring you some serious business – and you need a serious visual product to do so. Your resources are well spent when you invest in superior video promotion.

When approximately 65% of your audience – any audience – are visual learners, they may be picking up more of your message through what they see than what they hear from you.

Another purpose of obtaining a video for social media applications is to relay the success of your company. It gives you the opportunity to design the optics you want the public to see. With professional content, your video can validate the quality of your products and services. You can post success stories with real clients through video testimonials or use actors to reflect best-case scenarios. 

Who can benefit from a professional promo video?

From architect to ag supplier, the power of a persuasive video is a way to bump up the bottom line for nearly every commercial enterprise.

You can become a thought leader in your industry through a well-crafted, targeted promo video, especially if you work in a field where your competitors have not considered the power of visual imaging. For instance, you may not see any value in videos of moving trucks to advertise your shipping company. But a professionally shot and edited promo video has visual effects that catch the eyes of consumers, which can give you the lead over your competition.

Whatever your field, you can maximize your marketing position through video, such as:

Fashion footage – All aspects of the clothing business need a visual representation. Designers need fashion photography to roll out their new lines and models need video footage to audition for jobs on catwalks. It’s a visual business and demands a dramatic means of getting the attention of customers.

Real estate videography

– You used to sell a home through open houses and numerous in-person visits. But the home shoppers today whittle down their favorites online before you even hear from them. That’s why your listings have to sell through compelling real estate videos. You draw new buyers to your website, plus you reach out to unlimited parties when you post your marketing videos on social media platforms. It’s not just a great way to grow your business, it’s the only way.

Manufacturing videos

– There are many uses for corporate video because you can’t always meet your clients personally. If your company sells huge products such as jet engines, you may traditionally fly to the customer’s site to demonstrate and train the end-users. But in many cases, there’s money to be saved in travel costs when you have a video production.

Wedding videography

– Every bride or groom looks forward to replaying their best day ever. And the standards today are high. A wedding video is a dramatic, emotional record of an important milestone and it also tells a story. COLDEA Productions is featured on The Knot and Wedding Wire, where it’s easy to see the professional background of our team. We cut our teeth on Hollywood cinematography, so enabling viewers to discover your storyline is what we do.

Entertainment industry videography

– If you’re a band needing a music video, a dancer, a comedian, or an actor who needs audition material, you would benefit from getting a performance video in the can. Agencies, producers, and directors want to see your work, and COLDEA Productions has a creative services team to provide a professional package for

How does a promotional video increase my profits?

You reach more potential customers when your video content is compelling and is posted in the right spaces. It’s more than just a good idea – your marketing material is only of value if it attracts your target audience. Your goal is to get in front of them, which we know how to do.

When you increase search engine optimization (SEO) you improve your positioning when consumers search for your products and services.

The reason you hire a professional team is that they are trained to create a video with the content that improves your ranking with Google and other search engines. They also understand how important the sitemap is to your results. The sitemap needs to represent the content and be tagged accurately with relevant keywords so the data matches the video footage. You need to include the proper tags to gain the desired effect, which is to appear prominently on search engines.

The promo video enables embedding so you receive inbound marketing links and is, first of all, hosted on your domain. COLDEA Productions’ creative services include these facets of the process. We can create the video and the sitemap for search engine optimization to be accessible by Google’s spiders. We come up with titles and descriptions to maximize your ranking.

With a corporate video touting your best features, with professionally written content and artistic design, you communicate to viewers what you offer them. When it’s applied to the most appropriate purposes and shared in multiple platforms, you extend your reach beyond what you previously had. This is what results in greater profits. They have to see you to believe you, and to believe your message that you have a product, skills, or services that would benefit them. The more attention and excitement you garner with your promo video, the bigger the conversion rate.

Where can I get the best promotional video?

As a full-service video production company, we create a comprehensive piece that meets your unique goals. We take your vision and with our technical expertise and marketing know-how, we join you in your mission. We have traveled all over the world creating commercial productions for industries of all kinds.

Our flexibility and ingenuity are what make us able to solve even the biggest challenges. We have a background in cinematography, writing, and technology as well as marketing, so we not only create promo videos, we can manage your social media and other marketing strategies.

We are a promotional video production company that can maximize your presence on mobile devices and determine which platforms offer you the biggest advantages. Your digital marketing is likely to be the determining factor related to your company’s success, so you want a video team that knows that territory.

When you decide that your next step is to expand your presence in the marketplace by seeking out a professional promotional video company, COLDEA Productions can help you achieve that goal in a creative, economical way.

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