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Video content is the most powerful presenter to get noticed in the crowded landscape of today’s digital age. Producing high quality video presentations for a variety of business applications with a high skill level, Coldea Productions uses company presentation videos to help increase your online presence and raise your brand awareness. These are video presentations using compelling visuals designed to showcase your company operations, the products and services you provide, and the ways in which you conduct business.

Your brand and your logo icons are the most important assets you have in the digital landscape. The company presentation videos by Coldea Productions work to control and preserve your brand messaging, distributing it to large groups of consumers. We will tell your story the way you want it and in the most effective presenter ways possible to help grow your brand and your business.

What Video Presentations Can Do for Your Business

Video production technology, data visualization, and distribution methods have made rapid advancements in recent years, with online purchasing and social media becoming primary marketing assets. This puts pressure on your business to produce high volumes of quality content visuals through video presentations that will attract the greatest number of potential clients and customers.

At Coldea Productions, an impressive team of video production professionals with experienced backgrounds produces company video presentations that represent your brand and drives high volumes of consumers to your website. Video continues to rise in popularity as the most effective marketing communication tool for your business needs.

  • 95% of the visuals and information received through a video is retained by the viewer (Social Media Week)
  • 91% of digital marketers today look at video production as a crucial component of their comprehensive marketing plans (Wyzowl)
  • 85% of digital marketers use video content as an effective attention grabber (Animoto)
  • 94% of digital marketers say video increases the understanding of their products and services (Wyzowl)

Types of Company Presentation Videos

Company presentation videos with a high skill level taking advantage of the most recent presentation software can be used for a broad range of marketing and internal communication applications, including:

Company profiles

Introduce your business to potential clients, customers, and employees with company profile videos that are true video presentations of your brand and the way you do business. These videos are used to embed onto your website’s home or About Us page to establish your logo icons and brand messaging and present your business as a leader in your industry and valued resource.

Customer testimonials

Company videos are video presentations that feature satisfied customers sharing their stories and experiences with your company are incredibly effective at adding credibility to your marketing efforts. Prospects are more likely to trust the word of loyal, long-time customers who have used your business to solve the types of issues and needs they are looking to solve.

Large corporate events

Company video presentations used at conventions and other corporate events give other professionals and influencers in your industry the best impression of your business while highlighting your successes and the value of your services. These types of visuals can be used to introduce new products or big company news.


More social media networks and other online services offer live streaming functions that allow you to connect to consumers and others in real-time. Recent technological advances have made it easier than ever to go live from your office, your warehouse, or your retail spaces as an effective way to promote your logo icons and your brand.

Product demonstrations

Product video content is the ideal digital presenter to demonstrate how your products work and highlight features and accessories through engaging data visualization. Product demonstration and explainer videos can break down complex processes and machinery in a way that they can be easily understood. Video presentations have the luxury of being played over, stopping and starting, and archived for future reference and applications.

Training videos

Using a company video presentation with compelling visuals as training tools will save your business a lot of time and expense. Whether you need to train a set of new employees or retraining current staff, training videos are effective at presenting large volumes of information that are more likely to be absorbed and retained by the viewer.

Benefits of Company Videos Presentations

Video is a powerful communication tool and presenter for data visualization that can easily be viewed on desktop computers and the latest iPhone. Coldea Productions produces premium quality company presentation videos using the latest presentation software technology that can provide benefits to your video marketing and internal communication efforts. Major advantages to company presentation videos include:

Adds Human Touch

Even when delivering dry information, video presentations add a personal touch that allows viewers to become more fully engaged and connect with your business.

Increased Online Presence, Brand Awareness

Video presentations perform exceptionally well on search engines and throughout the most popular social media networks. When visitors get to your website through visual content and data visualization, it can dramatically improve your site’s conversion and bounce rates, leading to more sales and profits.

Product Video Demonstrations

Company presentation and explainer videos are ideal for product demonstration and educational video presentations. Data visualization through video allows our team of production and post-production professionals the ability to break down even the most complex concepts in ways that will help customers and prospects fully understand how the product works.

Attract Targeted Customers

Of course, the main goal of any kind of marketing is to draw the largest number of interested consumers and video is a digital presenter that does that better than any other medium. Between search engine rankings and social media exposure, company video presentations have the potential to attract a significant number of traffic from those consumers that are most likely to be interested in your products and services.


Why Choose Coldea Productions?

The video production professionals at Coldea Productions specialize in creating dynamic, engaging, informative, and compelling company presentation videos that are viewed on desktop computers and all kinds of mobile devices. Our team of talented, experienced video specialists uses a production background and the very latest technologies and processes to produce effective video presentations designed to get attention in today’s crowded digital landscape.

Contact Coldea Productions Today

It is more important than ever to use video presentations to grow a presence online with visual content that acts as an effective presenter to the largest numbers of consumers. Get started today by contacting a member of our team for complete information about our services for company presentation videos that will present your business the best way for a wide variety of video marketing and internal uses and applications.

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