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corporate explainer video is an audio-visual presentation that concisely explains specific aspects of the products or services your business provides. A video explainer from our specialists at Coldea Productions increases your target audience’s understanding of the material and information covered. These short videos are ideal for capturing the attention of today’s fast-paced consumers of online information and entertainment.

Coldea Productions is an explainer video production company that boasts an impressive staff of experienced specialists with years of successes within their specific areas of video production. Talented videographers, animators, editors, and marketers create explainer videos you can use to promote your business to customers or provide valuable internal company information to your employees, vendors, and contractors.

Explainer videos are highly effective at describing the products and services you provide in an engaging, entertaining manner that will increase your brand awareness with potential customers. Our animators are skilled, creative artists who can take your ideas and concepts, and bring them to life through visually appealing and informative animated corporate video.

Types of Explainer Videos

An impressive team of professional video production and digital marketing specialists at Coldea Productions makes use of years of experience to create compelling, concise, and entertaining corporate videos that are tailored to your specific marketing needs and preferences. Our team will get to know you, your business, and your industry before producing content that fits your style and brand.  Think of explainer videos as visually appealing and dynamic extensions of the information found within the pages of your website.

The following are common applications of the corporate explainer videos produced by the industry leaders at Coldea Productions.

Company Benefits

Showcase the reasons customers should do business with you through the creation of a corporate explainer outlining the benefits and features of your services or products. An explainer video informs your customers of what you do and how it benefits them.

“How To” Explainer Videos

Explain specific areas within your business and how they work to your customers’ benefit. Teach your customers how to get the most out of your business by showing the uses and applications of your products or simplified ways to place and prepare for service orders.

Demonstration Videos

The best way to educate and inform your customers about your products is to show them. Demonstrate new products and newly introduced features to provide clear and concise instructions and information. Adding animation elements allow you to go deeper into the inner workings of your products and business to demonstrate how complicated machinery or detailed processes work.

FAQ Videos

One of your most-visited pages on your website is the FAQ page where visitors go to have questions about your business answered without having to make an official or formal inquiry. These are valuable sources of information that allow you to have any customer issues or problems solved at the moment. A FAQ video takes that crucial information and brings it to live in a corporate explainer video that can be used as a reference resource and added to as more content is needed. FAQ videos are, in addition, a great example of media that you can use both on your website and your social media platforms.

Internal Communication Videos

A corporate explainer video is an ideal platform to communicate directly with your entire staff regarding important information and procedures relating to the operation of the business. A tutorial video or onboarding video can showcase company policies, objectives, and operational details to existing employees and new hires in a memorable, engaging way.

Effective Types of Animated Explainer Videos

Talented and creative video production professionals at Coldea Productions use previous successes and the latest industry trends to produce video content that will be most appealing and informational to your customers, vendors, contractors, and/or employees.

Coldea Productions has an impressive staff of talented animators who can make your explainer video pop off the screen to grab and keep the attention of the viewer. We have a long track record of creating dynamic, effective video explainers using a variety of animation and live-action techniques and methods. We will partner with you to make the best decisions that will result in maximum returns from your video productions.

Animated Videos

Using the latest technologies for creating 2D and 3D animation, Coldea Productions creates entertaining and engaging animated corporate explainer videos for marketing and in-house applications and uses. Original and unique video content is quick to draw the attention of the viewer, who is more likely to remember and retain the information. Animation captures the imagination of the viewer and builds up a continued loyalty to your brand and business.

Motion Graphics

When producing engaging, impactful explainer videos, Coldea Productions operates under the notion that motion creates emotion. Using motion graphics to highlight important information allows the flexibility to control how the information is delivered with clarity and detail.

Whiteboard Animation

You can practically put your viewers in a hypnotic trance when presenting text and images using whiteboard animation that reveals the content in real-time. Text is rendered and shown as it is being drawn or typed, giving viewers the chance to absorb the content in a more natural manner that is also pleasing to the eye.

Screencast Videos

Sometimes the best way to explain a process or complex information is to show it on your computer. Now you can essentially capture a recording of the action on your computer screen and Coldea Productions post-production professionals transform into a compelling visual representation with added voiceover, text, and transitions.

Professional Explainer Video Production Company

With so many of us buried in our mobile devices, mostly watching videos, the best way to get someone’s attention in the digital age is to present whatever information you want to share in video form. Coldea Productions is in the perfect position to use years of video production experience to apply to your digital marketing needs by producing high-quality corporate explainer video content that helps lift your online presence and generate traffic to your website.

As former filmmakers, Coldea Productions creates the highest quality video production content in the industry today. Contact a representative for complete information on our corporate explainer video options and get started today!

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